Thanks, Michael. Your efforts are tireless! I forwarded this to everyone.

I admit that, when I saw the title of this latest podcast, I sighed and thought, "Oh no, Michael. I can't. It's sickening. It's never gonna end. No one listens." Well, I was about to open a week's worth of mail then fold wash so I figured I'd play it. Now I'm passing it along to you because even if we only listen, only recommit, only mention it to a friend, only pray, only empathize, only recognize we're still outraged will there be hope that someday change will come no matter how long it takes.

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Thanks Michael. Have you read the article on the Intercept? Chief Davis participated in training in/with

Israeli police. This is another case of the "School of the Americas." Remember how the men from Colombia and Nicaraugua would come up here to the School of the Americas?

This is terrifying, Atlanta, the Red ..... and now her The Scorpions. oh my god. Thank you so much.

Julie, an 82 year old Quaker grandmother, who is European American, and descended from enslavers. Very moving.

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Mike, I really appreciate your candid and real assessment. I truly believe the whole system of policing is the issue. Lots of folks get upset when defunding the police is encouraged. What do you do with a system that was actually created to hunt down run away slaves and has grown into police forces that are full of corruption. I believe we need to dismantle the whole system. I do feel for the good cops. We need good decent police officers to protect our communities. Unfortunately, I believe corruption and criminality is rampant and the only way to correct it is to rebuild the whole policing model in this country.

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Dear Michael, as other subscribers who are commenting are doing, I have begun sharing this episode with many people, in this country and as far and wide as my family and friends in Kenya. You have powerfully articulated what needs to be said and what needs to be understood, deeply understood.

The powers that be would like to think that we the people will not ever ask, “What are they not telling us?” That we the people will never ask “What is taking place just outside the camera’s view?” And that we will never ask “Why?”

Most of all they would like to think that we will never try to connect the shards we are given to the bigger picture.

You’ve done all of this here and in so doing have empowered a multitude.

Thank you.

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Joy Reid from MSNBC, made me realize several years ago that I could never understand what having black skin really was as far as fear from so many things in our Society. How could I have gone so many years without that enlightenment? I gasped when you said that Tyre had Crohn's Disease as he had survived so much already! Thank you for your outstanding outline of what we don't know. As hard as this was to listen to, I always want to hear what education you are going to give me...I guess no matter how painful. May Tyre's life bring major change in this country!

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To the media,

Please stop broadcasting Trumps comments and speeches.

Trump manipulated people into participating in a violent insurrection to take over the government of the United States.

Anytime Trump speaks publicly, it is for his own benefit.

He is trying to gain approval with the public in hopes that his next insurrection will succeed.

Doesn't that make you concerned????

When his followers hear or see him in the media it boosts their confidence in him and makes them more apt to do what he wants them to do.

Every time you put one of Donald Trumps speeches or comments out to the public, you are participating in Trumps next insurrection attempt.

Please, with all due respect 

Stop giving Trump a megaphone.

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Feb 6, 2023·edited Feb 6, 2023

I did not watch the videos -- purposely -- and I can only take so much of the descriptions. I have made it to the 30-minute mark and had to pause to think. I think it was both interesting and telling to use the image of the execution of VC officer Nguyễn Văn Lém. We are not being fair to ourselves or anyone else by leaving out context. Context does NOT make this defensible; only explicable.

Nguyễn Văn Lém's public execution came at the start of the horrendously vicious Tet Offensive. Once horrendous violence, mayhem, and murder starts, it is hard to find a sane limit to it. Do you recall the US helicopter gunner who threatened to open fire on Calley's troops at My Lai? HIS OWN forces.

In this case the context is Memphis. I know almost nothing about the place, but judging by this incident, it must resemble a war zone. At least, it must have the psychological impact of one on the minds of many who live there.

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I too cried. Hot bitter tears. I couldn't, wouldn't look at the video. Why would I?. Again, again, and again. It never fuckin ends. It hurts my soul every time there's " news" about another unessisary DEATH. Parents losing children. Children losing parents. Siblings losing siblings. Potential beautiful people all gone

All gone. Sigh

The end

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Thank you Michael for uncovering the lies and for adding more perspective to this and similar stories. I am heartbroken for Tyre and for all lives lost and crippled by the brutality in our society. Your heartfelt words and film making know how are invaluable. I’ll will forward to everyone I can.

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"never look away"

This reminds me (ok - off topic) when HIV/AIDS hit hard - as an RN - to provide care/love/compassion and never look away. I've had my heart broken in so many ways as a nurse and I would never stop caring.

I've had to stop a security guard (in the 1970's Alaska) from "blowing away" a psychiatric patient who was threatening me. He was never allowed on my floor carrying a weapon during my shift - it helped to be in charge.

For now - a total overhaul is needed - the "system" is rigged against every marginalized person.

And hell yes - we need the entire content of every video!

I'm more than disgusted by the paramedics who failed to render any aid - you are not worthy of being any part of my tribe!

Tyre - we WILL make sure your life was not taken in vain - you will never be forgotten.

Decarcerate now!

And - thank you Michael for your good heart.

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Biden calls for police officers to be retrained: ‘Why should you always shoot with deadly force?’ America the violent. 🥷🏻

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Thank you, Michael, I have missed your words of wisdom. I agree, each and everyone of us has to make the effort. We don't need "law enforcement' we need peace keeping assistance. This targeting of young men and specifically young men of color has continued way too long. I was fighting it in the sixties and seventies when the Sheriff's Department targeted any male with long hair, dark skin, "hippy' clothing, peace signs on their vehicles. It never ends, and won't until enough people rise up and demand government of ALL THE PEOPLE by ALL THE PEOPLE, and for ALL THE PEOPLE. And recognize that ALL is inclusive, not just certain genders, certain skin color, certain religious beliefs, certain wealth, certain position, certain occupation, certain sexual orientation ALL means ALL. You don't have to like or love everyone, you just have to accept their right to equal existence.

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Let's accurately call those police what they really truly are: the Einsatzgruppen.

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Now I'm crying!

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Again and again, seeming to never end, we fight a civil war for justice and the simple basic right for life and the liberty not to be persecuted because of skin color. If it’s not the color of skin, it’s the choice of religion or beliefs or the gender we’re born with. There’s no sense to it, no reason, no cause except our ignorance and propensity for hate and violence. We blindly destroy one another, take the lives of millions, of any age, practically anywhere and still, still, we have not learned, if not love, then simple tolerance and respect for all beings. I came into this life at a time the world was at war, the carnage incomprehensible, from babies to the aged ones none were spared. From the cauldrons of the camps to the battlefields, cities and nations destroyed. And why? No goddamn reason really. Ignorance, hatred and fear ruled the day and so it continues with us, day after day, year after year and where it ends nobody knows. I contend that at the root of our insane actions, from the Native American genocide to the police murder of Tyre Nichols, for NO reason, it is ignorance and the cognizant insistence not to correct it that drives this perpetual madness. The epitaph of humankind?

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So deeply moving - thank you so very much. This was church for me today. May we each have the courage a dedication, like you, to do our part to stand up and stop this horror.

So much of what you said in this episode - so many of the details - I did not know.

Bless you!! Deep bows of thanks.

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