Can you explain to me the Ashley Biden diary situation.

She moved, she left it behind, the new tenant found it, and sold it for 40k.

At what point did she relapse she had forgotten it?

At what point does it become the new tenants property.

On what grounds do the fbi have to raid project verity’s to recover it.

Seems very flimsy,/slash illegal for the fbi to do that.

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Thanks to all at Rumble for this #232.

Good to hear voices!

Looking forward to the next bunch.

I learned from this post about Flash Mob concerts. Never knew about them.

This one was beautiful to me-- I then found some others on YouTube.

Thank you for opening that door to all that nourishing soul stuff.

I loved seeing the merchants and shoppers in the fish market. Real life.

I love how music can join us, wordlessly.

Holding Peace within me today, then radiating it outwards-- for ALL reading this and ALL in the world today.

Hope you can feel the energy of it, and that it uplifts.

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I watched Planet Of the Humans when you had the creators on your podcast. Blew me away. I am so grateful for your podcast. I have learned so much about urgent topics and I love the history that you extrapolate as well. You have been a champion for justice since you were a young person and I always count that as evidence of who a leader is. Thank you, Michael.

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