Michael, I agree with you 95% of the time. This time I do NOT. It is irresponsible to give medical advice when you're not a health care practitioner. One only has to look on the CDC's own website for the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System to see that as of September 24, 2021, there have been 5,539 reported cases of death in the US alone after receiving a vaccine for COVID-19. www.vaers.hhs.gov

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Michael, I am SO DISAPPOINTED in you, because it is obvious that you have not done the deep research on this subject that is needed to learn the truth as to what is happening surrounding this COVID pandemic and especially the vaccines. I had hoped that the next project that you were working on was an expose on all of this.

Regarding the safety of the vaccines, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports as of 9-17-21 that there have been 15,386 deaths and 99,410 serious injuries in vaccinated individuals. This is from a system notorious for under-reporting vaccine injuries. A Harvard study done about 10 years ago found that the system captured <1% of actual injuries. Here is a link to an excellent video of the problems in reporting to the VAERS system the many vaccine injuries that this health leader in her hospital, a P.A., encountered:


Long-term adverse events from the vaccines are mostly unknown at this point, since such data take years, not months, to accumulate. Just assuming that the vaccines will be safe in the long-term is clearly irrational, especially considering that these vaccines depend on the body's production of a toxic substance, the spike protein, which travels to all organs of the body. A number of experts have described plausible scenarios for very serious injuries in the long-term, and it is likely that the injuries, such as micro clots in the lungs, will be cumulative with each jab.

Regarding people who should not get the vaccines, one obvious group is those who have had COVID and recovered. It is generally accepted, and is being proven in real time with COVID, that natural immunity following an infection is more robust and long-lasting than that achieved with vaccines (which in the case of the COVID vaccines is not even true immunity, since the vaccinated can both acquire and transmit the infection). The COVID recovered individuals are at even more risk of an adverse event from the vaccines through antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) than are others.

It only makes sense that those with natural immunity will have better immunity than those who get vaccinated, since the vaccine results in antibodies directed only against a portion of the spike protein of the virus, which has now mutated, while natural immunity antibodies are directed against all of the virus.

Other groups who should not get the vaccines include children and adolescents, since their risk/benefit ratio clearly favors acquiring the infection over getting the vaccine. Pregnant women are another group which should not get the vaccine, as there is insufficient evidence proving that the vaccine is safe for them. Those who have had a serious reaction to a previous vaccine obviously should not be given one of these vaccines.

Regarding the unvaccinated driving a "monster Covid variant", it is much more likely that the vaccinated are the ones driving the emergence of variants, due to the pressure exerted by the vaccines on the virus. This is somewhat similar to the emergence of resistant bacterial strains due to the pressure exerted upon them due to overuse of antibiotics.

There is an alternative to the vaccines, and that is early treatment of the infection. Notwithstanding how badly Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have been mischaracterized in the media, many physicians and physician groups have developed protocols, many including one or both of those substances, which have been shown to be very effective and safe. These have been suppressed from the beginning, because if there were an alternative to the vaccines there would be no ability to grant an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), as such an authorization can only be given if there is no good alternative.

It has been estimated that 85% of those who have died from the infection could have been saved if they had been given early treatment. These treatments can be started at home as soon as the infection is acquired (ideally within the first 5 days), as opposed to sending patients home with no treatment to "wait and see" if they get so much worse that they require hospitalization or recover on their own. It is truly unconscionable that these treatments have been and continue to be suppressed. Some can also be used prophylactically.

Every night on the news I see reports of the serious situation in hospitals, e.g., currently in Idaho and Alaska, which are filled up with COVID patients (and some of these will be individuals who have been vaccinated) and have no more beds. Vaccines will not solve this problem, certainly in the short-term, but these early treatment protocols could.

Due to the extreme censorship surrounding all of this, driven by Big Pharma and Big Government (you got some of that right), as well as Big Media, any information that might be critical of the vaccines does not see the light of day. Experts who have spoken up have been censored, de-platformed, derided, and defamed. Some have lost their livelihoods. This is not how a democracy should function. Science is not a settled dogma but is open to discussion, criticism, and advancement of evidence.

Regarding the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) and their "Disinformation Dozen", please investigate CCDH to see who is behind it and determine who gave it the authority to determine what is misinformation or disinformation. I am not familiar with everyone on their list, but at least some are the truth-tellers.

Michael, PLEASE do some deep research on this subject. Here are some sources of information:

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance - flccc.net

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons - aapsonline.org

Children's Health Defense - childrenshealthdefense.org

National Vaccine Information Center - NVIC.org

Dr. Joseph Mercola's website - mercola.com


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Oh, Michael....as a fellow journalist, I.have to tell you, this is the first time I disagree (heartily) with you. We are being gaslighted about sooooo much re: these "vaccines". I have both a medical and legal background (Air Force Medical Corpsman, attorney in Arizona, and have also been employed as an Ethics (business, medical, environmental ) professor..... I wonder if you might entertain my proposal that you freeze any further comments on this matter until you open your mind to an incredibly thorough source of solid info ( tho he has been blacklisted for obvious reasons) .....Dr. Joseph Mercola. I have been reading his daily columns for more than a decade and he is no Chicken Little nor Conspiracy theorist. He reads volumes of medical and technical literature and cites them after every column. Best of all, he has been helping us understand our bodies and health for many many years because he cares. Would you at least consider checking him out for yourself? His new book is on the best sellers' list....I think you will be surprised at what you discover once you look into his background and work in the area of health and wellness. Thank you for all you do!


