Boy, or I should say, Man, do I ever so hope that you are correct in your assessment that most people want a democrat in the white house. In the NYT's yesterday, there was a stat that said 47% or 48% of americans polled preferred republicans, and 45% or 46% preferred dems.????

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While that's probably true, I would say a higher percentage are angry and frustrated that the dem party has not delivered on what the people want and need. It's the democrats embracement of the republican mindset that will guarantee that they lose TO THE ENEMY in 2022 and 2024. For the love of God....Why?

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It seems many of our Democrat legislators are overly bipartisan to get along and keep their conservative constituents, instead of upholding the1965 and John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

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Howard, thanks for your comment. I wonder about something that seems like a basic misunderstanding about what a President and and Administration does and can do, especially in the polarized system we now have. The Republicans are blocking everything decent that this administration is trying to do. It's no secret. It is a highly publicized strategy that is publicly supported by Republicans and others who don't like the Democratic Party's agenda, moderate or otherwise. Why are Democrats who express disappointment with Biden not doing their bidding, not aware of the obstacles in the way of him doing so? Trump promoted the idea that he would be King when elected, and would grant all the wishes of the extreme right wing Republicans. Have the Democrats who berate Biden for not being a Supreme Leader Wizard because he hasn't granted all of their wishes, imbibed the Trump Kool Ade? These Democrats want a Magician. Magicians operate in the world of illusion, not reality. How can the Democrats begin to address this basic misunderstanding about how the Government works, and what the powers of the President actually are and can accomplish???

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All I know, is when a Bad president is in charge they seem to have unlimited power to do bad….when a good/mediocre president is in charge he gets almost nothing done. If the wicked witch is in power I’ll look for my water bucket, if Oz is in power, where’s our Balloon?

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The scary thing is most of them do know and have a good understanding how our government works. And yet, they go along while giving an impression they're fighting for our basic rights.

The bee in my bonnet and many others, is the repeated refusal to restrict presidential powers, privileges and pardons, which should've been done after Nixon. I've made my appeal to Uncle Joe and DNC but have yet to hear back.

Maybe I should do what Greta Thuneberg did?

At some point we all need to gather en masse at our reps' offices.

The AZ Democratic Party has censored Sinema. Why not the rest of the Democrats and the DNC? What were they doing to remind her of the oath she took to our Constitution? Did any of them go after her corporate pac's? Shame on all of them.

I hope the best but have to expect the worst that we won't get VRA passed.

Democracy is dying in darkness because of those Dems who are silent.

God Bless Michael keeping us going. And Bernie and The Squad.

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I don't understand how government works, but what I would like is for them to be held accountable for the things they do, It should be on TV, When they vote, how they vote, what they changed, what they caved for, who funded them and why. It should all be out there, full transparency. that way when we are asked to vote for that candidate the next time, we can say, hell yes, or Hell no. and mean it and know the reasons why.

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Lol, my understanding of how government works is based on School house rock, Mr smith goes to washington, the simpsons, Dr strangelove, and fahrenheit 9/11 and 11/9.

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So, I started with an open mind, and now I am negatively biased in their ability and intent to do good.

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Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has almost completely sold out - they have become republican-enablers started by the Bill Clinton era with NAFTA and Prison-Industrial Complex (three strikes, your out), putting 2 million people into prison slave camps for smoking marijuana! We most likely need a third party that represents the independent thinkers like myself and many of you - a party that represents democratic socialists, moderate libertarians, and the working class - this makes up about 50% of the country and could easily defeat the republicans (25%) and corporate democrats (25%) if we could just get them to vote. We will also pull some of the moderate republicans and progressive democrats away from their respective parties once they see this as a winning ticket. This will take a lot of work to get there, but we have to be in this for the long-haul and has to start at the grass-roots level - similar to how the Goldwater republicans (of which Hillary Clinton represented in the 60s) were patient for 60 years to get their neoliberal agenda into complete power. This has to be defeated and it will be, but will take time and patience. Luckily people like Bernie Sanders, democratic socialists and some moderate libertarians have helped to begin this process again along with successful recent movements for the working class.

