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Blue Dots in a Red Sea (Ep. 3)

Blue Dots in a Red Sea (Ep. 3)

They Are More Blue Than You — Or They — Know
It just looks red.

SPOILER ALERT! Your neighbors and coworkers are a lot more progressive than you think.

They already agree with you on so many things. If you talk to them, not about Democrats vs. Republicans but rather about clean air vs. polluted air, or the Golden Rule vs. the Rule of the Bullies, or women being paid the same as men vs. not, you’ll find more agreement with each other than not. So your Blue army is much bigger than you thought.

In this third episode of my special 12-day mini-podcast Tsunami series spreading my strategy of how we can turn red into blue across the country, I help you find the people who already agree with you but would never call themselves a Democrat.

This is how we win.

Listen and share.



Blue Dots in a Red Sea (A New Blue Tsunami Series)

Episode 1: Our Next “Impossible” Blue Tsunami Task: How to Win When You’re Blue in a Red State

Episode 2: You Are Not Alone. There Is Blue All Around.

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"Blue Bayou" — Linda Ronstadt

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