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A Christmas Message

A Christmas Message

Episode 267: Rumble with Michael Moore

I hope you all are safe and warm this Christmas Eve.

On this Christmas Eve episode of my podcast, sitting by the twinkling lights of my Christmas tree (actually they’re half burned out, and the “twinkling” is the other half that are, let’s say, “flickering”), I‘ve recorded my Christmas message to you — reflecting on Santa’s visits as a child, asking President Biden to grant my Christmas wish and free Leonard Peltier, and sharing what happened when I was recently faced with the opportunity to “love my enemy.”

Plus I announce my newest Blue Tsunami series! Starting tomorrow, on Christmas day, I will release 12 days of mini podcasts that will lay out how we can turn red parts of our country into blue.

Listen, enjoy, and share.

— Mike

Write to President Biden today and ask him to free Leonard Peltier:



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Music in today's episode:

"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" — Judy Garland

"The Rebel Jesus" — Jackson Browne

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