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And that's what it will take. We do have the Green Party whom I support because of Ralph Nader and Jill Stein. But more funding is needed to get the exposure. They may never get elected, but they bring the main issues to the table that we all need to be aware of and work for.

Michael said it best: Climate Covid Coup

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Thank You for posting this.

It's important to know, even tho Uncle Joe says he doesn't let polls bother him.

Neither should we because of margin of error due to presidential approval.

(please see Gallup poll below)



People need to blame someone but fail to see GOP stonewalling.

Yeah, I need to vent/scapegoat too, but feel better when I stop and see why.

We're dealing with a white supremacist, xenophobic mentality. It's historical.

All those African Americans for Trump are the same as those slaves who fought for the Confederacy. They're badly misguided as their fascist leaders.

I couldn't find the NYT report. Their last poll report was November 2021.

Here's 2021 Gallup poll showing Republicans at 47% and Democrats down 5% at 42% :



Note the margin of error from 2 - 5% with numbers above. Definitely a trend.

NB As the study states, the increase may be related to presidential approval.

I couldn't find their state by state polls, especially battleground states.

Conducting phone polls is debatable, getting a bona fide registered voter.

And also knows what's going. For eg "What news outlets do you follow?"

There are no statistics of contacts for each state and their preference.

As stated, Gallup just takes an average:


Survey Method:

"Results for this Gallup poll are based on telephone interviews conducted in 2021, with a random sample of 12,416 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. The results reflect combined data from 13 separate Gallup telephone polls conducted in 2021 between January and December.

"For results based on the total sample of national adults, the margin of sampling error is ±1 percentage point at the 95% confidence level. All reported margins of sampling error include computed design effects for weighting.

"Each sample of national adults includes a minimum quota of 70% cellphone respondents and 30% landline respondents, with additional minimum quotas by time zone within region. Landline and cellular telephone numbers are selected using random-digit-dial methods."

When I go door to door and talk with people, I keep copies of NYT, CNN, WP articles to give them, especially if they don't have internet access. I don't expect anyone to believe me, like Trump calling reliable news sources "Fake news," when there's no basis for it.

He will be charged with seditious conspiracy, preventing him from running for office again.




"Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States."

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(L), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

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Not to forget the Not So Proud Boys leading the Miami Cubans 🥷🏻

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Thank You for reminding us.

PB's really are the driving force and GOP base in Florida and everywhere, even in Canada. The Afro-Cuban Torrio and despicable Canadien McInnes are leading the pack. It's sickening that legislators bow to them instead of upholding our democracy they took an oath to.

PB's are acting like Hitler's goon squad provoking violence. I had a run in a month ago and assumed they were PB's. Lies, intimidation and violence are historically, a path to power.

When Trump is jailed, the guerilla assaults will increase against police and us.

I'm always watching, mostly because of the crime in Denver.

Southern Poverty Law Center



Wednesday was a very bad day for Trump, the beginning of the end, finally:


Please Be Safe with avy conditions, avoiding possible slide paths and run-off zones.

Please get forecasts and conduct tests before venturing near or on avy terrain.

For steeper terrain, here's the Canadien Evan Stevens with Outdoor Research.

(southeastern BC off the powder highway, not far from New Denver)

Snow Pit Basics w/ IFMGA Guide Evan Stevens - YouTube



Quick-pits are easy and good indication of probability.

Column/compaction tests should be done at least once.

"Any Doubt Take Another Route"

Nature in our solar plexus.

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Oath Keepers in Colorado. Trump’s ‘lil green men’ are on the move. I highly recommend Jamie Raskin’s new book ‘Unthinkable’. American after my own heart!

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How did I miss this?

Well, I'm on it, now.


I really like and appreciate Rep. Raskin.

I'm midway on Jackie Speier's book, "Undaunted."

Who can forget that day and the insanity that led to it?

It's what we're facing with PB's and Trump. She flat-out called them a cult.




