Kirsten Sinema actually started out as a Green Party “activist” but now takes her marching orders from her pocket-lining corporate overlords. Joe Manchin takes his from his imaginary special interests in the coal industry - about as relevant now as the phone booth, Kodak Instamatic or the dial telephone. They are both about as “moderate” as a Bengal tiger is vegetarian.

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Many years ago, after Obama had just been elected, I remember Michael giving an interview and saying, "The Democrats have to start acting like they won!" Well, here we are again--same miserable situation. Republicans with no hearts or brains; Democrats with no balls. And this time the stakes are ever so much higher.

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Pass something. Elect more Dems next year. Get voting rights passed. Manchin has always been who he is. The worlds oldest teenager started out progressive but she’s been bought and paid for. There is something wrong with Sinema. Ignoring the people who elected you is not wise. Does she not understand how foolish this is with all the guns in your country? It just takes one.

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I despise Sinema and Manchin. I would LOVE to see both of them primaried from the Left.

All of my life I have been a socialist when it comes to basic human needs (dignified housing, quality healthcare, good education, healthy food, clean water, clean air, etc). No one should ever have to earn basic human needs.

Here is my fear: I am terrified that the Left has been taken over by such batshit crazy people that we are never going to defeat the so-called moderates.

I empathize with old school Republicans who are horrified by Trump's takeover of the GOP. The progressive Left has been taken over by a bunch of hysterics.

With our economic policies, we should easily be attracting poor and working class people to the polls. But we aren't.


Because we give the impression that we don't really care about practical, tangible solutions.

Controlling people's language may feel smugly satisfying, but it won't change laws or improve people's material reality.

When it comes to fighting racism, the Left seems to be more interested in encouraging white people to confess their "sins" and flagellate themselves than they are in passing living wage laws and affordable housing regulations (which would disproportionately help Black people).

I see the same crap when it comes to laws affecting trans people; most trans activists can recite every variation of pronoun in existence, but they can't tell you anything about a trans-inclusive ENDA.

That is a problem.

Can we PLEASE stop treating our political opinions as if they were handed down by God.

They were not. It does not make someone an evil sinner to disagree with us or reject the jargon we use.

Self-mortification might get you into Heaven, but it's NOT going to do a darn thing for poor Black people - or for ANY oppressed people.

I desperately want economic progressives to win.

But I don't think we will as long as so much of the Left continues to behave like an intolerant cult when it comes to language and dogma.

We can and must do better when it comes to winning over hearts and minds.

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The plan needs a new name. How about Build Back Just OK, or Build Back to a Low Bar, or maybe Build Back to Half Loaf Better than No Loaf. Hard to believe 2 Dem Senators are responsible for this. They aren’t moderates, they’re Donor Puppets! May I suggest a rallying cry, a matching chant if you will, & it goes like this:

Tax the Rich, Feed the Poor,

That’s what Government is For!

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The two Democrats who oppose the bill should be exposed and investigated along with their family’s finances / income on how much they are stealing / receiving from the Crooked / Stealing / Lying Corrupt Corporations and CEO’s……..And so called Elected Officials

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Again the Republican Party is demolishing the progressive bill to help American people just like they did to Obama care. Trump had no problem lowering the tax rate for the rich, he just done it no matter whom objected to it, Biden has to get that Trump attitude. If he doesn't get these bill through, American people may as well forget about anything getting done for them for the next, I don't know, twenty years? Bernie Sanders must be pulling his hair out. By the way, I am a Canadian.

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I’m not threatening violence. I am pointing out how foolish this woman is. She needs to have a security detail.Lots of angry people out there. Michael Moore has had to hire security at points in time and he’s not responsible for legislation that will affect peoples lives. Nobody elected him to his position. People worked to get her into office and she won’t even speak to them. Grabbing fistfuls of cash from donors while her constituents worry about basic expenses. Our PM apologized to the MPs for eating a chocolate bar in the chamber during a lengthy vote and you have politicians trying to bury the horror show of J 6.we have family leave…a year….universal medical care….legal abortion….pre school for 4 year olds…drug prices are a lot cheaper but unless you are a senior or have supplementary benefits you pay out of pocket. Seniors get $1000. Towards hearing aids. Not sure about dental. I calculated my income tax and would pay close to the same amount if I lived in Michigan. Election campaigns are 36 days and all of the signs must come down the day after the election. Donations are capped. Majority rules. I feel sad for America. You deserve so much more.

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"Harlem Globetrotters of Evil." Love it! :)

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It's so disheartening to read this. If the majority ruling party's power to govern is canceled by a few dissenters within its ranks, then what good has come of its being the victor in the last election?

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Michael, I met you once walking across the lobby of the Shoreham in Washington. Do you support carbon pricing? That's what Biden can do and with the help of the Senate Finance Committee get Carbon Pricing into the Reconciliation Bill. The WV Senator can live with it. Thanks

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I've written the White House. Thanks for this program.

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Rural minority rule stops progress 🤠 #FakeDemocracy

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Hi  Michael,

I want to thank you for all the wonderfull work you have done for our country.

I remember when you came to my city (Ventura California) many years ago and had a hamburger at the TOP HAT HAMBURGER stand.

Well I've got bad news,

They tore down the Hamburger stand.

I told them not to do it because you (Michael) would not like it.

But they did it anyway.

Oh well

I tried.

Take care


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You have a fine intelligent group of responders. We are a nice polite majority of well behaved ignored by the ruthless-powerful elected and unelected evil people in gringolandia aka USA.

We should change the vocabulary of our nice polite well behaved folk.

Moderates are evil Nazi Mercenary Capitalists.

Republicans are sadists from the southern slave era that has never ended for them.

Judges are the sadistic gate keepers that condone and encourage inhumane sadism against the unrepresented or represented but ignored by out bought and paid for elected officials.

Republicans and many Democrats are traitors to a one, and so are all members of the Republican party.

Biden is a weakling that still thinks like the senator that humiliated Anita Hill.

The war against the average working American (to include all minorities) has been going on since the each state was given two senators and the senate was allowed to determine the future of Our Country and the world at large. One evil slaver from Kentucky rules America.

Democracy has never existed in this country. Lots of flag waving, parades, and football games; and no democracy where an individuals vote counts.

The Trail of Tears suffered by the Indigenous of the New World is visiting the rest of us with a vengeance.

What to do?

Be as ruthless as our deadly enemy and ignore the rules of war just like they ignore the rules of civil discourse. And have always done so.

Two shit for brains are destroying our country, and because they have shit for brains; they do not give a fuck about the consequences of their evil ruthless criminal conduct.

Eat well, sleep, rest. and always be surrounded by humans that will protect you.

Sergio Luis Lopez Cal. Bar 5868 retired.

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Michael, please don't forget that the further and further people are pushed into poverty,

the more likely they are to fight each other for the crumbs. This is why the (Trump) and Republican/Corporate Democrat tactic is working. They take away people's hope, and then

they divide the working class with racist crime policies.

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