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Blue Dots in a Red Sea (Ep. 5)

Blue Dots in a Red Sea (Ep. 5)

“Need Help? Call the Democrats!”

On this episode of my mission to turn Red into Blue, I offer a number of specific ideas for progressives and liberals (who are stuck in deep red parts of the country) to establish liberal Democratic outposts that provide real, everyday help to anyone in need — regardless of their political affiliation.

I believe that once a few people see how it’s the libs and the Dems who are truly here to help, a seismic political shift will begin. Nothing says “love your enemy” more than giving his kid a free winter coat or some tutoring help on his daughter’s history test. Soon the citizens of Red Snake County will see it’s the Democrats who are here to help.

This episode is a must-listen.

Send it to friends and families trapped in red districts.



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