My Pandemic Playlist, Part 1

“Ghosttown” by Madonna

Today I begin an occasional posting here on Substack of songs on my personal Pandemic Playlist. I put this together in March of 2020 and have added to it and subtracted from it over these 19 months. They are songs that help and heal, fortify me and destroy me with hope and fear, a deep deep reach to pull me out of the well, nourish me with the will to find new paths, listen to new friends, stay up, stay quiet, stay still, rise up, pick up a shovel, aim for the soul, here comes redemption, the music here will hold me, forgive me, comfort me, school me, set me free.

I’ve decided to share these songs with those of you who feel a kindred spirit here with me. I want to open this door.

My first Pandemic Playlist song for you today is from Madonna, one of the true greats of our time. Embraced by the world, misread, misunderstood, clear as a bell, a shot in the arm, a woman in a “man’s world” who simply refuses to accept that paradigm. In fact she blows it up. She grew up 30 miles down the road from me, her father worked for Chrysler, mine for General Motors, which in some ways made us both angry and itchin’ to get out, build a life, let art lead the way. I consider her a friend for life but I haven’t seen her since the Women’s March in D.C., the day after Trump’s inauguration.

She offers strength to all, and when you listen to this song I want you to know she’s singing it to you. Because when I heard it again at the beginning of the pandemic, I thought, wow, she wrote this to me. Ha! Or so I’d like to think. She nails the loneliness of us all getting through whatever this is in a world gone mad, a world that is falling and turning to dust. We each need at least one person to connect with, be with, to rage together with in this great battle we must win. Just one soul so we’re not alone. It’s possible. It’s there. Yes, I’m trying to convince myself. Now is not the time to give up. This is our moment. Listen here (and check out the lyrics here) to the “Ghosttown” in which we all live.  

By Madonna Louise Ciccone.
My Pandemic Playlist.
Shared with you.

    — Michael

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