Mike, further to what you and Peter Hotez have to say, I offer this question to the anti-vaxers:

If you don't trust doctors and science to keep you from getting sick,

then why the hell are you clogging up hospitals trusting them to cure you?

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Prevention is always better than finding a cure.

The smoking gun shows human overpopulation destroy wildlife habitat, together with industrial animal agriculture and #ClimateCrisis resulting in deadly zoonotic pandemics. 😷

The future is either green or not at all 💚 #SustainableLiving

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Great podcast but the audio is hard to hear from Dr Hotez. I wish I could understand what he is saying!

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Merry Christmas Michael.

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Maybe our government would step up their covid response if the next variant originated from the large invaxxed populations of Ohio or Mississippi or another Red state. We would have to call it the Duh variant. It might embarrass Biden into action. Hearing him say in his speech today that we didnt see this coming and that he did not fail in the testing area, made me cringe. Anyway, I always enjoy hearing from Dr Hotez because he doesnt change his message depending on who he is interviewed by.

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Merry Christmas Michael!

Thank you for another informative podcast! Dr. Hotez was fascinating, thank the good lord there men such as him! You are my trusted truth teller! Stay safe!

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Michael, I just listened to the podcast with Dr. Hotez. I think you should have provided us a template paragraph for what to say to our Senators and Congress people about our needing to vaccinate the world and its being in the national interest. Could you write this up and post it for us to use? Best, Peter Schlesinger (Lima, Peru).

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In this podcast you told a story from your 1990 TV show where the network said the winner of a health delivery contest between the US, Canada and Cuba could not be reported because it was Cuba. I volunteer my retirement years to ending the economic war against the Cuban people. Can we get permission to use that clip?

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Just a quick thank you for being uniquely you. Hopefully 2022 will be an improvement???

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Good interview Michael, I suggest testing the audio before you tape because Dr. Hotez' voice trailing off at the end of sentences was very distracting. I watch the doc on all media, and this is the first time I have had a problem understanding him.

Now, I recently watched a video from mid November 2021 of desantis standing in front of a group of people telling them that he will oppose all mandates re: curbing the spread of covid, such as masks, vaccines. Behind him were sycophants, grinning widely. No questions from the audience. I also see on t.v. news now everyday, whipping up a frenzy, showing medical personnel, hospital admins. urging people to vaxx and mask, saying they are overwhelmed. But NEVER have I seen the two opposing views presented together on the same stage. I have not seen desantis standing with hospital admins of his state, telling them that they should (what?) just buck up and turn people away?

I ask President Biden to call all red state govs together with their state's hospital admins to talk to the American people on video. I want to hear the govs defend their "no mitigation" policies, with the hospital staff and admin responding in kind. Also, give equal time to blue state govs and their hospital admins and staff. Let us see the exchange on all media, not just pbs.

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Sorry for the several typos in my kinda long piece. But I think you can probably work through them.

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Michael, me boy. Once again. I have to encourage you to do better homework. Do you know anything about the background and funding of Hotez? Do you even check it out? Or do you only go by credentials and who's acceptable to the woke crowd? Do you not know that he's on Fauci's payroll? And how about the lies he spreads about critics? Here's an example: https://sharylattkisson.com/2021/06/read-dr-peter-hotez-defamation/

Why not bring him back on to debate RFK Jr.? What harm would that do? Let them go at it. Although, as Hotez told Joe Rogan he won't do that because RFK Jr. is an attorney and a good talker. Pretty good excuse, eh?

If you want to give him air time, okay. That's your right. It's your program. But please don't act so self righteous with this issue while throwing nothing but softball questions and comments his way. Are you actually trying to get to the truth of the matter? Or just trying to confirm your biases? Well, to be fair and balanced I guess you're probably planning on hosting Dr. Peter McCullough, or Dr. Robert Malone, or Dr. Pierre Kory, or Dr. Tess Lawrie, or RFK Jr., or Dr. Michael Yeadon, or Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, or Dr. Mattias Desmet , or Dr. David Martin, or Dr. Judy Mikovitz, or Dr. Joseph Mercola, or Del Bigtree, or one of many people who would be a counter play to Hotez' unchallenged propaganda line.

And that's because you are a fair and balanced truth seeker. You want all the facts. You are not scared to interview people who have a different perspective. Right? Probably not.

Because you seem scared.

