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To Merrick Garland,  DOJ

We are a democracy based on the RULE OF LAW

Trump and all of his insurrection accomplices and all congressional leaders who support Trump's attempt to overthrow the government of the United States MUST BE PROSECUTED FOR TREASON.

If they are not PROSECUTED then democracy is gone in the United States.

(Pass it on)

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Just sent this to my three college grandchildren. The young voters must carry this message across the country. Women are depending upon all of us to preserve their equality and their right to choose.

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I'm on it! As a sufferer of GAD I have a choice: hide inside my four walls or gird my so-called loins and get out there! So I made a commitment with Kansans for Constitutional Freedom (a mouthful when you're introducing yourself!) and made calls into Kansas two weeks (five times) before their election. Yes, I was cursed twice but also spoke to some awesome people. Wish I could tell you about some of these conversations. So I'm really celebrating this success.

If I can do it, you can do it, right? The last time I phoned in was Sunday before their Tuesday election and there were 119 of us in that zoom room, from all over the US. You get a thorough training and then off you go, sitting comfortably at home. Looking forward to doing it again, in other states, after a tiny rest and back-pat!

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I would love to help. My district is so RED it bleeds. I moved to Georgia from Illinois in 1992. Some of the neighbors have Confederate flags in their yards. They wouldn't listen to me if their homes were on fire. At least my kids listen to me.

Meathead(dumpf) must be PROSECUTED! He is so disgusting I hate to say his name.

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The only demographics in America that reliably opposes abortion access is older men. 🤠

“Yes we Kansas” 🗳 #VoteBlue for democracy!

"Roe, Roe, Roe Your Vote"

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Hi Mike,

I'm with you all the way. Have followed you since Roger and Me. My sister lives in Flint and you may know her or know of her. She and her husband were big in liberal Democratic fund-raising, back in the day, and were friends of people who you knew, I'm sure.

I enjoy all of your posts, but this one, in particular, resonated with me. I had been thinking along the lines of "drinking the Kool-Aid," too. Interesting expression that has become part of the language, btw. I'm glad you did the numbers b/c I was starting to think that the Kool-Aid drinkers were outnumbering us.

There's only one small thing - a quibble, really, because I used to be a copy editor and couldn't help noticing - when you're using the word "bawling" to mean "crying," it's spelled the way I just spelled it :)

Thanks for all your good work. I know you'll never stop fighting the good fight and I appreciate it.

Susan Bramson

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Dear Michael,

Please keep up and spread the word on your "ROE-VEMBER 8TH" bit. As a marketer of over half a century, having founded and managed real estate and mortgage companies, I know branding well. You've a hit here. I left the message below on my Substack account the day you introduced the concept. You're always good. This time even better.

Judy Columbus


M: 585.330.2565

H: 585.473.0567

My Substack message follows:

With yet another brilliant, focused idea, Michael in today’s Substack refers to our upcoming election day as “Roe-vember 8th.”

Experiencing Kansas’ result yesterday, brings hope for similar outcomes in other states, as Roe becomes the issue which nets us majorities in the Senate and House.

Two wins! Choice was 60/40 AND half of registered voters turned out, approaching Kansas’ 2010 GENERAL election numbers.

Use Moore’s creative/effective messaging wherever possible…and spread the word.

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Wow, your imagery is powerful and visceral. Forced birth did it for me. Now that image of women's body parts nailed to a Christian cross brings it home. Use your words Micheal Moore. The truth is that abortion was never a mandate. No woman was forced to have an abortion. Forcing women to give birth is some kind of medieval overlord crap. These midterms loom large.

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For a meager donation to. move on.org. , one can get a ROE ROE, ROE YOUR VOTE CAR STICKER!

I’ve already ordered mine and can’t wait for it to arrive! I’m hoping Missouri women follow their neighboring state of Kansas !

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Love "Roevember!!"

Suggestion: Make Roevenber a Song and Sing out loud! (tune: See you in September)

"See you in Roevember

See you when the summer's through

Here we are ..."

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"Kee[ it legal to keep it safe" has been my mantra since the early 70's when I was a young nurse in the ER caring for so many acutey ill women who sat at home for too long fearing legal repercussions and medical bills. So many died from sepsis after a botched back alley abortion, We can''t go back! Morbidity and mortality dropped over 90% when it became legal and safe.

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Trump's rise to power in 2016 was a real kick in the head for Democrats. Some of us got up and started fighting back and still are! Yet other Dems decided they would just get used to being kicked in the head. I ask my family and friends, "with our democracy at stake, which one will YOU be?"

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Hallelujah brother! And I’m an atheist… but I love the cry! Thank you

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Sending to everyone!

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This article was shared with me and other family members by my sister. After reading it, I am committing to the two suggestions Mike is making. And, I became a paid subscriber! We can do this people!

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