Well here's what I did for myself. Stop looking at the stupid mainstream news. And here's what I'm doing for the election: I have already voted, I talk to everybody I meet to cheer them up, get them to vote, if they're depressed, give 'em a sandwich. We are going to kick butt!

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Why aren’t the democrats running ads warning Americans of the Republicans intentions to cut back on Social Security and Medicare.

Why aren’t they boasting about what they are doing about prescription drugs to remind people that these are the kinds of things Democrats do for people. They are not reminding people enough about how bad it will be for the average man under the evil intentions of the republicans on so many issues.

I don’t think the Democrats are making their case forcefully enough. Not nearly. I wish they could come across with the kind of enthusiasm that you do.

I always feel better when I listen to your podcasts or read your articules.

I feel motivated.

Thank you.

Gloria G.

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I was listening to the Reverend Al Sharpton today who shared he visited 3 African American churches in Georgia today and 90% of the folks had already voted! I wonder if those folks were part of a poll? Stacy Abrams was his guest and reported African American voting thus far has exceeded 2018 numbers. Folks are fired up! I agree with Mike, we need to do our part. I finished writing letters for Vote Forward today while on an hour long zoom meeting with some other fired up letter writers. I also sent texts today for the League of Women Voters. We can do this!

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Mike, this is Tom from Marietta, Georgia. I was born and raised in Michigan, spent nearly a decade in the Navy (Vietnam service in the early 70s), and moved to Georgia in the early 80s. All this time, I've been working to help turn Georgia more blue.

Our county (Cobb) went for Hillary in 2016 and Biden in 2020. It's mostly white and "conservative," but highly educated. But the way that Cobb has been "mapped in" with Cherokee and Bartow counties, it ensures that every House race is not competitive. This is true of MANY districts in the nation, DESPITE the fact that we outnumber "them" by millions.

Don't get me wrong, I love and appreciate the "tsunami" missives you've been sending. Thank you!

Today our only son called us and informed us that he voted for Kemp for governor and effing Barry Loudermilk for House. (He could not vote for Herschel Walker.) But, nonetheless, our hearts are broken. "Son, your wife is Ukrainian, and these Republicans are getting ready to cut nearly all aid to Ukraine -- you know that, right?" <silence>

I need a few days to get myself back together.

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Oh hell yes!!! The "media" want us to just "chill" - to be "disheartened" - we are MADE for this and let's keep the focus! THANK YOU!!!!

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Remeber "Fear attracts just lie faith" .... Where do you want to put your energy? We need to beileve in Mike, take action! Vote and spread the word! If you need cheerleaders watch Barbara Arnwine from Freedom Riders to Freedom Readers and Kimberlé Crenshaw at minute 45 of the Friday Oct 21st show. DemocracyNow.org These 2 Black women rock it! And remember Kansas? Who would have thought we'd all want to be like Kansas? The night before the election the leaders of the "keep abortion legal" contingent didn't know what would happen because the republicans played dirty ...but people, and lots of newly registered women, voted en masse! Watch and read all the amazing things happening right now - don't give your power to media scare tactics! If we stand and VOTE together we have the POWER!

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Tomorrow is the last day to register to vote (to vote in this election) in California. My family in Michigan and California and friends all over are all democrats, registered and voting. My one and only conquest was a family member who was “afraid to vote wrong” in the past so he didn’t vote. My goal was to get him registered by tomorrow. Done. We discussed what an ectopic pregnancy was. He is absolutely voting on the abortion issue. I explained that Republicans have promised a total ban on abortion at the national level and even if he didn’t like Gavin Newsom, perhaps he could vote blue this time and save any Republican votes for NEXT time. He promised to vote. I made him pinky swear. My only challenge is complete.

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Mike: as you requested, I tried going to your website to tell you what I am going to do for the Vote but for some reason I could not get there. So, I am writing it here. At 85, housebound I have little ability to go door to door or hand out flyers, etc. I do have a team of health care professionals who take care of me and are mostly Mexican-Americans. I remind them daily that they must vote and not only they must vote but they have to engage their husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles and cousins to Vote. Don't worry they well know who I want them to vote for. I explain what is on the line for them and their children's future. I point out to them that the Republicans are telling therm what

they plan to do once they are in power - like taking away Social Security; abolishing abortion, curtailing Obamacare; etc., etc. etc. Each and every one of these folks is a citizen. Not only are they citizens they are the cream of the crop of Americans who have and still do work hard, have raised children with Master's Degrees in teaching, social services, etc. They will vote. I have already mailed my own ballot. What else can I do?

