This letter made me cry today, as I look back on what was and could have been. We were the better part of a world united...a country grieving together with other nations around the globe. We had so much potential to make this world a better place. But the war mongers wanted vengeance and revenge, and they convinced a weak president that attacking a sovereign nation was the way to restore our country, to make it whole. In the years that have passed we have not been restored; we have become more divided than I ever dreamed possible. The hope of the Obama years became disillusion when he didn't end Bush's wars, leading to four years that were worse than most in more than a century. Mr. Biden has situations that rival the worst of the 20th century to contend with. We have a pandemic that is worse than the Spanish Flu. We have had an economic downturn to rival the Great Depression. We have racial unrest to rival the 1960s. We have fascism to rival the Nazis, but this time among our own citizenry. And we have a party that is willing to look the other way, and in some cases become complicit, when people have tried to overturn our elections, attacking the very seat of our democracy. I see the path our nation took, rather than the one we could have taken, and how it led here. No wonder I have cried.

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Dear Michael, Your letter is heartbreaking. As a former New Yorker, who had lived near Union Square, it made me feel like I was there, with you. I was in Massachusetts, far from the city, but very near to those that left from Logan Airport. Our company traveled daily from Logan. My first stop at work, when I had heard the news of the first plane, was to our in-house travel office to see if anyone from our company was traveling that day. There was, but fortunately, not on those planes. Our fellow apparel folks at TJX, where not as fortunate. There were 8 buyers in that plane that was headed to CA that flew into the tower. It still blows my mind how this happened. Let’s hope and pray that America puts down the guns and helps the world with kindness and love.

Thank you for sharing your letters. I am so glad your daughter was ok. Keep up the good work! XO Sharon.

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Dear Michael,

I have fallen in love with your work the day I watched Roger and me in 1989. I thought wow, finally someone who can denounce with humor, be powerful and funny at the same time.

And the years have only reenforced that love.

Born French, I moved to the States at 11, and it became my home. I had to go back to France 5 years later but longed for 25 years to come back. Finally, in 2014, I made it back and got my green card a year later. But the country I found was not the one I had left 25 years earlier.

Yes, of course, at 16, there were things I didn't see. But still. At the time, everybody believed in God, but religion had no place in politics. Abortion was not an issue, it was a right. Truth seemed to be reveared. Yes, many people lied, of course. But any politician caught in a lie had their career ended. Decency seemed important.

Then, 2016 happened. After wanting to throw up all night, I went to bed dreadful of what would happen. And children in cage, muslim ban, ICE raids, appointment of 3 supreme justice judges, and all the rest happened. That election made me discover Rachel Maddow, whom I had never watched before in my life. She probably saved me in a way, showing me that there were still people in their right mind, and not fooled. But it also darkened my thoughts of what was happening to this country. I had a conversation one night with my husband who was worried to see me for months so gloomy, and angry, and scared, and pessimistic. It made me realize that I was going through a heartbreak. The worst heartbreak of my life. The United States of America, the biggest love of my life, what I thought for 25 years in my heart was my home, had let me down. I had spent all these years in France hearing people telling me how the US were too much about money, and how it was racist, and stupid, and I defended it. Only to realize that it was exactly right.

In my opinion, all the big empires have fallen down because of greed, Rome, communism, etc... And capitalism is falling for the exact same reason.

Now, I have moved to Canada with my family and I feel so blessed I will not raise my daughter in the US.

But thank God for people like you. I have to believe that you make a change and that things will get better because of people like you.

Love you man,

Hope you will read my story. At least, it made me feel good to share it with you.


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I wondered why the Generals who lied to us about how well the war was doing inAfghanistan.

Then I followed up my adage,”Follow theMoney” All are on the boards of those companies who benefit from war. At 90 years and anticipation heart surgery I am saddened by the direction our Country has taken. I won’t be around to see what occurs. And I am sad that I care so much . But as a woman who spent her life attempting to make this a better world I just hope that there are enough of you out there who will keep on fighting for Justice in all forms.

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Thank you, Mike. We needed your letters today. It is a time Ken Burns thinks is as dangerous as those days of The Civil War, The Great Depression and World War II... May you continue to guide us in these perilous times! And may the "clueless" voters awaken to your call for justice and love!

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Thank you for these beautifully written letters that bring it all back--not just in the horror but in the response, the more hopeful, humane response to 9/11

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Michael wrote, "I refuse to call this my home. " Twenty years later, and that feeling has grown ever so much more. And, it's being destroyed from within. Maybe, it's time to return my family name to Italy - to consider my grandfather's emigration as a round trip and not as a journey to a new home. As the Eagles sang, "Call it paradise. Kiss it goodbye."

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I have to thank you again Michael, for your letters, films, everything you do and have done.

We're a majority and better nation because of you, evolving as human beings we need to be.

Bowling For Columbine was an epiphany for many of us. I'm grateful to God you finished it.

Your acceptance speech for best documentary was archetypal because of the truth you spoke.

