The Muslims have been eradicating Jews since Islam’s founding. Proof? Just go check on the member of Jews living in Islamic lands ... it’s ZERO. If you want peace in Israel, then tell HAMAS to stop advocating for the genocide of ALL OF ISRAEL and constantly attacking them with the purpose of KILLING CIVILIANS, like they did on Oct 7th. If ISRAEL laid down its weapons, they would immediately be killed. If the PALESTINIANS laid down their weapons, there would be peace. Ask the HAMAS leaders why they spent all the billions in AID money on weapons and missiles and tunnel building (for THEM, not their people) and baked Jew-killing into their school curriculum. Ask them why they shoot from under hospitals, schools, mosques, apartment buildings thus DELIBERATELY and CYNICALLY putting their people in danger (and then using them for photo-ops to gullible people like you). Ask them why they’re blocking their people from moving out of the danger zones like Israel has been warning them to do for weeks?

You are totally on the side of GENOCIDE for the Jews thus fulfilling one of Islam’s deepest desires that they’ve carried out for centuries.

Wake up and stop being a ‘useful idiot’ for Terrorists.

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I think it’s a lack of education. Biden is trying to get aide to the people of Gaza. But remember, Israel is our ALLY.

This is a WAR that Hamas started. Israel needs to protect itself & demolish Hamas.

Israel is not attacking hospitals, yet Hamas is PURPOSELY attacking hospitals. Israel is trying to attack only Hamas

Putin is a threat to OUR country. He is delighted that the House Republicans denied aid to Ukraine which is so stupid. He is also thrilled with all the chaos in the US House of Representatives.

We had to stop Hitler. We waited too long. We were naive to think we were safe over here in the US. The Japanese woke us up. If we had stopped Hitler earlier, there wouldn’t have been so much collateral damage.

It is right to stop Hamas NOW! What else should Israel they do? Should Israel ALLOW Hamas to continue to kill the Israel innocent victims?

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Thank you for this episode as always, and yes, some of it was hard to hear. What I would love to see is a huge gathering of Jewish and Palestinian people marching while linking arms to show that this isn't an "or" situation; it's an "and.". Yes Isreal was the victim of a brutal terrorist attack AND their response is disproportionate. Slaughtering innocent civilians by the thousands is never acceptable. Netanyahu is the biggest obstacle to peace and he always has been. Regarding Joe Biden, I do get upset that people don't see how much worse it could be. I do believe, regardless of his gaffes, that he genuinely cares about people. He's also walking an incredibly fine line here, and with his experience, I am really glad he's at the helm. Like Hamas in 2006, if Trump is elected , there may not be another election.

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An inspiring event, a needed witnessing provided. That day I sat in traffic attempting to enter the Manhattan Bridge that was slowed by the closure of the Brooklyn Bridge, I assumed the cause and was overjoyed at the inconvenience! Today I wrote Biden for the nth time, signed a petition from Rashida Tlaib, donated to her, listened to your podcast and shared with my family. All small acts but in my defense, I’m a 78 years old, Jewish Vietnam Vet and a progressive Democrat. We seniors must hold our defensive positions because finally reinforcements are on the way, the youth of our world. I hope we can find a way to elect a Democrat president but not one named Joe Biden. I’m tired of a lifetime of being a captive audience for corporate Dems who stay just to the left of the horrid GOP.

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Yes yes president Carter wrote a book years ago , describing the the situation as Apartheid , that Israel has been imposing on the Palestinians,,,he got a lot of criticism for that , but he did the right thing …

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I wholeheartedly support this podcast and you, Michael. We are of one mind. I also support the criticism of President Biden. War and violence have not solved anything. It never will. There is a peaceful solution to this horrible and unjust situation.

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Hamas leader Khaled Mashal is worth $5 billion. Yet the people of Gaza are impoverished and used as human shields. An inconvenient truth .

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The blame for civilian deaths in Gaza rests on Hamas. They slaughtered Israelis. They started this round of hostilities. They are holding hostages. They vow to destroy Israel and kill Jews. Peace is great but Hamas doesn’t want peace. Also, where is the denunciation of Arab countries for all their crimes against humanity? I stand with Israel.

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Sorry to see Mike’s apparent bias towards those supporting the destruction of Israel. Liberals (and I am one) want to show they are for the oppressed - but their far left-wing support for Palestinians ties them to supporting the Hamas terrorists. Where is their outrage against the Hamas invasion of Israel? Where is the outrage against the kidnapping of children, the elderly and civilians? Where is their outrage at Hamas for shielding itself in hospitals and residential areas? Where is their outrage against Chinese treatment of their Muslim population? Where is their outrage against the Russian invasion of Ukraine? The far left outrage of Israel’s actions is, simply, selective and anti-semitic. War is hell. Israel did not start this war. Civilian deaths are a terrible consequence of war - just look at the civilian deaths during WWII, and any sane person abhors that. Hitler and the Nazis tried to exterminate the Jewish race and Germans paid the price in our bombing campaigns. Hamas is trying to exterminate the Jewish people and destroy the state of Israel, and Palestinians are now unfortunately paying the price.

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I’m proud to see young people support justice for the Palestinians, as I marched 50 years ago in support of the Vietnamese people. We must stand strong for our oppressed brothers and sisters!

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No more war or fossil fuels!

