“real, necessary change” probably won’t happen until the Z-generation gets involved in politics. Unfortunately, by then they may be too burned out and disgusted! We have a dying political system that may be unrepairable!!

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Dear Ms. Walton, I've been an RN for going on 39 years and I wish I could vote for you but I live in New Mexico! Michael and the rest of the country (thanks to COVID 19 of all things) are finally realizing how awesome nurses are (and I'm not trying to brag or pat myself on the back). But society hasn't ever given nurses their just due before COVID or appreciated them enough as reflected in the disparity between doctor's and nurses' wages. But I'm not writing this to complain! I'm so encouraged and excited by your campaign as well as the difference nurses are making even while working their asses off and "doing more with less" as the corporate mantra demands. Nurses are definitely blue collar workers and I feel you will represent all working people and understand that worker's rights are human rights! Going into government requires compassion and respect for those working hard and struggling to make a living. And please remember that true leadership serves the people, not the other way around!

Thank you, Michael, for recognizing the importance of people like Ms. Walton and keep up the good work! With much appreciation...

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I posted the following on Facebook:

Michael Moore's podcast is with India Walton, candidate for mayor in Buffalo, NY. What a breath of fresh air she is! And so needed!!!

India will have a tough fight against incumbent mayor (whom she defeated, but is running nonetheless as a write-in candidate) Byron Brown, who is not the most savory person. Some members of the Buffalo Common Council are expressing tentative interest in doing away with mayoral governance entirely!

Brown is going to great lengths to mount a serious attempt at maintaining his job, hiring a major campaign consultant, reaching out to elite business and political allies, and even soliciting Republican backing. Brown is backed by racist real estate mogul and former Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino who, according to TruthOut, "wishes that Brown “destroy” the “communist” Walton" . https://truthout.org/articles/buffalo-democratic-machine-considers-axing-mayorship-to-evade-india-walton/

Also in the TruthOut article, "Increasingly, Walton is isolated from the party; few Democratic politicians in Erie County have even commented on her candidacy." I hope they come to their senses and support India in time! This will be an interesting race to follow!!

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"Climate Covid Coup" is our rallying cry if we want to survive.

We're on the brink of passing historical legislation mainly because of you, Michael.

Ralph Nader, Senator Sanders and a few others are close behind. But you knock on corporate doors while also exposing them, giving them a chance to respond and gaining more of us.

You're a global treasure, Michael. You set an example for all of us in working out differences.

I assume you are trying to meet up with Senators Manchin and Sinema to question their claims of "entitlement" and "cost of the bills" and calls for trade-offs, etc, etc.

I've yet to get a call back like everyone else. They know the majority of us need this legislation to pass and that we're paying for it. Maybe if we tell them the rich don't have to pay their fair share or if we only tax their oil and gas stock profits? Naaah

You set an excellent example of dialogue they refuse to participate in. Remember Ben Hur walking away? Sinema might say, "I'm sitting here." Manchin will accuse you of being a socialist.


This is legislation that can't be compromised. Our children's future and survival is at stake.

Especially our Democracy of Liberty, Justice and Equality for All.

"Climate Covid Coup" Rally On

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Michael, thanks for the pep rally! The strategies you suggest for getting good candidates elected are smart and well thought out. Did you ever think of running for office? I’m being serious! I wish I could vote for India Walton. However, I live in the NW suburbs of Chicago. I voted for Governor Pritzker, and of course our excellent leader, President Biden. These two men truly represent the people. I’m looking forward to your question and answer session. Your documentaries, Facebook posts, letters, etc. have been educational and informative. Thank you for all you do!

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Our economic ideas can win - we just need to stick a sock in the mouths of idiots yelling "Defund the Police!" and "Abolish Prisons!" and "Repeal FOSTA!"

There always seem to be Lefties who embrace the most asinine ideas and spew them all over the media - killing our chances of winning state and national elections.

Young people are stupid (we know they are, because we used to be young).

We CAN sell practical, clearly articulated economic policies that include living wages, paid family leave, universal healthcare, criminal justice reform, and housing as a human right.

So young people, PLEASE shut up about your "right" to work in a brothel and the horrors of kink-shaming until AFTER elections.

Thank You.

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We have not won yet, the Pelosi's and Biden's are still trying to cave into the Sinema's and Manchin's one final time to gut the people's bill. Don't let them do it, even if the bill fails and we get nothing. Better nothing and Angry so we VOTE those Fuckers OUT. than Ok Joe...settle for crumbs again and have ZERO power.

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Firstly Micheal I have to applaud you for a fabulous example of your “ Illusions” on the reconciliation bill.

Too many to the left rely on fact based information cutting through to the electorate, instead of employing the tactics you use so beautifully.

What an inspiration India is and I wish her the very best for November 2nd.

Sending love Hillary

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I wish she'd commented on what she intends to do about the city's abysmal public schools, and the endless blocks of abandoned houses. Buffalo is a goddamn wasteland, its deterioration ongoing since the 1970's.

Unless she has a clear agenda, why does she deserve anyone's vote?

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FYI for anyone who wants to participate in the next Townhall with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Friday, October 15th at 5:30 pm ET:


Michael's Q&A is Tuesday, October 12th at 8 pm ET and will send email to register.

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I lived and worked in Buffalo back in 2010. It's as dead a city as I've ever seen. I think the biggest issue is economic - how to bring jobs back to a city that has languished in the Rust Belt for decades. That is what the mayoral candidates need to address. BTW, I thought Bryon Brown was Black.

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