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Harassment and intimidation Part 1

Symbolism plays a significant role during the whole period of campaign of terror. Wearing dark sunglasses by men who were displaying certain facial expressions such as stern look, using dogs, and black vehicles are among a few tactics used to delivering threatening messages with intention of creating insecure living environment that can have devastating psychological impact. The following examples demonstrate this point.

Example 1

No matter what time of the day I left home in Niagara Falls, a woman was walking a dog across my house. For example, she was there when I left home at 6 am, 2 pm, or 6 pm …!

Example 2

After an intense period of harassment in Niagara Fall, Ontario, we decided to move to Kitchener hoping that the harassment and intimidation would stop, but as it turned out I was wrong!

On July 20, 2018, I was going out with my family. In the lobby of our newly rented apartment in Kitchener, we encountered an overweight woman who was walking three small dogs one of which was black. The black dog was kept barking only at me! My first impression was that the dog was reacting to a stranger, so I dismissed it. However, this unpleasant encounter became a recurring scene. Whenever I was coming or leaving home, regardless of the time or night, I encountered the same dog sitter! Sometimes she hastily moving the dogs along side me and entered the elevator with me. I have no doubt that she was instructed to do so. This happens in a building in which dogs are not allowed!

Example 3

We were approaching the back entrance of the building shortly after we moved in. Using the building back door is the nearest entrance to the parking lot. I noticed a rather tall man who had black hair standing near the entrance with a leashed big black dog. He was staring at me with a stern face. He was standing very closely to the door along with his dog. My heart sank as I knew we had been followed here as well. I did no dare to share my feeling with my family as I was worried that they would be frightened.

On Sep. 15, 2018, when I was coming home, I saw the same man who was again wearing dark sunglasses standing outside the back entrance of the building with his big black dog. However, this time, he was staring at me and smiling at the same time.

Example 4

A Spanish man with a black dog was also clearly staring at me when I saw him. On one occasion, he was staring so intensely and getting so close to my car that I had to talk to him about it.

Example 5

A young white man who appears to have down syndrome was a frequent encounter in the elevator with his big white dog. Sometimes he looked at me in a strange way!! At other times, he behaved normally. That means he does not seem to have a down syndrome. His contradictory behaviours show that he was instructed and acting. I just avoided interacting with him.

Example 6

Two overweight women who appeared to be a mother and daughter were walking a white fluffy dog individually. They did not appear to be threating me in any way. They were regular occurrence for some time.

On one occasion, when I was coming home late at night, I saw the young woman walking the same fluffy dog around the back entrance of my building. As she saw me, she started walking towards the entrance. I pretended that I forgot something, so I returned to the parking lot to avoid entering the building with her. Then, instead of the back entrance, I went around to the building and tried to enter from the main entrance. To my surprise, the young woman was standing in the lobby. Then, as soon as she saw me, she rushed to the entrance door where I was about to enter. She kept the door half opened and literally blocked the entrance by standing there and talking to the female security guard.

On another occasion, I saw the older woman at night with the same fluffy white dog. The threating dog sitter who was walking three small dogs was also outside. Both of them close to the entrance door. The fluffy white dog owner approached the threatening dog sitter and started talking to her. As soon as the black dog started barking at me, the white fluffy dog moved towards it and started growling. The black dog was frightened and became silent!

To be continued…

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Can't wait to catch this podcast Michael, but I have to tell you, Walt Whitman loved everybody, even the Confederates and their "most worthless cause." (General Ulysses S. Grant)

Who else is like that? Why you, Mr. Moore! And we love you, too.

We are born of a man and a woman, and love our parents and brothers and sisters and friends the same, especially those who transgender or identify with neither.

We are human beings with the same feelings, emotions and need to love and be loved.

Please keep doing what you're doing, Michael. I pray God keep you everyday.

Glad you took time for yourself as a couple people had suggested. We need you.

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As you were talking about being asked to leave the seminary, I was thinking you must have really screwed up big time! Just couldn't stop smiling (still can't) that you didn't belong because you asked too many questions.

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If guns were banned for domestic violence offenders we probably wouldn’t be talking about gun violence anymore.

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It really sure how that’s would corelate with school shootings, but I am guessing they’d be less too

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