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GOP-RIP, Thank You Fani, Help/No help, for Maui, Traitors, T**** and the 14th Amendment

GOP-RIP, Thank You Fani, Help/No help, for Maui, Traitors, T**** and the 14th Amendment

Episode 299: Rumble with Michael Moore
Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis, hero of the month, here’s her historic indictment of the Trump Criminal Enterprise.


It’s a grab bag of insanity on this week’s episode of my podcast as I declare the Republican Party DOA (although if you hold a mirror up to its nose, you can see that it’s still slightly breathing). For nearly a year, I’ve been publicly calling for the removal of 121 Republican members of the House and Senate who voted to overturn the election on the night of January 6th. The 14th Amendment clearly states that anyone who provides aid or comfort to those who participated in an insurrection shall be permanently barred from ever holding office again. The same rule applies to our ex-president. Trump should not be on any ballot ever again. This position is now getting some traction and it’s a good thing to see.

Also, a BIG thank you to Fani Willis, the District Attorney in Atlanta, for filing the indictment of indictments, a masterpiece of Justice. Her father was a criminal defense lawyer and a member of the Black Panther Party — she is the fighter we’ve needed. She’s gonna shut the whole Trump mob operation down. 

All that and more on Episode #299 of Rumble with Michael Moore.


— Mike


To download the Hi-Res PDF of our “121 Traitors in The 118th Congress” poster for yourself, or to share, click below:

121 Traitors In The 118th Congress
6.05MB ∙ PDF file

Read the NYT coverage of the paper written by two Conservative, Federalist Society law professors making the argument that Section 3 of the 14th Amendment renders Trump ineligible to run again for president:

"Conservative Case Emerges to Disqualify Trump for Role on Jan. 6"

...or read the full paper:

"The Sweep and Force of Section Three" by William Baude & Michael Stokes Paulsen

Check out this great list of resources by the Hawaii Alliance for Progressive Action to help the people in Maui :


Music in today's episode:

"BABYMETAL - メタり!! (feat. Tom Morello)" — BABYMETAL

"If I Had a Hammer" — Peter, Paul and Mary

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