Michael, not a cold night here in Arizona but all alone as well when I clicked on your link and felt the warmest, coziest feeling hearing you talk to me (us). You have been MY HERO since I read Here Comes Trouble...you are one of a kind, Love, Janet

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O Canada! O Yoko! O sirens! O solitude! O socialism! O Beatles! O Spring!

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I LIKE listening to you.

Your podcast is the ONLY one I do listen to!

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I really enjoyed this podcast -- as I do all the Rumbles. Mike, though you did not mention it, I'm sure the disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, is in your thoughts. And the revelations that FOX news staff KNEW they were lying to their viewers -- via documented evidence presented in the Dominion case. Saying that makes me REALLY look forward to the next few Rumbles.

I appreciated the words about how tough this time of year can be on our mental health. I admire what Senator Fetterman did. I find myself on many days -- now that I'll be reaching 70 -- feeling more sad than I've ever felt in my life. It's like in The Sound of Music, when Liesl Von Trapp finds out that Rolf is a Nazi. I have a sibling who is a Christian nationalist -- a real fascist at heart -- and it breaks my heart every time I dwell on that fact.

But then, there is so much good in the world too. I'm getting ready to start a small garden, and am looking forward to seeing the seeds sprout and start to grow. This, among many other things to be thankful for.

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Most Japanese names have a meaning. Yoko's (洋子) is "ocean child."

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Michael's freewheelin' podcast today, (I won't presume to call him M&M), reached and touched me on both an emotional and an intellectual level.

I just wanted to respond here to his initial topic. It was so intimate and deeply personal, it inspired me. As a widow living alone and recently diagnosed with MS, I've been learning to cope with this strange and new part of my life. Michael's reflections gave me insights and keys on how to keep moving forward in life. They will be worth my remembering them.

Thank you, Michael.



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I have faith in this country, and the majority of it's people are not the lunatics one hears so much about. I often wonder if I will live long enough to see the 'haters' take a back seat, and kindness and empathy reign again. There will always be 'haters', of course, but I look forward to when it is looked upon with disdain, as it should.

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Putin will only stop when it looks like his government has had enough of him and starts pushing back

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Winter can be depressing, Michael, especially if one is older and lives alone. It's almost that time when those tiny chartreuse shoots appear at the end of tree branches. I'm noticing how it's not totally dark at 6:15! Those are a couple of signs that keep me going and, oh yes, important people in my life who show they care for me. What's outside that hopefulness and insulation comes and becomes history. Thanks, for being someone I can identify with and for help in putting everything in perspective! 🙏

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This podcast brought me to tears for all of its beauty. Thank you Michael Moore for your loving kindness to this world! I love that you realize your podcast/ writing is not all for nothing. That’s not even a possibility. Ever.

Ps a) I grew up in Canada b ) I have a 9 year old cat named Yoko Ono! And c) I absolutely love your voice💕

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Mike- I can't tell you how I have loved your films, commentary and amazing spirit and fire in fighting for the common man. I want to say just a few things:

1. Waiting for spring is hard - I live in a cold, snowy place. I make myself move my body every day, it helps.

2. YES - PLEASE, please, please get Yoko on Rumble! And thanks for emphasizing the truth of the Beatles.

3. We need somehow to improve the critical thinking skills of our populace, seems one of the most powerful ways to bring our country, and perhaps the world, back to a more sane existence.

4. Yes, we do need to find a 3rd way, the best of socialism and capitalism. Compassionate Capitalism? I'm with you, there has GOT to be humans out there smart enough to figure this out.

Thanks for all you do Mike. Don't ever stop!

OH YOKO!! That love story brings me hope for my own love story to happen some day. At 65, time's a wastin'! HA!

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Enjoyed sharing your evening...dark stormy and cold...doesn't matter...you made my day a little better! Stay warm ...you are not alone and so appreciated!!!

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Your story and thoughts followed mine on this cold rainy day in Seattle. Thanks for your dedication towards humanity and speaking to us humanly, lovingly. Your perspective and perseverance to continue a conversation with liked minds and hearts does not go unnoticed.

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If the war that Russia launched on Ukraine stalls into a stalemate, that will be a loss for Russia. The courageous (magnanimous) thing that Ukraine could do is to offer a reasonable concession or two. It's also the smart thing because it will further spread the cracks that are now appearing in the Kremlin. Make no mistake: Russia does NOT have the forces to OCCUPY Ukraine if and when they ever "conquer" it.

Highly suggest reading The Atlantic article: "They Didn't Understand Anything, But Just Spoiled People's Lives.," by Anne Applebaum and Nataliya Gumenyuk. People in Ukraine have been living lives of RELATIVE freedom and democracy -- compared to Russia since 1990. The Russian invaders are not prepared to understand or deal with the civic leadership of the towns they have been occupying. The article presents that tremendous insight.

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WWIII started 9 years ago when Russia annexed Crimea using the same logic as Hitler when he annexed the Sudatenland. Despite our guarantees of Ukraine’s territorial integrity in exchange for nuclear weapons, Obama chose to appease Putin a la Neville Chamberlain. We chose to ignore the threat until the actual Russian invasion took place.

Russia is conducting a genocidal war, claiming that Ukraine does not really exist. Tens of thousands of Ukrainians have been killed. Putin revived deportation a la Stalin and tens of thousands of women and children have been deported to Siberia, to destroy Ukrainian language and culture.

If US support ended today, Ukraine would still have no choice but to fight. It’s a fight for their very survival.

You should also remember that Russia and the US tried to impose a solution on Israel. Israel simply ignored them. There is no solution until Ukraine says there is.

Like America’s imperial wars, the war in Ukraine will end when Russia is simply exhausted. We can either speed that up or let it drag on and on indefinitely.

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