78 years ago today, my father found himself being shot at atop a hill in the South Pacific.
Vlad, you’re done. Sign here.
An entire gender was degraded, the fertilized egg was declared a human being, and all citizens are now conscripted to follow a vicious edict of the…
It Ain't Over 'Til The Last Burger King Leaves Kandahar
He couldn’t have done it without us
Friends, Here are a few samplings from my online mailbag this week, a typical week in these times: “I am so depressed. The Republicans are going to take…
And I am here.
The Miracle of Kabul | Episode 208: Rumble w/ Michael MooreListen now (63 min) | Thank You President Biden
A Brief History of Failed Attempts to Censor My Work
Better Days Begin @12:45pm
4 actions that will end the reign of gun terror in America
When the dog bites, when I’m feeling sad.