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I think Congressman Jamie Raskin deserves JFK Library’s Profile in Courage Award 🥇 https://www.jfklibrary.org/events-and-awards/profile-in-courage-award/submit-a-nomination

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Never forget and Unthinkable is unique as it weaves his late son Tommy’s clairvoyance on what’s wrong with our society into his own political work against fascism.

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From today’s Washington Post Article:

To commemorate Tommy’s birthday, the Raskin family initiated a day of community service on social media that echoed his farewell note to his parents, in which the Harvard Law School student urged them to “Please look after each other, the animals, and the global poor for me.”

The campaign, dubbed #TodayForTommy, sparked an outpouring of generosity across the country. By noon Sunday, nearly 230 people shared their acts of kindness to a Google document compiled by the Tommy Raskin Memorial Fund for People and Animals that was created by the Raskin family.


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Stan, you are the man! Thanks for your informative, interesting reply. Like research studies and statistics, they are limited. And, they offer some sense of direction or at the very least, a spring board for more in depth research. I think the results of polls can be used abusively and inanely. At best they are a small piece of a big puzzle. I think it is a coincidence when they reflect the "pulse" of the nation. Because they don't offer a black and white result - and most people are looking for black and white directives in our polarized "black and white" world, statistics from polls and studies are often mistaken for a accuracy they don't provide, and that ambiguity erodes and undermines the trust that black and white thinkers have in science and research. When fear and confusion prevail, humans tend to look for magical thinking to regulate their emotions. The uncertainty and ambiguity of life and all measurements thereof, don't fill that bill. Addressing emotional instability with open ended logic, rationality and science is as effective as calming a kid with a scraped, bleeding knee, by pointing out the mistaken behavior that caused it. That is unlikely to inspire trust.

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Well, I'm not trying to be the man Bonnie, I'm just trying to stay centered with all this and learn as much as I can. It helps when I talk with people. I want to talk with them like Michael.

You may know of his observation about polls where Republicans don't participate out suspicion. He's right. This can be seen with the surge out of nowhere at voting time.

Still, the polls do give some indication to consider why people feel a certain way.

We are fragile, indeed. Reading what people say here reassures me in a good way.

I have copied and saved your comment but won't share it unless you say I can.

It neatly sums up what we all need to see in ourselves. It can lead to xenophobia.

I really appreciate this quote especially:

"Addressing emotional instability with open ended logic, rationality and science is as effective as calming a kid with a scraped, bleeding knee, by pointing out the mistaken behavior that caused it. That is unlikely to inspire trust."

We remember when we were children. I really watch it with my grandkids.

And people I talk with, to hopefully find common ground or consensus, as Americans.

I hate it when I'm off the wall, which Plato warned of in his Allegory of the Cave.

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In the past year, we’ve gotten our country back on track: We got more shots in arms -- fully vaccinating almost 75% of all adults and millions of children and teenagers, and providing millions of booster shots. We got people back to work -- in 2021, we saw the largest calendar year decrease in unemployment on record. And we passed a historic law to create jobs and rebuild our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. - President Biden

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If you own stock…sure…if your a woman, black, or poor have children, want to go to school or are elderly, or have a house lost to climate change …then no.

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With our new slim Democratic majority, we immediately got to work addressing years of damage caused by Trump and the Republican Party. We needed to act swiftly and decisively to distribute COVID-19 vaccines, take bold action to combat child poverty, and make sure folks didn’t lose their homes during a once-in-a-century economic and public health crisis. And we did exactly that by passing the American Rescue Plan — without a single Republican vote.

One of the largest social spending packages since FDR’s New Deal, the American Rescue Plan put $1.9 trillion toward relief for working-class families and individuals, cut child poverty in half, put millions of vaccines into arms, distributed billions of dollars in emergency rental assistance, and did so much more to keep families and small businesses afloat. - Adam Schif

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Jan 21, 2022·edited Jan 21, 2022

I do agree that Trump did SOO much damage during his term that required the incoming president to address, that it is amazing that there was any time left over to focus on his platforms.

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Or need to go to a doctor

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I’m afraid if the Democrats don’t win in 2022 and 2024, we will lose our democracy.

