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Justice Jackson and the Putin That Is Us

Justice Jackson and the Putin That Is Us

Ep. 234: Rumble with Michael Moore
Seriously? (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)


It’s been another week of mind-dumbing drivel and tragedy, beginning with the Senate Republicans’ racist mansplainin’ and prop-making of the brilliant new nominee to the US Supreme Court — where, in the near future, this white privileged performance art will not exist any longer. Make no mistake — that hearing wasn’t a hearing. It was a dry run for the Republicans’ staging of this November’s midterms — running their candidates on the Q-anon agenda and honing their election-stealing plans to perfection. 

In today’s episode I also share my latest thoughts on how the war in Ukraine is “progressing” — and make a suggestion to President Zelensky. Perhaps he should switch the narrative regarding the hapless Russian army, and surprise Putin by now conducting a Ukrainian invasion of Russia. It’s what a true satirist president would do. And it would make Putin’s head spin out of control just long enough for the generals and the oligarchs to stage their coup and end this madness.

— Mike


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Music in today’s episode:

Respect” — Aretha Franklin

Ukrainian National Anthem - performed by violinist Gabriel Gordon

Singin’ In The Rain” — Gene Kelly

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