Mike -- there's something else we can do to combat brain mush -- turn off the news, but make our own! Imagine how we can combat the false narrative if everyone who reads Tsunami Truth #30 followed up by writing a letter to the editor of their local newspaper, debunking that misinformed message. Get your words in print, folks. You can copy mine, if you want! Here's my op ed, that will appear this weekend in my local newspaper in eastern Ohio:

" I have faith in my fellow Democrats, liberals, snowflakes and Progressives. We are standing tall, in spite of propaganda swirling around us that MAGAs are more enthusiastic and their election denying, QAnon candidates have an edge over us. They claim voters only care about inflation. Yet I'm smiling because it's not true.

We are the party of actual freedom; freedom for all Americans to vote without obstruction, freedom for women to control their healthcare, freedom to love and marry who we love, freedom for every worker to make a fair wage and not have to worry if they can keep the lights on. As I write this, global inflation is much higher than the current rate in the U.S., and we know it's caused by the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the 2021 supply chain issues and the biggest culprit is corporate greed. Corporate profits are at a record high in our country, averaging at 54 percent. More than half of the money that's coming out of your wallet is going into the wallet of a greedy CEO. They could easily reduce their profits by a few points, but they won't, as long as they can get people to believe that nobody wants to work and all the lazy people got rich on those $1400 stimulus checks.

Meanwhile, there's much to celebrate. Under President Biden, the CHIPS Act passed. It supports the domestic semiconductor industry and means jobs. The PACT Act passed, expanding healthcare and benefits for our veterans. The Inflation Reduction Act passed. This one does plenty, like investing in domestic energy and finally empowering Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, all while reducing the deficit and creating more jobs. The infrastructure package is the first major investment in our roads, bridges and rails in decades. Don't forget expansion of broadband and making our water supply safe. That means even more jobs. We're already reaping those benefits in Jefferson County. A crumbling and unsafe 100-year-old bridge in my neighborhood is being replaced, thanks to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. When Biden wins, America wins and so does Eastern Ohio.

Don't listen to fearmongers that want to demoralize you. They try it with me and I still smile. Cast your midterm ballot by voting early, by mail or on election day. We have wonderful Democratic candidates on the local, state and national level. Cast your ballot with pride, and remember that you are not controlled by MAGAs, your boss, your state senator or even your priest. Remember that we Democrats, liberals, snowflakes and Progressives are the majority. It's also a safe bet that this letter will elicit an angry response from a member of the patriarchy, who knows that their days in power are quickly diminishing. I'll still be smiling, no matter how many names they call me. Just remember, inflation comes and goes, but democracy should last forever. Vote blue like your life depends on it, because it does. And keep smiling."

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If democracy survives it will be because of WOMEN power.

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Thank you so much for everything. Reading your words pushed me to stop cringing in fear and do something. Here is what I have done. I am working with Swing-left on their phone banking and letter writing, For Our Future Wisconsin on their Texting teams, and educating people on a local Blog Talk Radio program that reaches thousands of people. My team texted over 100,000 for Wisconsin. I am finishing up my letter for Swing left to be put in the mail tomorrow 10/29/22 as directed. My letters cover the states of CA, OH, PA and GA. The next thing that I am doing is phone banking for Raphael Warnock and John Fetterman. I have also given split donations to all the candidates. What has been the biggest motivator in addition to your post are my children and nieces and nephews. If asked what did I do when democracy is hanging by a thread, I can proudly say that I did everything that I could do and like John Louis said: I got into "Good Trouble".

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Oct 28, 2022·edited Oct 28, 2022

I can't do what you ask, Michael. I can definitely stop listening to the trash being reported. But I can't turn it off -- for one, very important reason: I want to be there when it finally happens, when it's finally reported: TRUMP INDICTED! May it happen soon!

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Thank you. I have felt sick this week- I am not actually sick, but the thought of more Trumpers Trumping around telling Trumpian lies to otherwise normal and sane humans and convincing them WE are the enemy - I can barely eat. Thank you Mike.

