Mar 18, 2022 • 3M

My Pandemic Playlist #5: “I’ve Been High” by R. E. M.

"Make my make-believe believe in me"

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Michael Moore
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These days I’ve found I just need to close my eyes and listen to a gentle, beautiful song when things seem to be taking a dark turn. A song where the message is simply the music — and then the final line takes you right where you need go. 

This song today asks one of the most profound existential questions: 

“Have I missed the big reveal?”

I want to say no, that it’s still to come. And with that, our life explodes into infinite possibilities — and the utter excitement of what’s ahead is the ultimate, sustaining High. It’s good we don’t know where we’re going — and it is a mindblower when we get there, when we make it happen. 

Close your eyes. Take a breath. And drift into I’ve Been High


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