You know, say what you want about Jimmy Carter, but I bet you if he was president he'd be in Flint with a shovel.

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Feb 17, 2022·edited Feb 17, 2022

Every time I am reminded about Flint Michigan.....Pardon my french in advance....I think.....Fuck Obama, Fuck Biden.

If there is any one item that to me tarnishes Obama's legacy its that.

He went to Flint their president, he left a pawn of corporate greed.

How anyone can look Obama in the face without spitting on him is beyond me.

Every time I see Obama's twitter handle about being a wonderful father, I think of the 50k children he helped poison.

It makes me want to scream.

It makes me want to cry.

The one thing it doesn't make me want to do, is ........vote republican.

But, boy, I hang my head in shame as a democrat.

As an american

As a member of the human race.

These people should be in prison.

The federal government should be in there today digging up pipes.

Fuck BBB, get to Flint and fix these fucking pipes.

THAT'S THE INFRASTRUCTURE that should be done.


Every fuckiung senator worth their salt should be in Flint Michigan with a shovel.

That's what we need.

Bless Michael Moore for doing his best to expose the tragedy that is Flint Michigan.

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I love Michael Moore & Jordan Chariton's brains & bravery, there aren't many people out there standing up for the people of Flint... When Michael Moore's movie showed Obama "drinking" the Flint water, it totally shattered any illusions I had about him being for the little people..... done. I believe in supporting Status Coup & Michael's Substack, for sure...

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Good to hear this sincere reporting.

I recall Democracy Now went to Flint when the poisoning of the water was discovered at a GM plant-it was corroding the parts! Imagine what it was doing to our human parts!

Regarding moving forward w/ a necessary and serious prosecution.

Goodman interviewed a woman at her home who was sitting on the aquafier that a national company was tapping for their bottled water trade, NW of Flint, in Michigan.

The national company were bottling water in individual plastic bottles and selling it to Flint residents who feared for the safety of their families, like hotcakes! They did not own the land above the source of the water. There may have been a lawsuit related to this as well.

Keep us posted.


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Thank you. I just wrote to the AG; Snyder is from my hometown (Battle Creek) and I am sad and angry that he's still walking the streets.

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Michael, you need to be the governor of Michigan.

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My email to Governor Whitmer basically asks: When will the murderous activity of the rich and powerful be treated just like a murder committed by a single human being? WHEN?!!! It goes, and has gone since time immemorial, UNCHECKED. We see every day how the rich and powerful get away with everything they do, which literally includes murder through criminal actions, i.e. poisoning people's communities, wage theft, racist murderous cops, etc. It's disheartening to say the least and the current condition of our country's economy, climate change devastations, homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, are PROOF we are getting it wrong.

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Hi Micheal,

I am so sorry, but for the first time I find myself worrying that in my opinion, this episode failed to cover what is really at stake.

I am vehemently against war, but believe the west has sleepwalked into this position, failing to acknowledge the dark powers that have sown discourse around the world.

China will be next in Taiwan, they already have succeeded in Hong Kong, breaking the treaty with the UK

Brexit in my opinion was manufactured to destabilise the EU. Trump in the US.

I have no answers, but despair that democracies around the world just became even more vulnerable following Putins actions.

It is scary to say out loud but too many people are blind to what is going on in the name of populism. The same people that will inevitably suffer the most if these agendas are materialised.

I pray I am wrong daily and keep the hope that there are more of us than them.

Sending love from the UK and thank you for all the work you continue to do xxx

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Sooooo Michael? I beg to differ re Putin’s care/concern for his people. He doesn’t give a damn about the human toll this situation is taking. He is a POWER HUNGRY DESPOT. Sadly, there are minions to follow even if he were sat (or laid) down. And don’t get me started on this country! I just thank all things holy that Drumpf isn’t president! Yee gads!

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God bless you Michael for continuing to say the truth. No more involvements in European or Asian wars.

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KWA issued close to 30 million in Bonds. A key part of the Flint story that has not been told . "WHO OWNS THE BONDS?" and "WHAT ARE THE POLITICAL CONNECTIONS OF THE BOND HOLDERS?". I have asked this question of Chariton, LaDuff, Guyette. and NOBODY has an answer. Micheal has ANYBODY researched this? It is a KEY question.

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I agree with the post by Martin E. Bartus. Today I watched a YouTube video of a talk given at Yale University - the speaker was Vladimir Pozner, journalist. His even-handed presentation focused on just how deadly serious this recent confrontation between Vladimir Putin and the United States military industrial congressional complex really is. In today's missile crisis, there is no more ten-minute warning period. Pozner's talk is basically a history lesson: how the United States Congress has condoned every infraction made by the U.S. Congress's unceasing "gunpowder diplomacy," dating back to the near decimation of North American indigenous people; attacks on working people; lynchings of Blacks, murders committed in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Chile, poisonous bombings of Agent Orange in Vietnam; human rights atrocities against refugees here at the border between Mexico and California....illegal bombing of Bagdad ...U.S. citizens' Historical amnesia threatens the lives of every citizen of every country in the world. When will we ever learn?

Re: "Michael E Bartus13 hr ago

In my opinion, NATO and the US caused this invasion by being intransigent towards Russia's security concerns and flat-out ignoring the verbal agreement not to expand NATO eastward towards Russia. A concerted effort should have been made to push Ukraine to be neutral and have security guarantees that Russia would never invade Ukraine, but Ukraine would never join NATO. A treaty should have been in the works ever since Maidan in 2014 but the CIA and the national security mania took over and resumed their obsession with trying to overthrow Russia and further encircle China. It's a flat-out failure of American Foreign Policy and the MSM seems to be onboard and fully engaged in a propaganda campaign to resume the cold war.

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We should all of us have to sing that Edwin Starr song before breakfast every morning, and have it played in every school just after the Pledge of Allegiance. For variety, perhaps alternate it with the other one by Black Sabbath. Something about "pigs" as I recall.

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God bless you Michel. Keep saying the truth.

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I watch MM documentary on the prison system in Norway? which is designed to re-habilitate and return criminals back to society.....Then I listen to what these fuckers did in Flint Michigan and I think to myself....Um.......NO.

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Can I just say that if Wells Fargo and Morgan Chase are not brought up on criminal charges that STICK. The prosecution has failed the American public.

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