History Matters.

Governor, Ronald Reagan signed a state wide pro choice bill into law in California. After he became President, the "moral majority" and others decided to focus on Abortion as an issue. The fetus does not require any childcare, healthcare etc; perfect for elected Representatives that scurry away from their sacred oath to protect us.

I like what Dr Lena Wenn said about abortion. It is one of 2200 techniques that I learned in medical school to serve my patients.

The focus on abortion is like running interference in American football. While we look there, the actual snap that puts the ball in play, goes unnoticed. It is a way to avoid the work of legislating.

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Mike, you're right. I don't know whether we all owe an apology to the kids who had to study at home, because I don't know how I made that necessary. But we have to try to reach the anti-vaxxers who are putting us all in danger. You're right about the Archbishop and the way he attacked Nancy Pelosi. I am a Protestant, have never been a Catholic. But I say that no church has the right to tell people that they may not practice birth control. Birth control is not ending the life of any human being. It's making sure that no one is born under circumstances that are not friendly to that person's life. People are not obligated to have 20 kids if they don't want to! What if they can't take care of them? I also support abortion rights, but I've written you about that. I wish that any human fetus could be transferred to the womb of a woman who does want to, and can safely, give birth, so that there will no longer be any question about preservation of life; but until we have that option, sometimes abortion is necessary. Sometimes it's the only way to save the mother's life, or to be sure the children she already has can be fed. Things like that. There can be valid emotional reasons, too, if she's not ready to raise a child. The anti-abortion, anti-birth-control drive seems like a diabolical machine that is really against life. The humans who have enlisted in church service have no real authority to determine what people should do. They are decidedly not God. Women are not machines that must bear all the children possible. This is really sick. These decisions were made by men, not God, because they don't respect women. Also, Nancy Pelosi must not be made to feel guilty because she's Catholic and going against the Archbishop! Getting into her private relationship with God is not the Archbishop's affair.

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In so far as the baby formula is concerned as sways greed and avarice wins out over the care of human beings. Yep. Where's the media..where's Joe Biden???

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The song you posted, “I’m Not the Only One,” by Keith Egyud and Scott Evans is the best thing I’ve ever heard! How can I get a copy of their music? Do they have a website! Hats off! EXCELLENT!!!!!

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Thank you for writing. Some may appreciate this. When I was submitting my paperwork for my Eagle Scout application I requested my priest of my parish to write a recommendation as my spiritual reference.

He said I “didn’t have presence in God” and therefore should not be awarded the rank.

Tangible ambassadors as you explicitly stated can fail us. The nature of forgiveness does not seem to be so nuanced and varied. People pay a price, and it’s important to remember that.

I left out his scathing review and determined later he was broken just like me. A foundation of 2,000 years may shed light on how we’re going to survive the next year.

Forgive us for what we’ve done and what we have failed to do.

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You have to watch The Janes! It’s a documentary about what happened to seven women who fought back against an anti-abortion society before the 70’s. It really hits home!

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Italy has free abortion and contraception and the lowest birth rate in Europe. In a recent article in one of our PC newspapers-- think it was Wash. Post--about birth rates when Italy was cited NOT ONE WORD that this country ignores the church. This is what is wrong with America. Too phony to face the our unsophisticated attitudes Obviously, this ha nothing to do with life. It has to do with getting more Catholics to follow and kneel. . AND JC probably never. exist. If he did, he was 5'5" with a big nose and dark kinky hair. NOT the 6'3" guy with light eyes and dark blond hair and big shoulders. He was the quintessential dirty jew -- IF he even existed.

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Great podcast today.

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Every day I become more and more fed up with our government. The office of president is nothing more than a puppet of the ruling class filled by an ego maniac issuing executive orders like they are a king. Biden holds to the One China policy but will send troops to Taiwan? I don't get that one.

I for one am glad that the Catholic Bishop came down on Pelosi and they need to out Biden too. Both have been two-faced hypocrites on reproductive rights for too long. We allow churches into our reproductive bits. And we do not need churches to have a relationship with any god.

The baby formula crisis is the icing on the cake. The worst part of it is that specialty formulas have been in short supply since July 2021 due to ingredient shortages. The Sturgis plant has been having problems for a long time. Nobody cared about the adults and children who need these special formulas to survive. Then we have the pediatric experts saying it is better to let your healthy baby starve instead of making tried and true formulas that our generation was raised on at home for a fraction of the cost or worse, weaning a 8 month old. The shortage is temporary, right?

