Michael, we are all thankful for you. Your determination and convictions. You keep us fighting the good fight for justice and humanity.


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Not only am I thankful for you and the work you’ve always done, I’m so damn thankful you used my song today! 🥰 (“Thank Someone”, songwriters Sarah Durkee and Paul Jacobs) You made our day!

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Thank you for all you've done, are doing and will do, Michael. Blessings!

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I'm so grateful for you, Michael!! You are a true patriot and I'm so thankful this country has you to lead us in this fight for justice! Hope you have a peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving! ❤️

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Thank you! Keep people in your heart. A word of wisdom. Reach out to someone and check in. They may need that more than you will ever know.

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Michael, Happy Thanksgiving. Please keep your voice strong and clear to the nation. You are our voice of reason and hope. This is the most wonderful country in the world and we need to work in whatever we we can, to nurture and build so that it remains always a beacon for the rest of the world to follow. Love and regards.

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Michael……the World is thankful for you and to your parents for bringing you to us. And I might add,

Flint, as it may have been the springboard that set all in motion. We are in a better place because of your work. Carry on …….we are pushing behind you. The work is not done.

ROEVEMBER happened……..because of the women, young voters and people of color.

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Michael, thank you for boosting our spirits and reminding us that we really do have the power to make positive change. A lot of the time, it is easy for us to forget that power. Someone once said that the way we give up our power is by thinking we don't have any. She was right.

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During the election runup, I listened to you with hope and determination. You have proved that you look at the real data from the population / bottom's up as people sometimes refer to it. All this is to say that I'm truly thankful for you, Michael, and your contrary but raw truthisms (is that even a word?). Please keep up all that you do. A satisfied paid subscriber. Mark Berger

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I find myself saying "Thank you, HaShem." dozens and dozens of times each and every day. It has almost become like a mantra -- whereas years ago, I would just cuss. I thank the pandemic for this. It gave me lots of time to reflect and see myself more as others see me. In a word, "Ouch."

Spending a very quiet Thanksgiving and Friday with the Mrs. Getting ready to "advance vote" in Georgia next week -- for Reverend Warnock. I am at this moment savoring the look on Ted Cruz's face standing next to Herschel Walker when Walker was talking about his "erection." As the commercial used to say: "Priceless."

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So incredibly thankful on this day that you were RIGHT about the elections. We dodged a very bad bullet. 2024 will be interesting…Happy Holidays! Stay the course!

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Happy Thanksgiving to you Michael!

I will listen to the Rumble podcast as I make the pineapple raisin sauce for the ham!

So happy you are doing the podcasts again! Have listened to every single one! Sometimes I listen to the twice!

Have a wonderful day! Hope you have fully recovered from Covid!


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Hi Michael, first off, I think I've listened to every Rumble and this is the second time you've praised ice cream. The first time you credited it with giving you faith in the human race (or something like that!) and now you claim it's proof of God's existence -- and I agree! In fact, it stands out as the one thing you've said that's touched my heart the most out of all 260 episodes. Anyway, I decided to go it alone for Thanksgiving this year as well, even though wonderful people invited me to celebrate with them. On this day of gratitude, enjoying the solitude makes it easier to recognize how much we have to be grateful for, like friends, family, the potential for peace in the world -- and -- ice cream. Happy Thanksgiving!

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I taught American History for 20 years at a Community College. Thank you for all you do - you are a teacher, too.

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Falling Up

I hated summer.

Latch key child at eleven,

lonely vacations

made me long for fall

and schoolyard buddies.

Could not wait

to be back in class;

cafeteria food

my teachers cheerful face

chats while walking home.

School was life

sustaining, encouraging,

accepting a girl

otherwise ignored.

I survived and prospered.

SD 8-28-2022

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Happy thanksgiving. It is all about giving thanks.

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