But too many were bound by the darkness of their minds and still are in waging war.

You've been made to suffer immeasurably with a price on your head for your courage.

Please keep speaking truth to power as you have. You're helping us to.

Blessed Are The Peacemakers Blessed Are You

St. Mother Teresa worked for peace, they didn't listen to her.

Jesus knew what would make for our peace. (Luke 19:41-44)


I helped with outreach at Ground Zero in February 2002. I can confirm what you shared with us. Not once did I see or hear of anyone supporting the war that Bush started in Afghanistan. Rather, there was apprehension because of the devastation there, same as it was here.

After 20 years of war, we can't let this happen again, especially from any fictitious presidents.

Bush lied. Millions died.

"When the pope and Dixie Chicks are against you Mr. Bush, you're time is up!"




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Today’s letter brought me to tears. Beautifully written and so incredibly honest it was heartbreaking. Remembering the generosity and kindness of people following that devastating event, breaks my heart even more. We are so lacking in that today. I often feel powerless as only one person, but then I remind myself “just do what you can” and continue to engage in my neighborhood, city, and county in whatever way I can and encourage others to do the same. Bless you Michael. I will continue to look forward to your emails. Thank you for all that you do.

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At this time we have a president whose first goal is NOT to start a war so he can appear to be in command. May he thrive and continue on his peace-keeping mission around the globe. You cheer him on and I cheer for you and your inspiring messages.

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Dear Michael,

Your letters have kept me sane over the last 2 weeks. I so appreciate your heartfelt writing about your trip. I remember feeling so alone during that time while many I knew and the media beat them war drums. I so appreciate you and all the truth and heart you bring to us. I send you hugs!

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I find your writing very touching, very human.

I attemped to watch your film, Fahrenheit 911 but only made it half way through. I was sickened by the hypocrisy, capitalism at its finest. I felt so small, so voiceless……caught up in the war machine. I was thoroughly disgusted with America. But that was your plan, to touch me deeply. Mission accomplished my friend.

Sometime soon I will watch the other half. I might need a couple a beers to ease the pain.

Thank you for being a light in the darkness.

Michael Jordan

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Thank you Michael for sharing this extraordinary part of history. Everyone of us, in different parts of the world, remembers what we were doing in that precise moment when hate and terror hit our souls. These letters should be "a must read" in all schools and universities, all over the world, translated into each language with the title "We Should Never Forget". And our challenge is never to give up our commitment into making a better world for all. I'm from a country that knows for sure about terror and lose of freedom, from a country where future is a luxury unavailable for most people. From the very end of the world, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Reflection has been difficult, not healing I must say, because of fear of retaliation again by our own country. Where now and for what? President Biden gives me hope with his words indicating that we must worry about the pressing issues in our own country. I can only hope he will continue with these words. Thank you, Michael, for sharing these timely letters. May we use our words and combined actions to work for peace in our world.

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Michael, none of us can forget the tragedy of 9/11 but thanks for reminding us how it felt on that particular day and how the war mongering unfolded from that point on. The real tragedy is that the whole truth is still to come out even after two decades of attempt by many of the relatives of those who passed away.

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Michael, I am a walking, talking cliche of a characteristically modest Canadian, but grant your often heartfelt expressions of love that you proudly carry for your country. I'll note some minor annoyance with the ultra flag waving patriotism you guys down there shamelessly demonstrate on a regular basis. However, I do get it, but am increasingly disheartened by the steady erosion of civil liberties and the looming decline of a once great country as yours.

On this sad anniversary of the 9/11 attack, truth seeking citizens are denied full disclosure of valid alternate facts regarding this tragic, historically significant event. A betrayed and hopelessly pessimistic pall is cast by the blackout of honest, solid investigative journalism in mainstream media for which we are all entitled. There is no mention of the third building that went down into its own footprint at free fall speed. It wasn't hit by a plane. The official version of the entire event has been challenged by the Lawyer's Committee For 9/11 inquiry, but has been stonewalled by the Southern District Court of New York. Even Spike Lee caved to pressure, cutting 30 minutes from his 9/11 documentary, the segment devoted to the "Truthers". Real journalism has passed into extinction like the wooly mammoth. Journalists have become jingoists. No less so than the banner waving, patriotic news outlets championing the Iraq invasion.

It is not what we are told, but what we are not told, that is more insidious and dangerous. Thousands of architects, physicists, chemists, engineers and families of deceased firefighters and police who demand to be heard, have been denied their unalienable rights to justice and fairness defined by the Constitution.

I know that you have said you are not a conspiracy theorist and neither am I. But I didn't go looking for it. It came to me. You say here, "I’m an American, living in America. I like my illusions``. Let me say that you are in denial of your own and American's own self interest by your steady and delusional attitude in spite of a seeming left liberal stance on topics that allow entry onto the same mass media outlets that propagates and perpetuates the Big Lie.

Respectfully (yes, I do mean it),



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