What happened to you? I used to think that you were a leading voice in challenging the status quo. In challenging the establishment narrative. But you've continued to show that instead you need to confirm and protect that narrative no matter who it hurts.

You're becoming a grandstander. I still like most of your movies. But when you did that grandstand thing in the movie theater pretending to want to know the "real" Trump people, right before you pulled the lever for war criminal Hillary, you started to lose me.

I didn't and I wouldn't have pulled the lever for criminal in that election.

Then you made that doc, "Planet of the Humans" directed by Jeff Gibbs, I thought, good, he's getting his balls back. Was that too much heat to take afterwards from the fundamentalist DNC crowd? So you had to backtrack to get their approval again and join the covid vaccine cult crowd? If you really do question things, then I'll give a slide for the time being assuming that you just haven't been able to put the time in to find out the history of Fauci and the Big Pharma network and all the evil they're connected to. But time is running out for all of us Michael. Read RFK Jr.'s book. I know your scared. But reading the book will ease your fears. Truth always has a way of doing that.

And make sure to watch one of many of the interviews out there with Mattias Desmet and his theory of "Mass Formation". That might help clear things up too.

Or don't do any of it. And just stick to the narrow path that you're on. You've got plenty blind loyalists who appreciate you for confirming what they want to believe.

And I'm sure that all that adulation must feel pretty darn good. And they all must feel pretty darn good to read other comments that confirm what they all want to believe too. It makes for one big happy delusional family.


What Makes A Cult A Cult?

How can you tell if a group is a cult or not? After a recent report about a cat-worshipping, end-times group in Middle Tennessee, we asked cult expert Janja Lalich to explain what makes a cult a cult. “The reality is that there’s just dozens and dozens and hundreds if not thousands of these groups around in our country and everywhere else in the world. Sometimes they’re dangerous, and sometimes they’re not. But they definitely flourish,” said Lalich, who is a professor emerita of sociology at California State University, Chico.

What is a cult?

A cult is a group or movement held together by a shared commitment to a charismatic leader or ideology. It has a belief system that has the answers to all of life’s questions and offers a special solution to be gained only by following the leader’s rules. It requires a high level of commitment from at least some of the members.

How do cults start up?

There’s four dimensions to a cultic group that we see across the board.

1. Charismatic leader: The charismatic leader is the originator of the group. Charismatic leaders are people who are great manipulators, they’re charming. They know how to read people. They come along and offer a message that is going to resonate with somebody. Once they get a few followers that’s all they need and then those people go out, recruit more and they build up an aura around the leader.

2. Transcendent belief system: Most religions and even political groups are going to have a transcendent belief system, meaning they’re stating how to get to some better place. But what’s different in cultic groups is they have their way to get you there. It’s what I call the recipe for change. In order to be part of the group, you have to go through a transformational process, which they dictate to you and you can’t be there otherwise. That’s the indoctrination program.

3. Systems of control: They think they’re joining something that’s going to give them purpose and meaning. Slowly the heat gets turned up and you go through the rituals or the study sessions that get you more and more drawn in. As this process goes on, the person begins to adopt this new worldview that requires new behaviors and which most often requires cutting off from the past. There’s all kinds of control mechanisms, which are the rules and regulations. You’ve got to dress this way.

4. Systems of influence: Then there’s the more subtle influences, which is the peer pressure. Older members will model for the new members how you’re supposed to behave. Before you know it, you’re so enveloped in this other reality that you don’t look to anything else. You don’t allow yourself to be opened to any other explanations. Your mind has completely closed in on this new worldview. So the connections to the belief system is kind of the glue that keeps you there. This is your only hope.

So there ya go, Michael.

Have a nice day and a Happy New year.

Your pal,

Another Mike

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I am not sure what the long term consequences are of long term spike boosting of your immune system every three months.

I have a science background, butI am notaphd virologist, or immune specialist.

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I hope the highly infectious with no virulence means that more people will have natural immunity if we get the high of both, otherwise,a lot of people are going to die.

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The hard part for us is my family was exposed, do you think I can get tested, 15+ centers and they are all booked solid, earliest one was Jan 2nd. I am going to try the hospital to see if they will fit us. In.

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I don’t know if the fentanyl comment was right. I’d like to see actual numbers. Fentanyl is the number one killers of 18-45 year olds. How close is Covid? Is it number 2. Is it in the same ball park?

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