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Hi Michael~

~ Maria Muldaur here~

~ You might remember me from my big hit way back in the day('74) "Midnight at the Oasis"~ 43 albums later, I spontaneously wrote a Pro- Vaccination song & thought I would share it with you in hopes that you could help spread the message far and wide!~Hopefully a candidate for your Pandemic Playlist!~(We are also hoping the CDC and/or all the other agencies that are trying to get people vaccinated might be able to use part of it for a public service announcement!)

~ I'm a big fan of your work and have been getting your new newsletter, and am deeply grateful for the way you continue to stand up for what is right and speak truth to power!~ God Bless You for everything you do!~ Please don't ever stop!~

~Most gratefully yours~🙏😍

~ Maria Muldaur~


"VACCINATED & I'M READY FOR LOVE" launching today worldwide!

As I drove away from receiving my second vaccination shot, I was immediately overwhelmed with an immense feeling of Liberation, Exhilaration, Lightness & Joy!~It was a beautiful Spring day, so I rolled back my sunroof to enjoy the ride, & before I knew it I spontaneously started singing ’Vaccinated & I'm Ready for Love’ at the top of my lungs all the way home! I sort of chuckled to myself & forgot about it, but the next day the refrain returned & I found myself singing it throughout the day! Realizing this was a pretty catchy refrain that wouldn't go away, I enlisted my guitar player Craig Caffall to help me complete the song, & we recorded it, & made a video to go with it. It is our hope that it will be a useful message in convincing vaccination reluctant folks of yet another good reason to get vaccinated. If all the other good, common sense reasons of protecting loved ones, children, the elderly, etc., didn't do it, perhaps the thought of being liberated to safely resume/pursue a happy active Love Life will be the motivation that does the trick!

Listen to the Song and Watch the Video Here: https://stonyplainrecords.com/lp/vaccinated/.

~We're hoping if you like the song & the message, you will help us spread the word far & wide!~We encourage you to share this with all your friends, loved ones, peeps on Facebook etc, & encourage them to share it with all of their friends, etc.~We want this message to "go viral" (no pun intended)...a fun way to get out the message for a very good cause!~

Please .....continue to stay safe & healthy!~ 🙏✌ 💖

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Hey thank you Michael for opening up and sharing this music with us. It can get so dark between my ears these days and that makes me no help to the world this helps pop me out of it Kindred Spirits indeed thank you very much you keep me going

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No no Michael Moore. Let's not sing about "when it all falls down--we'll be OK if we hold on to each other". This is the time to stand up and fight like hell. The Ghost Towns that Madonna is singing about are the result of lies and illusions the privileged class creates to hide their wealth. If the exchange and taxation of money were transparent and fair, there won't be a whole lot more to fight about because there would be plenty for everyone.

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When you’re about to give up, remember why you started 🧘‍♂️

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Michael, I think Madonna did write that perfect, amazing song for you.

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Wonderful, thank you! In the earliest days of the pandemic, March/April 2020, when NYC was its own hotspot and my colleagues at work and neighbors were literally dying, I sought some degree of sanity (or safe insanity?) in assembling a playlist from friends. I bet zillions of people did the same. From "We Just Come To Work Here" (Stamper/Feeney) to "911 Is a Joke" (Public Enemy) they were so essential and have become part of my life and contributed to surviving 2020 mentally. And now "Ghosttown" joins them. Again: thank you!

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How appropriate! May I make a suggestion Micheal to the question “how you got so far”

You have followed your heart and soul and stood so proudly for what you believe in, but never been afraid to embrace any progression, however small.

Over the years you have been on the right side of history, but are so humble and dignified, your approach with love admirable.

Thank you for such a lovely Sunday afternoon email. Glad you couldn’t hear the sing a long lol

Sending much love

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💜💜💜💜🥰🥰🥰🥰. Add my Soul too as I will be there too. MM , Madonna was and is one of my idols as a musical artist. I have always loved her and her music because she goes against the mainstream and like you, is for the RIGHT and TRUTH filled ideas and protests for it, makes music about it, not just talks, like you, she gets out their and WALKS THE WALK. There are just a few Hollywood people that will Actually get out there and do the REAL thing. This is what makes you and her HEROS for the PEOPLE ! We are Sincerely Grateful and Sooo THANKFUL. Love you and Send Big Hugs for all you and she does too. 🤗

P.S. I still haven’t gotten my vaccine. Waiting for you to contact me to take me and hold my hand. I am frightened. I only live in Cincinnati. I am a homebody lady with a rare condition and this is why I am frightened due to possible side effects Michael Moore. Please HELP me. 💜💜💜💜. Purple Hearts Lover is really scared. Read my story on my profile. Please contact me Michael Moore Sincerely, Please. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

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Until the last minute, here or there, you are not alone. Breathe and always be strong! I loved the indication, music is love in sound waves.

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Hi Michael, thank you for sharing!🎶Singing a new 🎶 song. To be honest, I haven’t been reading your Substack articles lately cuz their just TOO HEAVY for me at this time. I know myself enough to know what NOT to click on that will not Ultimately uplift my Vibration🕊✨🕊and I love your work!!

It’s just lately the info is TMI (for me) and so I am grateful you posted this today! Love Madonna🌹🎶🌹and you! And happy to click on this and listen and read🕊and I’ll be looking forward to Tues evening☺️Peace & All Good in Troubled Times✌🏼I haven’t given up on you, myself, All my brothers & sisters💚💛❤️On this Planet💙Love is Always the Answer🕊Love, Anna🍌

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Great song. So right for these times Hoping your fall day is full of good things

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Thank you for the light and heat.

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Wouldn't it be great if Madonna and Michael did a duet about "Climate Covid Coup" and the corporate control of our country? We need to keep throwing the facts back in their GOP faces any way we can. "By their own words are they condemned."



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The next lines of "Ghosttown" are very descriptive of what is happening:

"Tell me how we got this far

Every man for himself

Everything's gone to hell"

I always wonder the same but then these other lines gives us hope:

"We gotta stay strong, we're gonna hold on

This world has turned to dust

All we've got left is love

Might as well start with us

Singing a new song, something to build on"

Thanks Michael and Madonna, this song make me ask myself this question:

Will only art survive mankind if we are not able to change and we continue in the same path?


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The Duty To Warn movie was finished last year, and Covid delayed it and stopped a feature film as planned. You can find many informative historic Utube movies on ‘Timeline’ as Hitler’s secret Holocaust archives was revealed. Trump’s party follows Hitler’s playbook with lies, propaganda and fear.

I’m also commenting on Washington Post under the same name, trying to make a difference. Take care and fight back.

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Hi Michael,

I receive your weekly newsletter and enjoy reading it. However, what I am writing to you now is not related to these topics. Rather, I want to use this opportunity to draw your attention to a systemic human right valuation by right wing Americans (Trump supporters) deep in the American system against me in Canada in the past four years.

The human right abuses that I have been subjected to have had a devastating impact on my life and in turn on my family’s life. These flagrant criminal behaviors violated many aspects of my life ranging from invasion of privacy, hacking my computer as well as my family members devices, interfering with obtaining higher education, employment, harassment, intimidation, indirect death threat, foiled attempted kidnapping, destruction of property, manipulation of credit rating, community incitement and attempting to destroying me psychologically by parading individuals (colon) who look alike my family members, friends, and colleagues in front of me.

I am willing to share my horrible experience with you. This is a must hear true story of terrorism by a system (America) that claims fighting terrorism.

As a tireless social activist, you’re in a good position to help me with exposing this mafia style crime to American people and to the rest of the world.

If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to contact me at:



Karim Nourani

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