Susan, none of us are giving up! A better world is in sight. All hands on deck!

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First of all:

Why does Amanda Litman live in Brooklyn?

If she wanted to live in a part of the country more out of touch with the people we most need to attract to the polls, she couldn't have picked a better place than today's Brooklyn (it's like Twitter in the flesh: an economically privileged minority who mistake moral narcissism for actual morality).

Here's a fun fact: New York city public schools are FAR more segregated than Virginia public schools! Maybe NYC should take a lesson from Virginia and actually DO something for "Black" children instead of removing statues of Thomas Jefferson from the city council building.

I've always considered myself a progressive, because I believe in living wages for every working adult, and I believe in socialism when it comes to ensuring basic human needs like housing, healthcare, healthy food, and clean water.

But in the past few years I have felt like a pariah in the "progressive" community.


First of all, they treat poor and working class people like mascots (especially "Black" poor and working class people) rather than people whose values and opinions are worthy of respect.

Two years ago, I was kicked out of the Texas Handmaids because I objected to their protesting a crisis pregnancy center that supplies baby clothes, toys, parenting classes, and two years worth of free diapers to low income moms (most of them poor women of color).

The center does "lure" pregnant women in with a free ultrasound and inaccurate information about abortion.

But my point was, if we are going to attempt to close down that center, then we had damn well better start giving out two years worth of free diapers ourselves. There were a lot of young Mexican moms with babies in tow using that center, and I didn't want to make them feel bad by protesting it. My suspicion was that these moms had no intention of getting an abortion anyway, and having been a poor single mom myself, I'd have loved a center like that.

The Texas Handmaids (a group made up entirely of upper middle class white women)not only kicked me out of their group, but made sure I was also kicked out of a political letter writing group that had nothing to do with crisis pregnancy centers.

I was devastated.

Second of all, sex trafficking is clearly one of the most horrific human rights abuses of our time - one which primarily targets Black and Indigenous girls.

But guess what?

The so-called biggest "progressives" in Congress (the "Squad" Barbara Lee, Rep. Jayapal, Ro Khanna, etc) actually oppose FOSTA, a law that holds websites legally accountable for selling trafficked kids on their platforms!

I thought someone would have to be a sociopath to oppose that law!

But no - they're just politicians more concerned about their Twitter brand than they are about trafficking survivors.

The people who opposed FOSTA were politicians I had admired and sent money to- and yet they choose to protect Big Tech and adult "escorts" over raped kids!

I can't begin to express how violated and betrayed I felt.

I'm a trafficking survivor, yet I've been called a pearl clutcher and a prude for wanting to create and enforce stronger laws against sex buying (it has been proven repeatedly that legalized sex buying radically increases demand, which radically increases the financial incentive to traffick women and girls. In Nevada, where sex buying is legal, we have the highest rate of sex trafficking in the country).

So called progressives NEVER protest against sex trafficking, which is modern day slavery. Instead, they blather on incessantly about forms of slavery that were outlawed 160 years ago! What hypocrites these people are!!!

I feel voiceless, alienated, and alone when it comes to "progressive" politics today.

I no longer identify with the Democrats and I am now a registered Independent (and I ALWAYS vote!)

I also no longer send money to "progressive" politicians who seem far more concerned with their Twitter brand than with helping the most vulnerable among us (and if that doesn't include trafficking victims, then what the hell does?)

I'm well aware of the ageism among the new Twitter Progressives (which is stupid because "millennial" is now a synonym for middle age, not youth -none of us are young for more than ten seconds) but my 22 year old son - a trans man - is equally disgusted with the crap being spewed in "his" name by the Twitter mobs ie: JK Rowling being slandered as a transphobe; Chimimanda Ngozi Adiche being threatened with machetes because she knows the difference between a trans woman and a cis woman; and the insane insistence that "some penises are female" and "men get pregnant, too." Being trans does not make someone a hysterical idiot allergic to the facts of reproductive biology, despite what the Twitter mobs believe.

Anyway, I am sadly not at all surprised that Dems are losing.

They are far more interested in appealing to Twitter than they are to those who have the most to gain from progressive economic policies.

Move back to Virginia, Amanda.

Give Brooklyn back to the poor and working classes you helped to gentrify out.

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Michael, I have mentioned before how you probably saved my life…

I fell down the rabbit hole..

I was suffering big time!

I am a empath, I feel humanity’s pain…

I found your podcast and found Hope!

My trusted Truth teller!

I look forward to everything you do!

Never stop Michael, never give up!

I believe in America!

I believe in you!



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Can someone explain to me what Merrick Garland "is doing" or "is not doing" I am sorry that I live under a rock?

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People that should not run.....Republicans ;-)

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People that should not run.....Republicans ;-)

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I’m so glad Michael Moore shared his story about school “disciplinary action” and running for town board (I love that you made that change!). Corporal punishment still exists today, especially in private or state-run schools. Too many children suffer at the hands of abusers in places that are supposed to protect them. Paris Hilton spoke out, and I hope many more come forward. There needs to be a documentary and investigation.

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hmm Anyone think that Oliver North and the NRA could have had a HUGE influence on our country and we should be glad it didn't. Oliver North is President of the NRA, NRA loses funding when Trump comes to power. Jan 6th, Pence calls Oliver North to Ask for Advice. What if Oliver was pissed, rather than reasonable. America would be a completely different place today...makes you think.

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People that should not run.....Republicans ;-)

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