This morning I got a very disturbing email from my favorite historian Heather Cox Richardson, she was talking about the writings of The Federalist's senior editor John Daniel Davidson. The summary of it is that he is telling the Right wing that they need to be revolutionary, radical, restorationists, and that corporations need to be bent to their will when they take over, forget about supply side, Reagan like economic principles, to make abortion murder, to get rid of no fault divorce, to go after universities, starve universities because they are spreading poisonous ideologies, to go after parents that take their children to drag shows and arrest them and charge them criminally for abusing their children, teachers will be arrested and charged if they teach anything sexually explicit, in other words they cannot have sex education in schools. A lawmaker in Florida, Sabatini, was quoting General Franco, I mean, you get the jest of this, right? They want to do to the US what people like Viktor Orban has done, illiberal democracy, in other words, no democracy, an authoritarian regime. Those of us who like living in a democracy must stand up, we must vote, we must take others to the polls, we must ask our young people to get involved. Democracy is key to having a good economy, authoritarian regimes do not have good economies, they struggle. Take charge, vote!!!

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Owners is apt. George Carlin said it best: it's a big club, and you ain't in it!

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My inspiration - my father in law has beat the pavement for years to flip our house seat and keep it flipped. He is multi-lingual and has made calls here in San Diego as well as Georgia. He has Parkinson’s AND Alzheimer’s, and can barely walk, but his Spanish, Italian, French, German, Hungarian (and more) is flawless. Tomorrow, Saturday, he is making calls for Dems. I am fighting a corrupt HOA board. It is by example that I became involved. He will fight until words fail him. Go! Make a difference.

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The legacy of Fascism in this nation if rife with scummers like Davidson. So many of these Fascists are now emboldened to the point where they spew the real and evil things they intend to do once in power.

We Americans who envision any future living in any semblance of an egalitarian and altruistic society, are facing dark forces the likes of which Democracies have not seen since the rise of Fascism in the 30’s

If you think the rules of this society require it to behave like “a self righting rubber ducky in a bathtub” as (Matt Taibbi once stated), then you are in for a minimum of two generations of iron fisted authoritarian, Democracy killing rule.

It’s bad enough that so many of my “Boomer” geriatrics want to curse all of you with a legacy of White Supremacy and Christo-Fascism, I recently read where the Gen Xers are also embracing this garbage.

I will caste (and have already) my vote against Republicans in every race without exception.

I implore you all to protect the future you envision and not the dark one you must endure, simply because it didn’t seem like any big deal.

This November 8th, it the vote that will crush the Fascists. Vote!!!

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I grew up in Empire, 25 miles west of Traverse City. I've seen the influence of money in the area, and how things have changed since the 70s, and so this is not totally surprising. Theses predators, parasites, gobble up everything in their path. I can't wait to hear more about them. They need to be exposed! I bet they think it's their "divine right" or some crap. The same thing has a grip on the Grand Rapids and Holland area, and probably many other places in Michigan and beyond. Think DeVos and Van Andel. Disturbing. They think themselves kings and queens. And they live accordingly.

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YES- What are you doing to get out the vote this weekend?? I would love to see what others are doing. It will inspire us all! Find what you feel connected to and help with calls, letters, postcards,

money, lawn signs...the list is endless. PICK ONE!!

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Just found out that the CDC pays 50,000 people salaries. This includes CHAUFFEURS!! Our government is basically a jobs program for white-collar workers. We know the in the business sector that 50% of these managerial jobs are just bullshit so in the government bureaucracy it must be more. I deal regularly with the U.S. Patent office since I have nine patents. NO tax payer monies support the patent office. They have 10,000 employees and they are not just self-supporting-- they make money!! People need basics but our gov wastes money on paying for government chauffeurs and bureaucracy. Electing some democrats won't fix this waste. We can afford much more if we trim the waste and then cut the defense budget by 15%-- to start.

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Oct 21, 2022·edited Oct 21, 2022

I'm sharing your Tsunami of hope with everyone I know. We are so grateful for your voice. You are a true patriot my friend.

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Just found this action idea-Prepare for the polls by finding out who and what is on your ballot. Research candidates and ballot initiatives at Vote411.org and Ballotpedia’s Sample Ballot Lookup tool.

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Thanks Michael. Have you written about these secret town owners somewhere? Sounds like it'd be a revealing future film, if not already done or in the works. The shadows always hide stuff.

The MA state mid-terms don't feature any close races, or so it is said. Regardless, I'm mail voting and encouraging others to vote whether it seems clear who will win or not. Your example of MTG rising from nothingness is spot on.

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I believe we will prevail! I believe in the truth! The liars will not prevail! We showed what we are capable of in 2020! We will do it again in 2022! Do not doubt our power!

The woman of our nation will show their power! Do not tell a woman what she can do with her body!

Just my opinion

Are you feeling better?

So glad you have tested negative!

Get stronger each day Michael!

My Trusted Truth Teller!

The blue Tsunami grows day by day!


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Just relax ! We’ve got everything under control ! Go on in, the water is fine ... 🦈🦈🤡🌊🌊

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Right you are Michael: it’s damn right difficult to get truthful/ accurate info on people running for local office.

I moved here to predominantly red south Jersey for my home at the shore from progressive Fairfax Co, VA where there was tons of info on all local candidates.

Here the only newspaper is frankly unreadable, so much do that an art critique I wrote about a local

Gallery with a painting featuring African American hero I refused to send to them fearing they would bastardize it and put my by line in it!

So… we do our due diligence to read about all candidates when we can. Trust local Indivisible to get us info and try and get more.

Problem is: my area is probably representative of what you see nationwide.

That little group of “owners” terrifyingly exists all over America. I see old white men gathered with those f… g hats over cheap coffee thinking they’ve solved all

The worlds problems with their angry racist retoric. They may or may not “own” this corrupt city (I’m finding that out too!)

Early in the T. Presidency, I read about the “shit life” people who voted for him- they had a shitty life and rather than taking responsibility T gave them scapegoats and made hallow promises.’

So yeah local races are so important to each area and this entire country!

Keep us motivated with your gift of positive journalism to work hard to get out the vote and know who you’re voting for!

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Thank you

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Just shot a video where Meijer Cus Service Workers epitomizes this concept perfectly by blaming issues on DISCONNECT w ppl who OWN Meijer (Hank, Doug, Mark) the multibillionier brothers who all added 5B to hidden, non publically traded income. Don't be fooled by the fluffy phases and old time pics covering the new fake brick wallpaper 🧱 PRICE LIES are everywhere especially thru Oct 2022 🎃 Halloween Products very bad now but we are very small and hacky on videos, but still fighting for change in our own way, using just a cell. Hey that's all Pillow guy has tho. ☮️❤️

"TB Flint"


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Dear Michael Moore,

Is there any way that I can buy a DVD of


I have never seen it but I have read about it and i really really want to have one.

I replied to your news letter asking you about it with my contact information but I do not know if you accept replys to your news letter.

Thank you for listening.

C Smith

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