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The Michigan Model in Stopping the Red Wave and Protecting Our Democracy

The Michigan Model in Stopping the Red Wave and Protecting Our Democracy

Episode 266: Rumble with Michael Moore

If there is one shining example of how we were all able to stop the much-predicted “red wave” of the Trump-backed Republicans winning the midterm elections in landslide fashion, the blue tsunami, the blue wall created by the voters in the state of Michigan must be recognized for what it did to help save our Democracy.

In Michigan last month we had a record voter turnout for a midterm election. The voters created a full Democratic sweep of Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State AND BOTH the Michigan Senate and the Michigan House of Representatives. This completed a Democratic trifecta for the first time in Michigan in 40 years. In addition to this, the voters in Michigan will be sending a majority Congressional delegation to DC (7-6), also for the first time in many years. This is in addition to Michigan’s two Democratic U.S. Senators who continue to serve in the United States Congress.  

And, on top of all of this, we in Michigan on November 8th codified the absolute right to abortion INTO THE STATE CONSTITUTION. We also overwhelmingly passed two other ballot proposals enhancing voting rights and tracking the money politicians raise in our elections.

Thousands of Michiganders worked hard for these victories, and millions of voters showed up — but there was one other linchpin that allowed for those red dominoes to fall. 

On this episode of Rumble, I share the one big, key thing Michigan did to overcome the red grip on our otherwise blue state, and what I believe other states — red or blue — can do, starting right now, to ensure that every voice is heard, every vote is counted, and Democracy is securely protected in their state from this point on.

Please have a quick listen to my report, and please share with others.

— Mike

P.S. Congratulations to the House January 6th Committee who today recommended that the Justice Department criminally prosecute former president Trump on four different counts — including the charge of inciting an insurrection and providing aid and comfort to the insurrectionists. Thank you for acknowledging the 14th Amendment to the Constitution and pointing out that, if convicted, Trump will never be able to run for any federal or state office again.


Read about Michigan's 2018 ballot proposal that ended gerrymandering:

Michigan Proposal 2, Independent Redistricting Commission Initiative (2018) 

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