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First, effing adorable. Second, “the American dream…is just a dream.” And cinema verite? “I don’t know what that means because I didn’t go to film school.” MM you have given us all hope! Get a camera and shoot: that is how Ukraine is going to get Putin on war crimes, documented by those with a camera. Thank you for reminding me about the American dream, I’m still hopeful, and for a few laughs in a world that isn’t that funny right now. PS writing a memoir about my days on the auto assembly line, inspired by you and “Rivethead.” Keep making movies.

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Love David and miss him. I remember that show. I also remember him saying there is nothing like live music. He loved Warren Zevon. Warren gave David a guitar for his son. David should of replaced Johnny. Johnny wanted David to take his seat. But of course these executives wanted Jay Leno. David deserved the seat. But he as you know went to CBS thank goodness. He is so funny and you are one awesome film maker and person..

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Roe vs wade, we all knew it would happen….Now what..

Are the victories of the LGBTQ soon to be things of the past.

When women have no rights, no one is safe.

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Love your story about David Letterman. and your connection..I love his new shows too! My Next Guest is fabulous!!

Thank you for all you do to inspire us and to change the world for the better!!!

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Amazing story. Proves the power of how just one person who can make a true difference in the life of another. I bet Letterman got just as much out of knowing he helped you as you did from his inspiration. Keep up the good fight Michael! You are inspiring millions and more. Who knows how many of them will be future Michael Moores.

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climate change human nature and nuclear power.

So I was watching "The China Syndrome" the other day, and I can't help but think about fossil fuels, climate change, where we are, where we go, and human nature.

I don't see a realistic option for the next 30 years for ending fossil fuels that doesn't include Nuclear power, and by that I mean a significant increase in nuclear power plant re-commissioning/construction.

That makes me scared.

climate change is bad, fossil fuels are bad.

but, you can rebuild from a fire/tornado/flood as a direct result of climate change.

A nuclear disaster is 10 times worse, 100 times worse, a 1000 times worse.

You don't rebuild from a radioactive crater.

a tornado misses houses, a radioactive cloud/weather over a debris field keeps coming back.

maybe I'm alarmist, maybe I'm wrong.

But I know what human nature is, I know what lowest bidder means.

I know what we're loosing $500,000 dollars a day means.

People will ALWAYS put money over LAW, safety, ethics.


I am not saying there are not good people, of course there are,

But one bad person and......BOOOM.

Why am I so afraid?

Why isn't everyone afraid?

Is it wrong to be afraid?

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Thanks for the clips with David! Never missed a show of his! First use of VCR to tape his show at night. You were marvelous, I loved how you described how "it really is just a dream". I think that may have had an impact on David. Amazing to see how far you have come and how much influence you have had on so many.

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sorry this is an old episode but i heard it for the first time. . when i was still working in the iron foundry and working my way through college i used to visit my grandmother on weekends. david letterman did the weather on weekends and it was winter and you know midwest winters, michael, david would kind of make fun of the bad weather and infuriate my grandmother. i personally never owned a tv but a few years later i had moved out west and spent the night at a friend's house and the next morning there he was on his morning tv show. have to say i was amazed, delighted, and my friend thought it was stupid and wanted to change the channel. think it was the only time in my life that i asked someone to let me watch (continue to watch) any particular tv program.. but i did see a few episodes of his late night show when visiting others and i loved his irreverent attitude. thanks for sharing this program. sorry to say i never saw any episides in which you appeared.

i want to mention an early coppola film that came out in 1966--"you're a big boy now' yeah he's known for the godfather films and apocalypse now and that early film doesn't seem like it would be part of his ouvre. but i loved that movie when i saw it in my last year of high school and it remains one of my favorite ever movies---of course my favorite movie list contains no big hits.

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Thank you, Mike, and may the Fourth be with you.

I’m 76 and I’ve written my first complete play. I’m putting finishing touches on it. The name of it is “Beauty,” and I’m signing it as Carol Frances Yost. I’m using my middle name because it was my mother’s first name. She was a short-story writer her entire adult life, more than 50 years, and never sold anything except for a children’s story that was sold fairly early, when I was 10. I’m grateful for her encouragement of me, whatever I chose to do. I believe in this play, and I hope you all get to see it. It’s a love story that includes some funny lines but lots of serious issues in housing, religious understanding, US foreign policy, and so on. I hope you enjoy it.

Meanwhile, congratulations, Mike, and I respect your courage and determination. Dave Letterman has had a good effect on you. Thanks for sharing your beginnings with you. Coppola is incredible.

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I’m still pointing out that both your and Robert Reich’s Substacks are not in my email and they’re supposed to be. They used to be. No rhyme or reason why they’re not. I’ll listen as soon as I get the chance. Thanks, Mike.

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I did watch the 10+ hours of Fran Leibowitz on david letterman, its like watching her martin scorsese movie all over again but with David Letterman ;-)

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They way GE treats David.

That says it all about Corporate America.

And the Kindness of David.

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