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Making Sure Louisiana Posts God’s NEW 10 Commandments in Every Classroom

Making Sure Louisiana Posts God’s NEW 10 Commandments in Every Classroom

God Gave Me His Latest Upgrade (7.0) to Share with All of You
Moses, upset at not being invited to the orgy with the Golden Calf, prepares to smash the tablets containing the 10 Commandments that God just wrote for him. (Because God then had to rewrite them, he declared Moses would not be allowed to enter the Promised Land.)


Last week the state of Louisiana enacted a new law requiring the Ten Commandments be posted in every classroom in every school in the state — from kindergarten to the final year of college.

But it looks like Louisiana will be posting the wrong 10 Commandments! God has recently updated his original 10 from the Bible — and Louisiana needs to make sure they’re posting the correct, and most current 10 Commandments. God (He/She/They) spoke to me recently and told me that they, in fact, have been updated, but that Heaven no longer had enough angels to carry the Word of God to everyone on Earth.

I said to God, “You have a website. Just post it there.”

God replied, “I’ve been having a lot of technical problems with my site. And now it seems to have crashed.”

I said, “You have a Son, remember? ‘Son of God?’ JC? That’s why we have kids now. To help us when we have internet problems. Why haven’t you asked him to fix this?”

“I have, and all he keeps saying is ‘Unplug your computer and then plug it back in.’”

Not wanting to get into a family squabble, I just said to God, “Give me your updated 10 Commandments. I’ll write them down on my tablet…”

“WAIT!” God bellowed. “You have your OWN tablet?”

“Yes, your sire or Lord or whatever you go by now, everybody these days has their own tablet. Just give me the new 10 Commandments and I will read them on my podcast so that they will be heard by a multitude of millions.”

And thus God decreed that I shall share the New 10 Commandments (or what God calls the “v.7.0”) with all of you — and the state of Louisiana.

Please listen and post.

— Mike


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