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By thumbing his nose at Anthony Blinken and at the Biden administration on their tepid suggestion for a PAUSE to allow humanitarian aid, Bibi Netanyahu is essentially losing 2024 for Biden. Netanyahu and the hardline Zionists (not moderate Jews) are taking the unwavering support of the president for granted and as license to kill. As license to flout international law. How can we call Israel the ONLY DEMOCRACY in the Middle East when it’s a glaring apartheid state as former President Carter wrote in his book “Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid?” Should we henceforth preface Israel with the Apartheid moniker like we did with Apartheid South Africa, like Apartheid Israel? Wrong is wrong no matter who does it!

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I am so torn over this issue. The way the Israel was attacked was so horrendous i can understand the reaction. My heart breaks for ALL the civilians that are dying and being injured. There is gonna have to be a point where there is a ceasefire but i dont think thats gonna happen as long as rockets keep flying into Israel and Netanyahu is running things.

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I ask everyday: why not demand release of Israeli hostages? It would stop the bombing. Hamas needs to comply.

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Coincidently, I'm also born in 1947. Not so surprisingly, I agree. I don't know the path to peace, but I do feel sure that 'Bibi' is not a part of it. He's got to go ASAP.

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First of all there is no Palestine. There are Palestinians. You should really read up on your history. An no one wants collective war against innocents. But it appears you really do not read very much.

The Palestinians were offered a 2 state peaceful solution at least 4 times. Do you understand that HAMAS does not want that. They want Israel gone. That is their dead stop. They have never wanted a 2 state solution. They use their own people as shields and believe they are martyrs to die, so for them, that is OK, if the end result is the total destruction of Israel. They have plenty of food, fuel and medicine, in their tunnels, but that does not " fit " with their cause. Their cause is for more to die and thus more antisemitism. Look around, it is working big time. They are winning this war and you are helping them. How do you look at yourself in the mirror.

Joe Biden is not the President of Israel and stirring up people to not vote for him is absurd. You think Trump will be good to the Muslims in America. He wanted an outright ban! He wants to pull Palestinians visa's or terminate their green cards. This is who you are now promoting.

When 9/11 came, would we have listened to the PM of Great Britain is they said, not to go to war? Were Iraq citizens killed who were innocents. Of course they were. It is the unfortunate issue with all war.

The Israeli people will decide what to do about Netanyahu. But that is their rights in a democracy.

Just curious as an Irish Catholic, what about WW2. Where was the citizens of Poland, Austria, Germany, as 2/3 of European Jews were brutally butchered and burned? They turned the other cheek.

No one is turning the other cheek on Gaza. But the People in GAZA need to rise up and say enough. They need to waiver the white flag to Israel and say, get HAMAS out of our land. But they are not! Hamas recruits them at 5 years old and teaches them to hate all Jews. Teaches them to die as a hero for everlasting life, is the goal.

Hamas got 1 Billion from Qatar. Did it go to their starving people? No, it went to them to plan this atrocity.

And yet, you ask Israel to lay down their weapons and be killed. To be eliminated as a State. To me, that is loud and clear you are an antisemitic. Easy to be when you are Irish Catholic an likely never lost anyone in the Holocaust. You likely never had a moment of someone wanting you dead because of her religious beliefs.

Why not go to Israel if you are so committed to Peace. Go watch the video the IDF is sharing with people on how they burned up children, raped, cut arms off and filmed it with joy while doing it. Do you know there are 400 people they assume dead, but cannot identify as so badly burned? What about that collective brutality.

I used to think you were an intellectual. Now, I think you are simplistic in your logic. List to Tom Friedman, listen to President Obama, listen to the word of the last Simon Perez. Watch the documentary of his life. And most of all, learn history.

Now I know why they did not want you as part of the Film Festival. TC does not support antisemitic's.

Quick history lesson:

1) Before the modern Israel state, there was a British mandate, not a Palestinian state.

2) Before the British mandate

The Ottoman Empire existed, not the Palestinian state.

3) Before the Ottoman Empire, there was a fully Islamic state of Egypt, not the Palestinian state.

4) Before the Islamic State of Egypt, the Empire of Ayubid existed, not the Palestinian state. Gofri IV of Bolansky, known as Godfrey de Bullion, conquered Jerusalem in 1099.

5) Before the Empire of Ayubid there was the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem, not the Palestinian state.

6) Before the Kingdom of Jerusalem there were Umayad and Fatimid empires, not the Palestinian state.

7) Before the empires of the Umaid and Fatimid, there was the Byzantine Empire, not the Palestinian state.

Before the Byzantine Empire, there was the Roman Empire, not the Palestinian state.

9) Before the Roman Empire, the Hasmone state existed, not the Palestinian state.

10) Before the state of Hashmansk, it was a Selbakid state, not the Palestinian state.

11) Before the Slavic Empire, the empire of Alexander Macedonia existed, not the Palestinian state.

12) Before the empire of Alexander of Macedonia, the Persian Empire existed, not the Palestinian state.

13) Before the Persian Empire, the Babylonian Empire existed, not the Palestinian state.

14) Before the Empire of Babylon there were kingdoms of Israel and Judea was not the Palestinian state.

15) Before the kingdoms of israel and Judah was the kingdom of israel , not the state of Palestine.

16) Before the Kingdom of israel there was a theocracy of twelve tribalism of israel , not of the Palestinian state.

17) Before the the theocracy of twelve generations of israel , there was an agglomeration of independent Canaan cities, not the Palestinian state.

In fact, in this corner of the earth there was everything except the Palestinian state.

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