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Lift Every Voice: Thoughts from a Juneteenth Holiday

Lift Every Voice: Thoughts from a Juneteenth Holiday

Episode 245: Rumble with Michael Moore

Juneteenth greetings, my friends.

On this episode of Rumble with Michael Moore, I celebrate and reflect on this important new holiday and the opportunity it provides to teach the real history of our country — and commit ourselves to finishing the job begun by Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln: true equality, economic security and a level playing field for all Black Americans.

I also wish Paul McCartney a Happy Birthday, and I send one final appeal to all of us to get ready to act against the bad news that will be coming from the Trump-packed Supreme Court, full of religious zealots, any day now. There are no reserves this time. No one can sit on the bench. We must ALL be ready to flood the streets…

— Mike


Link to Women’s March Summer of Rage Initiative

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Music in today’s episode:

Lift Every Voice and Sing” — performed by Alicia Keys

Give Ireland Back to the Irish” — Paul McCartney & Wings

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