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Man, that stuffed cabbage, golabki, sure looked good!

When I turned 18 I was old enough to get drafted to Viet Nam but still wasn't old enough to vote (NY). So Other People got to make the decisions that affected ME.

My letter last week to the local paper talked about that and encouraged 18 yos to get out and vote because they CAN vote and it's the only way at the moment that they can have a say in protecting the rights they should enjoy now that they are adults.

And you're right. I believe that voters that pollsters don't know shit about will come out of the woodwork and proudly vote. We will prevail after the dust settles. Keep up the good work.

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You really out did yourself on this one Mike! Thank-you for your tireless efforts to spread the truth!

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Thank you, Michael. Especially for the

photos of who women are. We are not

going back! I have stayed far away from

all political leaning news this week and

feel better for it. And I never place any

credence in polls.

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Mike, thank you so much for continuing to encourage us ....

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YES! This is pure and strong full blown fabulous Mike’s Marvelous Medicine!

The addiction to mainstream media is a complex disease process. Go cold turkey and there are zero negative side effects. I can take in Mike and Dan [the Rather] without regret or distasteful sequela.

Hurrah for sanity 🏁

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Very good advice. I wish the Democrats plea for money would simply say “We want to reach as many people as possible with our sound policy positions and your donation would help us to do that.” I get disheartened when they use fear tactics. Sigh.

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I can't upvote this enough! POLLS are liars -- unintentional liars, but still liars. They don't know, which I think we all learned in 2016, if not 2012. Election results are the only polls that count. The rest is BS, and is keeping someone in a job they aren't really that good at. VOTE BLUE for Democracy!! VOTE BLUE for Democracy!! VOTE BLUE for Democracy!! VOTE BLUE for Democracy!! VOTE BLUE for Democracy!!

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It will be a cold day in hell for me to spend my SS check donating to a politician!

I would rather support you Michael!

My Trusted Truth Teller!

It is beyond me how people who want to be in politics want the citizens of our country to pay for their political aspirations!!

They get into office and then give themselves raises and benefits that we are denied!

The citizens of this country deserve what ever they have! Health care is number one!

The Blue Tsunami is coming!

Just my opinion


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Just thank you. As one of the women you were speaking of, I appreciate you and your voice.

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Canada Meddles

Hey, you're used to it. Your rightwingnut crazies meddled in our capital city last winter until we threw them out. China meddles in our politics and holds two of our citizens ransom until we release one of their operatives. And of course Russia has meddled in every election in the free world for the past few years, although is it still "meddling' when the president of the "meddlee" nation invites the meddler to meddle. Back to our meddle.

Canadians should start pestering Americans to vote — blatant meddling — and we should not procrastinate any longer. We can apologize for doing so if we really feel we have to but we need to meddle. We all have relatives or friends and sometimes both in each others' country. One of our prime ministers put it this way. "We are often characterized as a mouse and we live next door to an elephant." Well it is time for the mouse to roar and we need to do it now or that elephant is going to roll over on us. Those friends and relatives deserve a phone call, not an email, to get them out to vote in November. The very fact that we're still on speaking terms with them is a huge clue that they are Democrat (and democratically) inclined.

We can tell them we too have lousy statistics when it comes to voting in national elections — something in the 70% range. We'll admit we're just concerned for our own well-being and that of the 50%+ of our population with a uterus. It will be a great relief for all of us when our American cousins throw those crazy misogynistic thieves out of the decision-making institutions.

We can't all come south and drive people to the polls unless we bought into that gated community (and shame on you), but we can talk. And we can promise to phone back on election day. And we can tell them we'll even call on Thanksgiving and we'll find out when that is. And … And …

Whatever it takes, it is now time to do it. All of us should be used up completely on Election Day eve so that we can barely summon the strength to celebrate. Put the meddle to peddle.

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Yes yes YES!!! Reclaim ALL your POWER now and consistently. Turn off the boob tube and send all those whackadoodles out of office!

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