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Self Help For Frightened Liberals

Self Help For Frightened Liberals

Episode 301: Rumble with Michael Moore


Over the past week I’ve received countless letters from panic-stricken Americans — and I get it. You’re scared. You’re anxious. You’re coming unglued. I understand. The telly keeps shouting at you:

“Biden’s approval rating has now dropped to 39%!”

“Trump is ahead of Biden 47-46%!”

“67% of Democrats believe Biden shouldn’t run because he is too old!”

“52% of Americans believe Trump accomplished more than Biden has!!”

This is way too much to handle! Everyone needs to breathe deep and participate in some self help therapy to get through all this BS.

So light a candle, turn on the lavender and eucalyptus aroma machine to mist up your room and let Dr. Mike remind you why the monster is not going to return.

— Mike


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Photo: The Scream painting by Edvard Munch

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Surreal Melodies — by Yim Salo

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