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Hell, man. We've been with you, all along. Don't much have the energy for more faith. Only thing left: to action!!

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My heart aches and my brain bleeds.. I was one of those people that were swept into politics by president Obama and it seems like I've been on a downhill slide ever since.This is a tough part of politics, I know. But our democracy is at stake and there are just so many days that I feel like almost every other person besides those that are really paying attention are just voting out of tribalism and it scares to s*** out of me.

I live in Iowa and worked my way up through the party And in 2016 there was just such a huge amount of infighting that I tried to walk away a couple of times. I just couldn't stay away.

I have lost a lot of gumption since trump won office because I just watched watch so many family and friends turn in turned into cult worshippers of trump. I still can't even pull most of them away. We have some really great candidates and I was this year and I'm working really hard to get Admiral Franken ( against Grassley) and Liz Mathis (against Hinson)elected.

Franklin's team and Liz's team are some of the best I've seen in a very long time. they are the only things that keep me hanging on.

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Thank you, thank you! I’m phone banking and talking to people about voting. Maybe I’ll go to Nevada. I’m on the west coast weekend preceding the mid-terms and I’ve already voted by mail. Let’s do this!!!!

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YES!!!!!!!!! You are absolutely right, Michael.

The Media - especially the NYTImes and WaPo. are killing us.... we need to tell them to stop it - I hold them responsible, along with Comey, and Robert Mueller for the HRC loss....

I just sent my personal "report" to you....none of us can do this alone - not you, not me. TOGETHER. YES, we can!!!

My question: who is behind their doing this over and over again?


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We need to recognize that the Frankenstein monster that has been created by those who hoard the wealth of this planet, has been around for most of recorded history. Simply put, a living economic and social machine was built that would ensure, for the POWERFUL FEW who were rich, a steady supply of "slaves". They needed them so that they could extract the energy of their lives, thereby creating an unnatural wealth that was proportional to the quantity of people they possessed. While most of the workers of today no longer wear chains around their ankles, they suffer a different kind of bondage. We are all in debt before we are born; we will still be in debt after we die. If you do not believe this, try living without money!

If this isn't enough reason to vote the DEMOCRAT'S into office , what is? The other party just stands for every MAN for themselves!

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Just listened to several MPs outside of the Houses of Parliament. They sound so smart speaking correct English with lovely accents and yet as they all acknowledge-- on all sides-- the UK is in a mess. Brexit was a mistake. No one knows what to do. Why can 't citizens see that we have to pick the least objectionable and stop cheering them on as if they were real stars.

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I am one of those not convinced that we our “progressive” forces are yet strong or well aligned enough to prevent the Republicans from winning at least the House. But we should be We should have leadership that recognizes how the Trump phenomenon has addressed the fears and resentments of the working class, and how critical it is to present an alternative model of that champions the working/middle class. But, so far, we are reliant upon negative effects of our opponents, instead of the positive effects of a great positive and inspiring vision of a better future.

I think spelling out and leading forward towards a better future is just not that complicated and I’m a little repelled about why Dem party leadership has largely failed to figure this out. I address this in my own Substack newsletter a here, which I only published about half an hour ago: https://open.substack.com/pub/jonthinks/p/e-pluribus-unum-is-us?r=mrvx1&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=post .

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A paraphrase of David Bowie’s aphorism spots a momentary position on our journey through the firmament. Meanwhile, back on Earth, amidst all the noise and fierce ambition, what remains to be heard?

The wolf’s howl?

The blissful voice of ten thousand birds singing up the sun?

And where are the frogs and insects that signify a midsummer’s night?

Whale-song in an open ocean?

The anxious declaration of an ant?

A virus liberating itself from a tiny cell?

No. It isn’t music – the self-referential echo of our own limitations – that restores us.

It’s a lone cricket awaiting an answer;

And our readiness to overhear the implications.

Even with eyes wide open, what is essential must first be heard.

José Emilio Pacheco is right: Night will never be night without the cricket.

Bernie Krause

The Power of Tranquility in a Very Noisy World

LittleBrown 2021

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