Can’t wait. Saw you on Maher Friday night and couldn’t help thinking “yes! It’s about time we’re going to get some truth! Michael’s on it!!” Thank you, man

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As always, Michael, you speak truth to power. Thanks for keeping the spirit of positive change alive and well.

Pa'lante, mi hermano.

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Übergropenführer Trumpleschtüpfkopf should have been frog-marched out of Washington DC on January 7, 2021, never to return.

Shame on all Republicans for ever feeding that beast in the first place.

Never vote for a Republican. They have upside down pentagrams on their elephant.

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Sep 25, 2022·edited Sep 25, 2022

Oh Michael... thank you so much for the hope.

I am very concerned about the seemingly massive loss of Dem Hispanic Voters... it's happening in my own state (NM) and big time next door in TX. I understand why Cubans are so hard to the Right... they fled their own country because they were the ruling elites, and they brought those values to FL. But the rest of Latin American immigrants, and the huge number of naturalized Mexicans, and others from the Americas, as well as those born in the U.S, why on earth do they support the R's? And how damaging will that phenomenon be going forward? Are you worried? Thanks.

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I loved this positive boost of optimism and trust. We must stop gawking at the spectacle that Trump and the Republicans, will full media coverage, spill and spit out daily. They think they're playing a giant game of power and that anything goes in today's politics. They scramble to be more horrible and craven by the day. The lies multiply so profusely that the false narratives thicken into the popularly accepted version of things (e.g., "Russia Russia" was all a hoax, Hillary and Obama were spying on Trump, the emails are STILL missing, etc.).

This dose, this shot-in-the- arm, of truth--is welcome, Mike. Thank you. I look forward to the next 43 days (can't bear the prognosticating and projecting, like you).

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I like your record calling results over the always wrong pollsters!

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One more thing. My wife and her kids are from Argentina. I made sure

they hear the truth. We have 4 good Democrate voters.

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All Americans with websites and media platforms who believe in DEMOCRACY and the RULE OF LAW must immediately urge Americans to peacefully take to the streets in protest to protect our VOTING RIGHTS and to REVERSE Republican anti voting laws before it is too late to do anything about it.

As an American who loves the precious freedoms of the United States, I cannot sit back and watch our FREEDOM TO VOTE disappear without doing everything I can to help try and stop this from happening.

SO With all due respect, I must demand that you ADD to your website's agenda to: URGE YOUR READERS TO PEACEFULLY TAKE TO THE STREETS TO PROTECT OUR VOTING RIGHTS IMMEDIATELY.

If the "FREEDOM TO VOTE ACT " is not already in place early enough before the MIDTERM ELECTIONS less then 40 days from now, then Republicans will win TOTAL CONTROL OF CONGRESS.

If that happens, Republicans will REVERSE everything that President Biden has accomplished including the "BUILD BACK BETTER ACT" (Should it become law before then) And TRUMP or someone just like him will be back in the white house in 2024.

And because Republicans have passed Anti Voting laws into their favor, including the right to DECERTIFY AND OVERTURN AN ELECTION, they will illegally win in all future elections.

SO FAR Republicans have passed over 400 new anti-voting laws in 49 states using false allegations of voter fraud. Making it much harder for people to vote..


CONGRESSIONAL REPUBLICANS have stated that they will overturn any election that does not go their way.


Without the FREEDOM TO VOTE ACT, Democrats will no longer be able to win elections.

The "Freedom to Vote act" H.R.1. will REVERSE all Republicans ANTI VOTING laws and PROTECT our right to vote.

And if the filibuster still stands in the way, then it must be abolished.

It would also help if both Democrats MANCHIN and SINEMA would change their minds.

They are the only 2 Democrats who SIDED with Republicans to BLOCK the Freedom to Vote Act.

Pass it on....

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Excellent. I’ll be peeling my eyes to your column for the next 44 days and beyond, G_D willing.

I’ve given up on mainstream media, especially the NYT which by now seems so stale, so unexciting, so full of propaganda I cringe when occasionally reading it.

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We don’t agonize, we mobilize 😎 #DarkBrandon

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BRING IT ON 💙🌊💙🌊💙🌊💙

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Thank you, Mike! The news is so doom-and-gloom, it makes me sick. I can't believe there are so many duped people in the U.S.

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Daily bite sized bits of truth...reminders that each voice & vote counts. Absolutely what we need for the next 43 days!! The future is bright...cannot let the media convince us otherwise!

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I have GREAT RESPECT for you. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for doing this, Micheal. I am SO tired of the multiple emails and texts begging pitifully for money every single day. Maybe you can bring some clarity! 🌝

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I will be reading!

Ever since Mickey Lolich, Denny McLain and John Hillier pitched the Tigers past Bob Gibson and the St Louise Cardinals, I have learned to doubt with precision. ( fyi: Down 4 games in the 7 game series, they came from behind in the World Series

That means keep looking, keep learning, keep loving; never say never. Trammel, to Whitaker...

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