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You and me both

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I am also afraid we will loose it if they win

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Michael, Thank you for all the kindness and clarity you put out into the world. The world needs you and all your followers who also have keen insights into what our world has evolved into....a big stinky pile of poo as far as politics is concerned. I agree with many of the comments especially setting term limits and the Einstein's definition of insanity....electing the same politicians over and over again is completely insane. We need to clean house....kick them all out and start fresh with real people who understand the issues or are smart enough to learn about the issues and can actually work together to get things done in a way that makes sense. Not that I'll agree with everything as none of us will but as long as it's for the good of the people and not the politicians' pockets or the elite wealthy pockets, I'm ok with it.

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We...SOOOOO need to clean house.....being a democrat is TOOO LOW a bar to hurdle to be elected. And as far as republicans go, I am thinking....NO.

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Jan 20, 2022·edited Jan 20, 2022

The problem with not wanting a republican in the white house is, the Democratic party refused to fight for or deliver on any of their promises. I don't want a republican either, because they are all bad. But, Democrats, they should be ashamed to ask for our vote.

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Take your nonsense elsewhere.

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Hi Kirsten, it's not nonsense, Look at Bernies Ideal of what america needs from the BBB deal at the ridiculous but necessary 19 trillion, Look at what the Democratic party did, look at what we have. Not every american owns stock, those that don't are in a world of hurt. The Dem party has moved to the right for decades. Even to get Biden Elected, Biden and the Dem party leaned right TO get GOP votes. NOT LEFT to get Bernie votes, but RIGHT to get GOP votes. That said, Biden has acted more left, when he has acted, as president. He could have, and the party expected him to, play ball and act like a republican. Even with Biden's feeble attempts to lean left, his party has long ago sold him and the American people out. The worst part is the bitter and disenfranchised are likely to run into the enemy's arms, the GOP, instead of cleaning house and electing Progressives....Much to our peril.

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Bernie and Trump lost, remember …

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Big time.

Please note comment above.

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Here are some stats you might consider, Howard. We haven't been sold out.

No one will run into GOP arms, unless they are white supremacists at heart.


This is an opinion piece based on valid statistics from the Manifesto Project at Princeton University, with poli sci gurus from around the country. Note the graphs.

As it is, the GOP has moved far right. (which is obvious)

Democrats are considerably more left. (thanks to Senator Sanders et al)

It's why people voted Democrat. President Biden is on board with this.


Would stock ownership help us?

Don't we need basic health care?

President Biden and Senator Sanders are on the same page with BBB.

Will it take 19 T to implement BBB? Did you by chance mean 1.9 T?



As it is, the majority of people want the change President Biden is calling for.

Michael has confirmed this. It is doubtful that we will lose voters to the GOP.

Here's Senator Bernie Sanders saying the same thing today 1-23-2022:



Note what he says about GOP sabotage that people need to remember.

And help them vote Blue, as he says. Who else has said that? Michael!

The GOP is largely responsible for the shock and fear tactics that compels people of both parties to be conservative. It's made worse by those who fail or refuse to obtain accurate information. With the way things are, people need someone to blame. But historically, we will still prevail as Michael has shown in our elections.

The popular vote clearly shows with stats above we're more left than ever.

But our biggest threat is GOP election subversion and interference where we can lose voters. Hopefully, if the January 6 Committee refers criminal charges to DOJ on former President Trump, it will help immensely for anyone leaning GOP.


Here's President Biden and Senator Sanders joining together. Shouldn't we?



This confirms what Michael has confirmed about our prospects being good.

Still, we're all concerned. Who isn't? But we can't get caught in conjecture.

Michael wonderfully keeps giving us the facts and nothing but the facts.

It's how God can help us. And we can avoid false ideas Plato warned of.

But if you can substantiate your claims Howard, please do, and kindly offer what you believe might help, other than what Uncle Joe and Uncle Bernie have said.


Here's bottom line according to Richard Bensel, political scientist chair at Cornell:

. . . “something very strange is happening in recent American politics”: Theory says that two-party systems generate “moderate, unprincipled parties,” but the Republicans and Democrats have grown more distinct.

