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A White Flag, a New Impeachment, and Me and Clinton Outside the Port-O-John

A Message for All to Hear

War No More (Pt. 2)

War No More (Pt. 1)

Republicans Unanimously Anoint January 6th Coup Leader Who Sought to Overturn the 2020 Election Results as Our New Speaker of the House

The Majority of Americans Agree: Ceasefire in Gaza

A Letter from Michael Moore to President Joe Biden in Israel

A Letter from Michael Moore Regarding the Killings of Palestinians and Israelis

When Will All the States Look Like Michigan? Not Soon Enough.

BIDEN IN DETROIT, The First President to Join Striking Workers and Walk the Picket Line — aka "The Day the Filthy Rich Were Sure Would Never Come"

I guess we found out there’s no such thing as a free…

Don’t Miss This Excellent Series that Few Have Seen! (feat. Scott Z. Burns)

Self Help For Frightened Liberals

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Happy Labor Day to All Who Labor (and a free screening of my first film on Turner Classic Movies on Labor Day night)

Strawberry (or Blond) Fields Forever

What Goes Around Comes Around

GOP-RIP, Thank You Fani, Help/No help, for Maui, Traitors, T**** and the 14th Amendment


From Maui to Ohio, It’s a Wildfire of Immense Intensity

He's Lucky to Be An American

He Actually Left His Heart with All of Us

I Already Forgot that the Hottest Day in 100,000 Years Was 12 Days Ago

Who Needs Writers? Who Needs Hollywood? Um, all of us.

The Scoundrel Court

Striking and Bingeing

Daniel Ellsberg, 1931-2023

60 Years Ago Today

Approval Ratings? Nobody Approves!

OOPS, SORRY! Watch here.

My Solidarity with the New College of Florida Grads

If There Is No Economic Democracy, There Is No Democracy.

It Took E. Jean Carroll to Bring Him Down

199 Mass Shootings in 128 Days


Finally, Fox Apologizes

A Tale of Two Bills: How in just weeks, the majority of Americans have categorically ghosted the GOP

EMERGENCY PODCAST SYSTEM: Democracy Suspended in Tennessee

Dear Criminal Defendant #4913961R


Have a Little Faith — and Celebrate the Moment!

Is it possible that every Republican president since Ike has had treason in their heart?

Guns Don't Kill People, Americans Kill People

International Women's Day (& Month!) Playlist

Boycott Walgreens, a Pharmacy that Stands with Anti-Abortion Extremists Against the Rights of Women

Blue Continues to Crush Red in 2023

February Ends

Dear President Carter

Random Thoughts On A Dark & Cold February Night

Weapons of Mass Balloonery

The Execution of Tyre Nichols: Another Cover-Up From The Lying Machine

Blue Dots in a Red Sea (Ep. 12 — Final Episode)

Blue Dots in a Red Sea (Ep. 11)

What a Peaceful Transition of Power in a Democracy Looks Like, What a True, Eloquent Leader Says and Does

Blue Dots in a Red Sea (Ep. 10)

On the Second Anniversary of Defeating the Fascists and Supremacists (and President Benedict Trump)

Blue Dots in a Red Sea (Ep. 9)

Madness and Pandemonium Consume House Republicans as Their Party Enters Its Final Year(s)

Blue Dots in a Red Sea (Ep. 8)

Democracy’s Day of Decision

Blue Dots in a Red Sea (Ep. 7)