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GREAT ARTICLE!!!! Thanks Mike!!!

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Thank you for putting all the questions and answers all in one nice neat little package. The good lord almighty could not have done a better job!

Michael is my truth teller!

Already shared it!

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All great points, except the one critical one: "if we all get vaccinated, this virus is toast".

***No, it's not***

Even if you're vaccinated, it takes 2.2 days on average to launch an immune response to the delta variant, which replicates over 1000x faster than alpha. That means you are INFECTIOUS for on average of 4 days EVEN IF YOU'RE VACCINATED. If you're unvaccinated, you're probably infectious marginally longer, data is unclear, but the benefits are marginal. This means vaccines are not going to slow transmission or mutation of this virus!

Epidemiologists knew this would happen last year when vaccines were being developed, they predicted something like delta would happen. Not a single one of the experts thought we had a chance of "ending the pandemic" through vaccination. At best, we slow it down, at worst, we drive a mutation that is vaccine resistant - as leading experts are very worried about us doing by NOT TESTING FOR ACTIVE INFECTIONS BEFORE VACCINATING.

I'm vaccinated, but the message that vaccines are going to end this pandemic is BIG PHARMA BS, and you of all people should be spreading that knowledge along with all these other great points. WE STILL NEED MASKS, SOCIAL DISTANCING, AND WE SHOULD NOT BE REOPENING THE ECONOMY.

WE NEED A CURE, and we're never going to find one so long as our media is beholden to Big Pharma's need for there to not be a cure as this would forfeit their emergency use authorization for shortly tested vaccinations. Please start beating the drum for us to stop focusing on a bandaid that will never end the pandemic but is causing a different kind of liberal idiocy that thinks "I'm safe to be around because I'm vaccinated". NO, you're protected, somewhat (vaccinated people are still dying from Covid), but you are still very dangerous to other people

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Brilliant. Humane. Useful. Have loved you for years, Michael Moore. A conscience with a sense of humor and common sense!

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I would also warn against long covid. Dying is dying but living with permanent damage from covid may be worse. A few months before the polio vaxx was ready, I caught it at 4 yrs old. This virus left me to deal with the results every day since. Just get the damn shot. ✌️

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Just shared this big time.

I expect some interesting comments good , bad and bizarre.

That is how the world is now….

I believe in you Michael..

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Here's a few video conversations/interviews with some very credible scientific/medical

researchers/truthtellers. You won't find this stuff in the establishment media outlets.

Censorship, incessant propaganda, fear spreading, and group-think are the real pandemics. Take the challenge and watch/listen with an open (but critical) mind. It's a good way to refresh your memory of what that feels like. It's a skill/ability that seems to be slowly disappearing into the depths of group over-identification. You like movies, don't you?

First they came for and silenced the intellectuals, the wise, the scientists...



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If we all get vaccinated,wear masks,limit social contacts we stand a chance. Otherwise this nightmare will continue and escalate. For now get the vaccine so you stay out of the hospital.My cousin died of Covid and it was not a peaceful way to go. She got infected before the vaccine was available.

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Thank you Michael. You are awesome, as usual!!!

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Dear Michael,

I subscribed (paid) to your community to support work to bring out Truth to our world, but I see that you are still only committed to bring out your view of the Truth and not willing to look at everything. I am disappointed in this. I hoped for more. You say you are not a “conspiracy theorist “ and just play into the hands of the powerful people who throw that label around to discredit people and ideas they don’t want us to look at. More and more Truth is coming out, and you will see you are late to the party. I hoped you could help lead us there.

Be Brave, Open Your Mind, Be Willing to Challenge Your Closely Held Beliefs. Be Michael Moore.

Else I want to cancel my paid subscription .

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Nearly 1 million U.S. children have contracted COVID in the past 4 weeks

COVID cases among children are rising “exponentially,” according to a report released by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Children’s Hospital Association on Monday, as the more contagious Delta variant continues to wreak havoc with students returning to school.

The coronavirus doesn’t seem to be burning itself out like the flu virus did 100 years ago. Instead, it’s adapting, with new, more contagious variants like delta. The estimated death toll of the 1918 pandemic is just that — an estimate — meaning it’s possible that we had already surpassed it.

688,000+ dead 🎚Do your part! 💉😷

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Thank you Michael. You make complete sense! I agree, Trump is killing his voters! So be it!

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Besides preaching to the choir, you are correct. And I may not trust the government but I trust scientists and doctors. The people who aren't getting vaccinated are the ones who trust Sean Hannity and Rand Paul. And Trump may have been in office when the vaccines were developed, but he tried his damnedest to make people think their "freedom" would be compromised by getting them.

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