White Jesus they worship. Moore's own words. But the Democrats-- Nancy Pelosi is an example for sure-- love their jesus. None has the courage to expose the 6'3" fellow who has long flowing dark blond hair and white skin and light eyes and aquiline features. Can you imagine such a fellow walking the streets in Nazareth? For sure the Romans would have noted such a person. But instead JC was like all the other men: 5'5" tall; kinky black hair; big nose; low forehead. A typical Semite. The quintessential dirty little jew who was abused by all until finally murdered in the Holocaust.

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I met your Mother. I am 81 and a New Yorker. I am in the Pilates biz--particularly dance. Our Clinical Advisor is Marika Molnar PT who takes care of NewYork City ballet dancers. If you re interested in discussing dancers, pls look at www.physicalmindinstitute.com under the Dance tab. Joan Breibart

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Great advice! I agree=leave the "WHAT ABOUT" out of our vocabulary. Forge ahead with whatever you can do. Thank you Michael. Also, Greg Palast's documentary is being shown this month. It will motivate you if you need it!


Wednesday, October 5 at 7pm

Regal Theater Atlantic Station

Followed by a Q&A

I will be joined by NAACP GA’s Pres. Gerald Griggs and more.

Admission is free but RSVP is required.


Tuesday, October 11

5pm - Meet and Greet

6pm - Film

Presented by WCPT’s Rick Smith & Santita Jackson

with special guests Greg Palast and Rev. Jesse Jackson

Rainbow PUSH Headquarters

930 E 50th St, Chicago, IL 60615

No admission charge


Wednesday, October 11 at 6:30pm

with Rick Smith & Greg Palast

Crooners Supper Club

The Movie is free to everyone, but registration is required


Wednesday, October 19 at 7pm

The Grand Lake Theater

Greg Palast & KPFA's Dennis Bernstein will be in attendance

Our openings at the Grand Lake always sell o

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Thank you

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I’ve been registering voters in Travis County Texas for many years. People I’m talking to are very excited to vote. It gives me great hope. Then a twenty something male asked me who I was voting for. “I said I’m voting for someone who will protect women.” He said “so you’re voting for the baby killer.”🤦🏻‍♀️🙄🤷🏻‍♀️🤬

I said “there can’t be babies without women” grabbed my groceries & walked away. It took me several days to get over it..

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Good response. You did better than I would have.

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For months, polls have shown Val Demings behind Marco Rubio – but after we outraised him nearly 3 to 1, a brand-new poll released TON‌IGHT at 5p‌.m. shows them TIED, 46-46!

#IVoted blue for democracy 🗳

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I received my Florida ballot by mail today and will return it by mail tomorrow. #IVoted 🗳

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The Republican Party has been brilliant in gerrymandering and suppressing liberals, blacks, etc. from voting. Since these Republicans who run the state agencies responsible for voting send most voting machines to their Republican friendly districts, and one or two machines to Democratic urban districts, this results long lines for urban and those of color trying to vote.

How about setting up a last minute campaign to bus all these urban voters who will be standing in line 8 hours or more to vote - to outside each polling place in Republican districts - to get in line and one at a time, demand to vote. Resulting in 8 hour wait times for the Republicans?

Let the Republicans know what it's like to experience Voter Suppression.

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October 3, 2022.

The Guardian.

Opinion piece, US Politics, written by Hamilton Nolan.

"The Democrats are purposely boosting far-right Republicans. This will backfire."

Also a new Guardian Series, beginning Oct. 4, 2022:

under US Politics

Today's offering, written by Sam Levine and Ed Pilkington.

"Democracy Poisoned: America's elections are being attacked at every level."

Please do not read these headlines with despair-- these pieces are empowering!

Realistic perspectives and common sense always are, in my experience.

Signing off now-- my final post.


Do a simple kindness today for someone. People in my world-- mostly strangers-- respond at first with surprise, then very good cheer! It is an ego-less joy to share in such moments of human connection. And I believe these connections raise the overall vibrations in All worlds. Peace!

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