“Democracy doesn’t work with that kind of polarization." (end quote)

Please note that Dr. Bensel doesn't say why the Dems and GOP have "grown more distinct," or how. All the various factors are listed in the article. But what else could it be other than the rise of white supremacy? Wasn't the insurrection proof of this?

Who is upholding our Democracy, our Constitution? Won't voters wonder?

I hope you and no one needs a dissertation on this, Howard. It's pretty obvious.

It's why we're here following Michael, for Liberty, Justice and Equality for All.

Historically, the corporate control of any country can bring about its ruin.

God Bless Michael

We can do what the Irish did, should worse come to worse:


Indeed, READ, and maybe care for others like St. Mother Teresa.

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Bernie Bros still at large here 😉

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Yep. It is because of his agenda that I sent him adoption papers.

There are no jobs on a dead planet. We don't even have the healthcare we need like in other countries because of our military budget.

God Bless Michael, Where To Invade Next?



(2:30 Official Trailer)

(I still crack up about the "No Fly Zone," mostly in the restroom.)

But I have gotten after my Uncle Bernie. He can be off the wall sometimes, like me. Saying Senator Warren would never be elected because she's a woman burned my bacon. I can't have a sexist pig for an uncle or president and told him I'd disown him if he doesn't apologize.

Why hasn't he? Did his wife say anything to him? Does she ever?

Politicians don't seem to realize how they can alienate voters.

His mittens smittens many of us, but he needs to apologize.

Maybe do yoga, prayer and meditation to understand why.

Surely, Marianne Williamson said something to him.

("It's about love and watching for what gets in the way.")

(We all need to.)



Still, Bernie is my uncle, even tho I switched my vote to Senator Warren.

She will still make a great president, like Kamala Harris or Marianne Williamson. It's why I supported Jill Stein. What's needed for our country is also needed in our own homes and lives, to treat others as we'd want to be, with Liberty, Justice and Equality for All, amending when we fail.

It's how we know God's Grace and others.

But if Michael ran for president, he's got my vote and many others.

The dreams I have of him help immensely.

It's really the spirit in him that we can also have.

Same with all the great ones who inspire us in good ways.

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Thank You Michael for the Rumble.

You have a voice of empathy and encouragement.

This despite our GOP corporate controlled country, enriching the wealthy.

I trust we will prevail in 2022 and 2024 to get the votes needed to save our Democracy.

But we need to help get the vote out as you wisely advise, since the GOP just killed the VRA.

Our Uncle Joe isn't giving up and neither should we, which will help people keep voting Blue.


Here's the DNC national website for events and volunteer positions across the country:


Or google state Democratic organizations for volunteering in your state.

Here in Colorado:


For local statehouse election campaign volunteers:


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Thank you Michael for this info. Although I don’t go to Starbucks, my daughter is a huge fan and stops at her local store in NY to pick up her daily coffee. So, I called the customer service number you provided, and told them that they need to stop interfering with the union process. The guy answering said he would send out my comments to the managers. I doubt it, but we all need to call because maybe if enough of us do, things might change? It is only through customers’ actions and advocacy that corporations eventually make the change.

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Broken record comment: Allow me to repeat the following, we live in a Failed State. SCOTUS is failed institution, Congress has failed, the Presidency has failed. Supporting Corporate Dems is insanity squared, we don’t need to found a new party, just primary the Corporate Dems and take the vehicle of the party over. Only The Squad and Katie Porter have earned our support; the Jaypals and Ro Khannas have failed as lovely as they may be, failed leadership must be replaced! Primary Schumer, the worst Majority Leader since Harry Reid, RIP! Someone please shake Diane Feinstein and make sure she’s just dozing off, not worse; she probably had lunch with her good buddies Grassley and Graham before the debate began, she probably thinks they’re her Democrat colleagues, yada, yada, yada. And Pleeze folks, don’t comment that I’m a Trumpster trolling here, it’s unworthy of your intellectual levels!

