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Those Who Poisoned Flint Remain Free (with Jordan Chariton)

Those Who Poisoned Flint Remain Free (with Jordan Chariton)

Episode 230: Rumble with Michael Moore
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Flint, my hometown, was poisoned for no other reason than racism and greed — and the people & banks responsible still haven't faced justice. On this week's Rumble, I welcome back investigative journalist Jordan Chariton to talk about his latest piece for the Guardian investigating why racketeering charges were dropped, why Governor Snyder is looking at a slap on the wrist, and what YOU can do about it.


Governor Gretchen Whitmer:

517-335-7858 or e-mail her at this link

Attorney General Dana Nessel: 

517-335-7622 or e-mail miag@michigan.gov 

Read Jordan's latest report on the poisoning of Flint for The Guardian.

And follow his independent grassroots journalism with Status Coup on YouTube.

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