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5G and Year Two of Joey B

5G and Year Two of Joey B

Episode 227, Rumble with Michael Moore
President Biden at a Jan 19th news conference (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)


It’s another one of those weeks: 5G gives you better reception but possible plane crashes, Biden trusts Trump’s Postmaster General to get us our COVID tests, and the Supreme Court blocks a federal mandate to get everyone vaccinated. Plus, the Voting Rights bill is on its death march. 

We’re at the first anniversary of Biden’s presidency. Republicans are licking their chops. Cable news has written Biden’s obituary. They’re missing one thing - the majority of Americans don’t want a Republican anywhere near the White House. The majority want paid family leave, a living wage, free pre-K, free community college, police reform and a serious fight to save planet Earth. And the majority wants Biden and the Dems to quit dinkin’ around and crush the party of the coup. 

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Be sure to read Michael's latest piece on witnessing the vote on the 1965 Voting Rights Act as a child, as he discusses in this week's episode, and what we can learn from this in the fight for Voting Rights today:

Michael Moore
I Was There.
I was in the room, as they say, where it happened. I was, at 11-years old, a witness to history. A history that tomorrow, in the United States Senate, is about to be debased and pulverized. In the summer of 1965, I, the son of an autoworker and a clerk, s…
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