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This Podcast and Palestine Before October 7th

This Podcast and Palestine Before October 7th

Episode 312: Rumble with Michael Moore


Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the onslaught against the people of Gaza by Benjamin Netanyahu and the bombs that Biden is sending him — courtesy of you and I and every other tax-paying American. 

Yet, this conflict didn’t begin on October 7. In fact, the persecution and imprisonment of the Palestinian people has been going on for generations. It’s a story I’ve been covering since the early days of my newspaper, The Flint Voice, in the 1970s — and when I first traveled to Gaza, West Bank and Israel in the 1980s.

As history continues to sadly repeat itself, on this episode of Rumble with Michael Moore (recorded on Easter Sunday), I look back on previous discussions between 2019 and 2023 of the Palestinian struggle on my podcast — talking about how journalists both here and in Palestine have been harassed and killed, how a one-state solution might be the best path to democracy and peace, and how visiting occupied Palestine as a young journalist changed me forever.

Please listen, and share.

— Mike

P.S. Watching Netanyahu and his “war cabinet” and generals over the past few days since the killing of the World Central Kitchen chefs and food workers has been revolting. Listening to the Israeli leaders tell one lie after another is breathtaking. Can someone please tell them that no one with a brain or a conscience believes them. No one is buying the official story. This humanitarian convoy was specifically targeted. The Israelis fired three missiles only at these three clearly marked aid vehicles. Murdered. Because these aid workers were disrupting the government plan of genocide through starvation. Chef Andres was providing Gazans with 300,000 meals A DAY! IT HAD TO BE STOPPED. How do I know this? Because I’m a citizen of the country funding and arming this mass slaughter. I live under a government that has often been the biggest bunch of liars throughout history (Gulf of Tonkin) and the OG of a genocide so massive (tens of millions of Native peoples and enslaved humans) over the longest period in history (1492 until the present). So Israel is just continuing what we started. Pathetic. Sick. Evil. And it’s up to us to stop it.

A transcript for today’s episode can be found here.


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