Hey, Mike. I was alive to hear Lyndon Johnson lie about Vietnam, Reagan lie about Iran-Contra, Bush II lie about WMD, Obama lie about Afghanistan. So now Biden is lying Ukraine. No evidence offered for alleged "intelligence" to "preempt disinformation." Yeah, whose?

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This song is from my first year at college. Read the lyrics so as to not miss anything. Powerful. Please keep sharing thru songs. Love it.

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“How can the President claim that free speech gives him the right to destroy our constitutional democracy, steal our election, and make a mockery out of everyone else’s free speech?” - Lead Impeachment Manager, Rep. Jamie Raskin 📖

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I've known & worked with Project Censored for over 20 years. It's a remarkable media watch program and investigative force, started by academics at Sonoma State University in CA. It's an invaluable source for getting to the truth and facts behind ignored or censored news stories. The Project Censored news radio program is on KPFA out of Berkeley, a listener-sponsored radio station.

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Why are you so surprised ? Jews are the bosses iWe the tax payers send money to kill Palestinians the press and washington and Kisinger is the Gray Eminence. Machiavelli.

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Hi Micheal,

The usual I love you, I love what you do, you are amazing, dedicated your whole life as an activist who ranks among the most influential of all time, my son read your book when he was 12 (true), you are a hero…..blah, blah, blah (I say that in comedic jest). Had to get through that quick so I can get to my point before I loose you.

PLEASE HELP UKRAINE!!! My god as soon as the Olympics are over Putin is going to send in the troops. Let me put this in perspective. If the US did what Putin has done as far as mobilization would there be any turning back??? Get it now? I know, they are sooooo Fucked!!

The US can do nothing to stop Russia without basically causing a 3rd WW (sanctions mean shit to him right now). Putin knows that in the end you (as in the US as I am Canadian) will do basically nothing. In the mean time Ukraine is going to get fucked up the ass big time. 100,000 dead, mass refugees, infrastructure destroyed, historic buildings, museums, pets, playgrounds, kids and their toys… you get the picture. Poof! Just like the good ol’ USA did to Baghdad; I remember an Iraqi being interviewed after the first wave and he could not believe that the US soldiers just stood by, rifle locked and loaded, while the museums were being looted. Made no sense to the guy because he thought the US would bring law and order. Boy was he wrong! But this time it will be Russia doing it to Ukraine. Shock and Awe so that the rest of the world knows that Russia is back and not to be messed with. Sound familiar.

My question to you is this: How does one tell Ukraine politely not to fight back? They need to roll over and take one for the team like France did in WW2. There was no winning for France against the Germans and because they surrendered we at least have lots of good wine and cheese to enjoy plus all those historic buildings in Paris. There is no winning for Ukraine against Russia. Do what France did. Roll over keep your people, language, culture and infrastructure intact and then play the long game. Let Putin put in a puppet for Russia, eventually Putin will be dead and Ukraine can live to fight another day for independence.

Now, I have to ask you this. Do I sound like a Russian sympathizer or a pragmatist? Either way please bring Ukraine to the front of your discussion and thought. It is the most important imminent world event going on right now and we need your voice. LOUD!!!

Love you,

Nigel from Canada

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@ Michael Moore:

Speaking of corporate media, I reached out to them with my true story, but they just ignored me! That is why I am hoping that someone like you and likeminded people could help me expose those who launched campaign of terror against me.

As It Happens…

Post # 18

Harassment and Intimidation

Part 2: Using black vehicles for the purpose of intimidation

I have been followed by a black vehicle prominent among them a black truck and a black jeep almost everyday everywhere. The following are just a few examples.

In a couple of instances, the black truck followed me all the way to my driveway in Niagara Falls while my family were in the car with me. He was pretending to make a three- point turn using our driveway.

Whether I go to work, shopping or just for a walk around my neighborhood in Kitchener, Ontario, the truck follows me, and on a few occasions, the truck slows down, and the fierce dog inside the truck sticks its neck out and starts barking at me!

On one occasion, when we (my family) went to a soccer pitch in Cambridge, Ontario to play with the children, the black truck parked next to our car. There was nobody else in the field and no other vehicle in the parking lot. The male driver got out of his truck and started observing us. Once we finished playing and started walking back towards the parking lot, the truck departed!

Another symbol that the Trump’s police use is a black jeep. This jeep is exactly identical to the one which was driven by an American teacher, V.G, who was working with me in Saudi Arabia. This individual is a key figure behind all these troubles created for me in Canada. Encountering this jeep is a daily scene. When it follows me, sometimes, it drives all the way to our building outdoor parking lot where it should not be because it is reserved for the residents only. The Jeep does not stop at the parking lot; it simply drives around it.

Jeep and truck were not the only vehicle used for chasing me. I have seen other cars such as black Mercedes and Honda Civic as well. One Saturday, I took my son for a soccer practice with his team. While standing with other parents on the sideline, I suddenly saw a man who was a double of a South African teacher, J, who was working with me in Saudi Arabia. He was holding his cellphone while walking in a fast pace alongside the field. He was not accompanied by any children, so his presence there was quite suspicious. He paced up and down a couple of times while he was staring at me. Once he left, I observed he was driving a black Honda Civic.

I encountered the same individual, J, in summer of 2019 while I was waiting for my employment visa to China. I was working at a supermarket part-time and driving for uber when I was free. I received a notification from uber for a ride. When I went to pick up the rider, he was the same individual, J, who was accompanied by a Chinese girl. He was carrying a very long bag similar to a body bag. He knew his way around my car as he folded the rear chair to fit his bag. Once he was inside the car, he said he’s going to Toronto. I was quite surprised because when you have a long-distance trip, uber notify you before you accept the trip. I realized it was a plot. I just cancelled his trip.

I should also mention that parallel to this terror and horror inducing experience, I see friendly people right from the time I leave my apartment, to the elevator, and in the lobby of my building. I often find it hard to make sense of the conflicting messages delivered to me through these people’s behavior as I could clearly see that the behavior of (both the intimidating and the friendly ones) are quite directive.

What it appeared as a joint venture terror operation against me, started to show a sign of change from spring of 2019. As I was afraid for my life while being tracked by black vehicles around the city, I also witnessed white vehicles moving behind me from time to time. Seeing them was a relief as I interpreted it as a sign of peace. I perceived them as being Canadians who were sending a message that they have no problem with me.

But this burning question is still lingering: if the perception of peace gesture was true, then why the terror campaign against me was allowed to continue?

To be continued…

By sharing this post, you stand up for human rights.

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