It is time to put an end to this insanity of re-electing the same clowns and expecting a different outcome. Today's assignment needs to be to search for 3rd party candidates to vote for. It is time to break the monopoly that the ruling class has on elections.

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Thank you for ripping our bishop a new one -- I am so disgusted with my church's leadership.

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Here I am listening to you Michael…

My most favorite thing to do as I play Scrabble against my IPad! Heading towards my 18,oooth game! Time flywith you! I have listened to ever single one of your pod casts! Listened to your books and I have watched every movie! Why? Because you shed light on the truth!

You calm me! Your voice brings me hope that there will be a future! I have been in some dark places! I see things…. Things that come true!

My heart is so heavy for all the innocent children we are losing because of mad men!

Where are the women? We should be marching in the streets! They want to send us back to the dark ages!

Keep up the good work!

You remain forever as my trusted Truth teller!

Susan Borodemos

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You are a beacon of light, the light House in these very dangerous & turbulent seas in our society that’s headed for the rocks, Democracy is on the precipice to distraction. And here we are once again wringing our hands & beating our breasts with the tragedy of yet another shooting. The Republican Party’s version of Abortion rights are the rights to carry guns & shoot down our children, an 18year old, {a child himself} killing our babies!! What about their rights to LIfe? Despicable people without ethical conscience such as Ted Cruze & the list is too long & gruesome to mention continue to ravage & destroy the country I choose as my home in 1955, & love w/ all my heart. I am now 86 yrs: old, I was born in India of British parents I’ve traveled & lived in many country’s, I married had two children & had the privilege of bringing them up here living my dream of freedom for all in the land that promised no limits to what could be achieved.

I watched the slow decline of our morals & standards, saddened to my very core to the destructive forces Trump being the Devil Incarnate leading his evil army to what end I tremble to witness. The FORCES of GOOD must take much stronger stances, I fear that Biden is a man too weak & too old for this mighty job. Fight FIRE w/ FIRE I don’t see anybody in the wings that can do that. Where are the Candidates that can FORCE this GUN CONTROL issue? Let’s start now. Thank you for all the work you do w/ such Love & DEVOTION to our USofA.

Shirley deBurgh Hague

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Mike, just a short note to bolster you as it sounds like you in your last few posts that your allowing events to overcome your superb common sense. Keep the faith that you have so often displayed. Be the leader that you have been given the opportunity to lead in this life. Do not falter in your good judgment for if you falter those who follow you have little to hold onto, they may be misguided by all the media junk that is constantly put out. I trust and believe you are th one source of accurate information. Be the good shepherd and mind your flock. We can overcome anything if we stick together with the right goal in mind.

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Dear Mike, Thank you for speaking to us Catholics and so many others who agree with you on the clerical criminals that inhabit a sacred cloth and vow that they hardly deserve and then go on to denigrate women over and over and over again! To deny Nancy communion is not at all Christlike! Cordileone is so typical and shameful. They condemn women in place of looking at their own sins! As a Catholic feminist theologian and member of Catholics for Choice, the male-only priesthood hubris is why feminists fight on against this arrogance and demonization of women's rights to choose over our bodies and not be second class citizens! The Church is wrong! I struggle to replace the word "abortion" with "reproductive health," because that better describes what is going on here! I hope we can adopt these words and replace this negative nomenclature. Peace in the name of choice, Jan

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I was Catholic for 25 years (twelve yrs of Catholic school, including all girls high school) and I was awakened to the true nature of the Church while attending catechism classes with my then fiance. The priest was too lazy to try to answer the participants questions and would redirect the questions to ME to answer (he knew I was Catholic all ready). Plus I saw first hand priests who were engaging in sex with followers ( what hypocracy), and was sickened with the reports of priests raping young boys.

I switched to the Lutheran faith and found it made real sense to me and was more in line with society and my beliefs. My current home church is Welcoming. We accept everyone who is seeking a relationship with the Lord. We don't condemn birth control or the LBGTQ community (we once had a Pastor who openly proclaimed gay) and feel we are truly serving our community.

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Well said Michael! I am so mad about this. My grandmother fought for women's choice, my mother fought, and I had continued the fight with my voice and my money for decades. Thinking maybe it would finally be over 20 years ago, but no it will never be over. Not until the hateful and fearful leaders go away for good. Studies have proven, societies thrive that gives women choices. Less crime, less poverty. Clearly "they" don't care about uplifting people. No, 'they' want to control and oppress the masses so their sick agenda can live on. They are grasping at the last straws, how sad we have to live through it.

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