Of course we hate Fascism That is not the problem. Identifying Trump and his Bullies AS Fascists is the problem. The very same people that claim to hate Fascism would never agree to call Trump a Fascist. That would involve clear thinking and reflection, which hurts our brains. I say that Trump = Hitler, and the MAGA morons = Germany's Brown Shirt Thugs. Few believe me.

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A nationalist will say that “it can’t happen here,” which is the first step towards disaster. A patriot says that it could happen here, but that we will stop it. 🥷🏻 - Timothy Snyder 📖 On Tyranny, Twenty lessons from the twentieth century 

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What's also 'simple' is that 40+% of registered voters buy what Trump and the MAGA Republicans are selling. What's also 'simple' is that not one elected Republican has spoken out against Trump's latest tweet in which he openly threatens the life of Mitch McConnell and includes a racist slur against his wife. Not one. Oh, and last I looked, he still walks free, not indicted for being caught red-handed with top secret documents. Nothing is 'simple' anymore, Mike. Nothing.

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I love your writing. You are able to frame and phrase what should be obvious and present it in terms we can all understand. I am a new fan.

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The republican people have been made to fear Socialism not realizing what it really is. Now they want Fascism which is so much worse. Maybe they should get some information about it, instead of being so uninformed as to what they are supporting. It's incredible that the trumpers don't realize that they will also be the ones to suffer a lot.

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We don't like being told who we are.

We don't like being told what to feel.

We need to vote like the future depends on it (because it does) because it is always too soon to give up.

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What in the world is going on?

Now the orange buffoon wants to take his problem directly to his Supreme Court! His Supreme Court!

This is totally crazy!

How can we stop this?

Vote! As if your life depends on it!

I cannot even begin to understand how 45’s lies have gotten us to the point we are at!

We The People have got to make a stand!

Vote , vote , vote!

Our democracy depends on your vote!

Don’t listen to the pollsters who say they think the Republicans will win in the midterm! No way! The blue tidal wave will give them a beating like never before! We did it in 2020, we will do it again in 2022!

Think and think again! Don’t listen to the nay sayers!

Just my opinion


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He da truth, light, & da love.

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If Democrats get out to vote we'll win overwhelmingly! This is a fact. Make sure every Dem you know votes. Volunteer to make reminder calls.

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Oct 18, 2022·edited Oct 18, 2022


Thanks for the good work you are doing for the people in our country. I truly appreciate your humanity and honesty. We’re fortunate you decided to jump right in and take the bull by the horns. I love how you cheer us on and educate us about those low life’s in politics. I always look forward to reading your articles and letters. I sure would like to meet you. If you’re ever in the NW suburbs of Chicago give me a shout out!

Take care,

Sheri 🌞

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Dear Michael, I have come to depend on your more accurate news. I purposely stay away from the general Media News programs. I have subscribed to NPR and YOU.

Thank you, thank you. Keep up the Good Fight !!!

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Right-wing talk radio in Boston has begun the expected projecting of all their behavior onto the moonbat libs. Did you know the Dems are fascist commies who want to control everything and everyone. Joe Biden is practically in a coma too, according to these people. We're also lying about everything, as is the media. I listen to these people and realize that these people walk among us with such hatred for us and disdain for the truth. We have to vote strong in Nov or the country is going to enter a dark period, again. Thanks for the encouragement Mike.

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This isn't news, but I post the link:



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Funny photo! But tRump can only wish he'd ever look so fit and trim... american orange fascism looks more like it has a sour smell, mixed with flop sweat and urine. He's Harkkonan from Dune.

Thanks for these happy tsunamis of truth, Michael!

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Today Americans are foremost in the Me Myself and I category. Certainly the self-absorbed woke wimpy whiney wellness wonders are only thinking of themselves. True Americans are not elitist at all. They hate Class. But their ignorance is what defines them. Most of them couldn't define or pronounce fascism. The American Dream is a slogan to sell to people stuff they don't need and can't afford.

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I can no longer hear your podcasts on my desktop computer. Where is the play button I used to get? Also, I signed up as a supporter. Please remove the commercials from my feed.

Warm Regards,

Dennis Fitzpatrick

October 04, 2022

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