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You are letting your frustration cloud your thinking. As Biden has said, "Don't compare me to the almighty, compare me to the alternative."

Try taking some positive action in support of democracy. You will feel more empowered and less pessimistic.

Pessimism can be overcome. Read Martin Seligman, Phd. You can start with "Learned Optimism" or his more recent books.

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I am not willing to let Jayapal go yet. She just needs more backbone and be encouraged to stand up instead of cave in.

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Only hoping they learned this time that Lucy will pull that football away every time

So sad they gave the leverage away

Every congress person and senator wanted the infrastructure bill with or without voting for it

Seems Jaypal let Pelosi panic them over the Virginia gov loss

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I agree. But this is politics, historically and globally speaking. I'm not giving up. I'm Green for the most part, going back to Ralph Nader. We just need to get after the corporate, conservative Dems, like Manchin and Sinema as Michael has said.

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De-primary the corporate dems you mean

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Courting old parts of the USSR with NATO membership is a recipe for disaster. We don’t want any more endless wars. America ought to get their bases and troops out of Europe as it’s not our backyard. It’s up to Europe to keep the peace ☮️

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Stan, Wow! thanks for the thoughtful reply. I hadn't heard of the idea that Republicans don't participate in Polls because they are suspicious? I don't know the reason, but I would guess that it's a strategic gesture that, if it could result in a 'surge out of nowhere' phenom, would definitely appear to be made of magic and intrigue. Re: sharing my thoughts with others, whatever the motive. Thank you for asking me for permission, even though I figured this was pretty much an open forum. I'm okay with anyone sharing what I write with others, even if they don't agree with what my ideas. Hopefully all of our ideas, when shared, will be sent and received with respect and good will.

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It's not that they are suspicious. They just don't want to tell the truth about being a white supremacist.

The Lee Atwater memo is public. Former GOP strategist, Stuart Stevens, wrote "It Was All a Lie." It is not like we don't know what motivates Republican voters.

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I clicked on this Saturday but just saw that it somehow didn't. Might be my phone.

Thank You for sharing, Bobbi.

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You are right on.. There will be Poor People's March in June 18,2022. I think winter and Covid have detoured the marches, but here is one that is planned for the whole country.

June 18, 2022 ~ Mass Poor People's & Low-Wage Workers' Assembly & Moral March on Washington and to the Polls

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There should be more statues of Teddy, We need a Teddy today:

Roosevelt also defended Minnie Cox, the country’s first African American female postmaster, after she was driven out of Indianola, Mississippi, because of the color of her skin. He appointed Black Americans to prominent positions, such as his nomination of Dr. William Crum as customs collector in Charleston, South Carolina, which drew considerable political opposition and this presidential response: “I cannot consent to take the position that the door of hope—the door of opportunity—is to be shut upon any man, no matter how worthy, purely upon the grounds of race or color.”

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Thank you❣️ i’ve been watching a series on Netflix called 1971 and in that I believe Nixon is the last president to tape phone calls and have tapes of him in the oval office very interesting and we all know why that ended. 😏 I’m also impressed by some of the press coverage, Example To deal with inflation; Nixon gives a speech that calls for a freeze on wages 😳 blaming the boomers is legit! Not an excuse but we were of the generation where this could never happen in America now I believe we boomers and everyone else need to realize that it has it is‼️

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Real freaking talk.

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Who ever told us life is easy? And any sickness, mental or physical doesn’t help matters. Today, the young and old have been isolated for years which is detrimental to social animals like us.

Starry starry night 🌌 And when no hope was left in sight 
On that starry, starry night
 You took your life, as lovers often do
 But I could’ve told you Vincent
 This world was never meant for
 One as beautiful as you. - Don McLean

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The Appearance of a Base; The Appearance of a Party.

People only fight this hard to keep us from voting, if they know this Appearance is true.

That perspective is what is missing in our Media.

My dad voted for Richard Nixon for President. We used to talk about politics. I recall him saying, "but Beware of the Birchers, those people are Nuts."

Those nuts want us to eat cake and shut up. Not me, Louise.

But I would love a piece of that Cake!

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