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Empire Down

Episode 231: Rumble with Michael Moore
Ukrainian refugees flee the country on foot following Russia’s invasion. (Photo by ATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP via Getty Images)


Late Wednesday night —at least, late at night here in the states — Russia launched a full-fledged assault on Ukraine. Refugees have fled the country in droves, and Putin’s army has moved in on or around nearly every major city in a matter of 36 hours. It’s a nightmare scenario.

But there are those already beating the drum for the United States to “do more.” More? More of what? No, you don’t want us anywhere near this. The United States, which for the past half-century, has only made things worse every single place we have sent in the bomber jets or the troops who are about to die for all the wrong reasons. We can no longer claim the moral high ground (if we ever could), and after Iraq we’ve been sent to the time-out room to think about the misery we’ve caused this world.  

So today on Rumble I sift through my thoughts on this crisis, and talk about why, above all else, and no matter what — the United States cannot involve itself in this war. Let the smart people find every way possible to crush Putin without firing a shot. 

Music in Today’s Episode:

Слуга Народу (Servant of the People)” — Dmytro Shurov (Opening theme for the Ukrainian sitcom “Servant of the People”)

War” — Edwin Starr

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