Thanks Michael, My anxiety was going off the rails a little between Judge Cannon and Ginni Thomas, I was getting squirrelly. Yesterday, an older woman working bagging groceries where I shop regularly (first time I saw her) was yapping about how the government is coming for guns, commies are coming, we need to be self-sustaining, learn to eat freeze dried beef, and hunker down. I’d had enough of these MAGAs running their pie holes, so I pushed back. I can talk loud, too. The poor kid doing the check out whispered, “No one is taking my guns’”. I told him, “No one’s ever knocked on my door asking for my guns. Not once.” After she insisted babies are being aborted at 40 weeks, I thanked her for bagging my groceries and left. I told my sister, she said, “You can never show your face there again!”I said, “Oh yeah I am! I’m going everyday now!” My husband said, “I know you will, poor bastards.”

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Yes we Kansas 🏃‍♀️

Vote D for drive. Vote R for reverse.

It’s up to you, America 🗳

I’m ridin’ with #DarkBrandon to #BuildBackBetter 😎

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The chart of voter turnout is reality.Most of the time a bit more than half vote and one wins by a small majority so maybe 27% elect the President. The Democrats didn't get rid of the Electoral college since no one does anything. Most of the problems are solved by NO Electoral college; compulsory voting so 99% weigh in; and campaigning ONLY 5 weeks prior to an election -- not 5 years so the media has something to do. And no contributions: the 5 week campaign is only from equal public funding.

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Another brilliant article. We must not give up. Let our voices be loud and clear. We will not be intimidated. Fight for democracy. Unite. Car pool to the poles. Pick up your neighbor who can't drive, and your elderly relatives and friends, then take them to lunch and celebrate.

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We never underestimate our opponents. Until it’s in our hands it ain’t over. Even if there is no Trump, there will be others. Keep our heads up and don’t leave the ring.

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Sep 30, 2022·edited Oct 2, 2022

I predict there's going to be a blue tsunami of women voters. Some pundits claim "Women will forget about Dobbs by the election." They underestimate the fury that is simmering among us. Taking our rights offends us at a molecular level, and no, we will not forget.

The Women's March on Washington is October 8. Every woman who marches represents 100 more at home. Make a donation today to help support us!

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"Very few have fortitude enough to tell a tyrant they are determined to be free". Samuel Adams

Well, the tyrants of our time WILL fall when 100 million of us have the fortitude to stand up and vote them out and establish our freedom to choose the life we want that is peaceful for everyone.

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Politicians should be required to submit résumés. Background checks should be required. Interviews of all candidates should be required. They are applying for a very important job!

Political ads should be eliminated. Political contributions of money should be eliminated.

Yah, I know... good luck with that... Everybody knew he was a snake... You know.

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Thanks Mike and all at Rumble,

A picture says a thousand words. Love your focus today! Grateful for the Press and their pics.

When Fear tries to hijack my mind, I've learned to recognize it. I call it out-- "Snap out of it-- you're in that fearful Movie again!" Then I go back to mentally feeding whatever it is I am wanting to create. My mind can drift-- thought is so swift!!! -- I've had to discipline my mind gently, and get it back on track.

As I've sought to build a new personal life, a mantra that's helped me is this:

"All that is not me, falls away".

It's taken effort, persistence, and gentle confidence in the good being born.

No reason it can't work for our country! And our world. Our beautiful world!

Winston Churchill had it right-- as did FDR.

Fear is a robber. Bullies, con-men, thieves know how to use it to wear folks down.

Thanks again to All for your great comments. I imagine you and your own lives, and join in, as all the old stuff falls away, with the energy and power of our VOTES, and our Good Vibes!

I believe all sorts of reforms are just on the horizon. Thanks everyone for this Victory with Votes.

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LOVE your optimism and accuracy re November 8. “We got this,” all we have to do is show up! (and bring 5 friends) Happy Friday.

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Thank you so much for this inspirational truth telling. The big bad wolf is going down!!! Let’s go people - VOTE!!

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Thanks, Michael. The battle lines are drawn. Work hard for the best results, but plan for the worst too.

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the dump reminds me of what I call the "pufferfish" ....blows up and looks big and scary, but one pin hole and it deflates....remember how he said he had more people at his inaguration than Obama, then we say the photos? That's what he does, lie - but that's all he can do as he is mentally ill. It is those who believe him and give him the power who are the real danger. He did tell one truth "If everone in America voted, repubs would never win" - their only chance is to stop voters and eliminate mass legitimate votes - that's scary! The dump is nothing. Thank you again Michael, these daily messages are great and I pass them on.

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Sitting in a hotel room in Paris fighting off despair of coming back to the states and the 'midterm fiasco'. Feeling so much better and ready to get to work to push over the finish line. Thank you so very much for the pragmatic talking to. We need it so very much!

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All SO true, Michael !! The Tea Party started the fear mongering & vitriol & trump & Co. were to perfect to continue the bullying! ENOUGH ‼️

Stop whining & feeling helpless & GET INVOLVED❗️ There are MANY groups/organizations helping people get involved.

Check out : DFA (Democracy for America--started by Howard Dean almost 20 years ago & Yvette Simpson now); PCCC (Progressive Change Campaign Committee)--have helped elect MANY progressive in their Primary’s ; People for the American Way (Norman Lear/Ben Jealous);

Public Citizen (started by Ralph Nader, who has been silenced by corporate media); RESIST (Wellstone’s); Common Cause; MoveOn; Patriotic Millionaires; The Lincoln Group; The Power to Vote; The Voters of Tomorrow; Fearless Action;

boltsmag.org and many more ‼️ If you don’t think RoevWade doesn’t matter--think again! Millions of young people have registered to vote because of it, and those of us who actually marched for it in the ‘70s are PISSED❗️SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER & get ready for ROEVEMBER ‼️ ONWARD w/Our Revolution‼️

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