There is much work to do to defeat the misogynists, the haters and their patriarchy. Their abuse, dominance and control of women must and will come to an end. The vast majority of Americans would toss this rogue Trumpian Supreme Court if they had any democratic say in it. The…
On Thursday, the country’s second largest pharmacy chain, Walgreens, caved in to threats from the extremist anti-abortion/Forced Birth movement and…
Blue Continues to Crush Red in 2023Listen now (33 min) | Episode 285: Rumble with Michael Moore
February EndsListen now (32 min) | Episode 284: Rumble with Michael Moore
Dear President Carter: I know you told me to call you Jimmy, but I couldn’t then. And I can’t now. In 2004, you invited me to sit next to you in the…
Random Thoughts On A Dark & Cold February NightListen now (41 min) | Episode 283: Rumble with Michael Moore
Weapons of Mass BallooneryListen now (39 min) | Episode 282: Rumble with Michael Moore
The Execution of Tyre Nichols: Another Cover-Up From The Lying Machine Listen now (68 min) | Episode 281: Rumble with Michael Moore
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