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Repeal the Second Amendment

Repeal the Second Amendment

Episode 244: Rumble with Michael Moore
On June 22, 2016, Flint Congressman Dan Kildee and Georgia Congressman John Lewis lead a sit-in on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives to protest Congress's failure to pass ANY gun control legislation in the days after the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando.


On the night of the Uvalde massacre, I gave my first televised response to a mass shooting in over a decade. 

What did I say? Just the same thing over a hundred million Americans were already thinking but nobody on TV was saying. A truth so powerful, it frightens Democrats who are afraid to go all the way to stop this madness. It frightens Republicans so much, one of their craziest, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), took to the House floor this week to denounce me (by name!) during the debate on possible new gun laws. But sometimes, somebody has to speak the unspeakable, that which no red-blooded American is supposed to say. 

On this episode of RUMBLE, I went ahead and said it again. And now I ask you to join me, and say it too.

— Mike


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