FYI, michael, when I heard about Glenn Beck's threat to you I called Church headquarters and asked them for Glenn Beck's Bishops phone number and they gave it to me! I then called that Bishop and told him that I demanded that Glenn Beck be excommunicated from the Mormon church. He said they don't excommunicate people the way they used to and that he would have to get back to me and talk to the stake president which is the guy over him and he would get back to me. Well he called me a couple days later and said that they weren't going to proceed to excommunicate or have a vote on whether he be excommunicated and I asked him why and he said that he thought Glenn Beck was a "very fine man." Shortly after that I became a born-again atheist

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Dear Michael, although I knew about the Bath massacre, having read about it in (I think) ProPublica some time ago, I did not know the connection with your grandfather. I also did not know about the despicable behavior of George Will, but it does not surprise me in the least. And now, we have for years been witnessing behavior among the press and politicians that is just beyond the pale, having reached levels of degeneracy that are hard to imagine.

I have seen this exquisitely crafted movie twice. I think I mentioned once before that a former friend's son was a Columbine student on the day of the shooting. He was a junior. He had cut class to go out a back door and smoke a cigarette. The shooting began shortly after he had exited the school and was behind the building, thus saving his own life through this small act of defiance. Life is so strange and unpredictable.

I will be watching this movie again this weekend. Thanks for making it available to us. Thank you for being you, for being one of the greatest filmmakers, activists, citizens, and humans the US has ever know. The human trash who would denigrate you are not fit to be among us. I am not exaggerating.

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I saw the film when it came out and own the DVD. Three weeks before your courageous Oscars speech, I was arrested with a dozen others in a strip mall near an Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. We had not been protesting nearby but were identified by the police and sheriff's department officers as being from out of town. Well, the brilliant civil rights lawyer in Denver, David Lane, sued those departments. Three years later, we won. The authorities had to write us a letter of apology and take trainings on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. A small but satisfying victory!

The rest of the world understands our problem: Too many guns that are too powerful and too easily obtained. Keep speaking truth to violent power, Michael. I'm with you all the way...and as someone told me to, I'll repeat here these ten words:

"There are more of us than there are of them."

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Thank you Michael Moore! Bless your Irish heart, intelligence, and dedication to righting and writing about wrongs. Do not ever give up - We the People are out here and in some small way are doing our part to end violence and influence legislators...learning from you as we go! Sheila

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Such a powerful post tonight. Thank you. For all you do, for sharing the truth. For standing up. For not backing down even when your life is threatened. I agree with everything in this email tonight. I oversee after school programs and we have to constantly keep in mind that someone may randomly and senselessly break into our school and shoot our kids for no reason. Never stop, Mr Moore and I never will either.

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`Sandy Hook` was this generation’s “Pearl Harbor”. And, what have we done since? NOTHING! We even let “W” allow the sunset provision of Clinton’s AR-15 ban to expire. WITHOUT a VOTE! WITHOUT a PEEP! And, you wonder why the conservative arm of the Democratic Party (now standing around 10% of all DEMs … Down from approx. 23% during Clinton’s admin per Brookings dot edu) is so fired up to see GEN Z come to the rescue and bail us all out in the 2022 mid-terms! Ya wanna win in 2024? Put a GEN Z on the ticket or at least some GEN Z issues that rank high in their heart. And, let me tell ya folks … Deep six’n `Tikity Tok` ain’t one of ‘em!

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Unlike the previous writer, I am really glad you said what you did. I am not glad that it needed to be said, but it is refreshing to hear truth and to hear it expressed, as it should be, with passion.

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Mar 24·edited Mar 24

God bless you, Michael Moore. You are a truly great human being. (P.S. I just paid $50 so I could tell you that. Worth every penny.)

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Thank you for sharing! Love this movie and all your movies. All these years and congrress has done pretty much nothing to stop these mass shootings. I know you can't prevent every tragedy but background checks will help. What are they waiting for ?

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Thank you Michael. I saw Bowling for Columbine and purchased the DVD when it became available. But, mostly thank you for your commentary on our invasion and destruction of Iraq. I emailed my

Congressman and both Senators in October 2002 when they were debating whether or not to approve sanctioning an invasion of Iraq. I opposed such an invasion on the grounds that Iraq was a sovereign nation that had done nothing to us, Robert Matsui and Barbara Boxer both agreed and voted against it. Dianne Feinstein emailed back that she knew things I didn't know and was supporting the invasion. I am so glad that you also agree that the reason for invading Iraq was control of the oil. Afghanistan has no oil, and few other expensive resources to steal - so why should we confine ourselves there, just because they allowed al quaeda to train there.

As to the guns, I don't understand. I was a Canadian for the first 25 years of my life and I never even saw a gun until I immigrated to the US. I watched Westerns, and the Lone Ranger in the movies growing up. But I don't think my brothers played with weapons either - they may have had a cap gun. Personally I find guns smelly, dirty. noisy and ugly. But why people feel they have to own a gun baffles me. Hunters, ok, people have always liked hunting, I suppose because in the beginning humans had to hunt other animals for food. Today. we need hunters to keep wild animals in controllable herds since among the other truly bad things our ancestors did was to kill off the predators leaving the prey animals (deer family, bears, rabbits and rodents) to overpopulate. But the greed and hatred that surrounds the gun market today is beyond comprehension. Maybe its like the fascination with horror movies (another genre to which I cannot relate) the need some people have to frighten themselves.

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I remember getting in a very long line waiting to see "Bowling..." in a city I just moved to far from my home state. I was very moved by this movie. I agreed with you then and I also supported my young son when he went to fight in Iraq 4 years later. This is all very hard to digest. Thank you for speaking out all these years for so many of us. I will watch the movie this weekend.

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Americans Kill people ---It’s eating at the soul of America like a cancer.

We need accountability, we need justice, we need to uphold civil liberties, we need to stop killing ourselves and each other.

We have a corporate capture that keeps the status quo, whether you are talking about fossil fuel or the gun lobby, they are keeping the laws from being passed that the majority of Americans want.

And a small group of insurrectionist, authoritarians and white Christian nationals want to subvert democracy and our economy.

Communities across America and the world are reeling from climate catastrophes, school kids have access to guns and are killing our children everyday.

These are corporate monsters, these oligarchs. until people start speaking out, standing up, it ain’t going to change.

But all this is coming to a head.

The debt ceiling and the economy being held hostage and Americans coerced.

You see what France is doing!

Americans better be in the streets in May and June, and in numbers, when the lost cause authoritarians try their plot to destroy America once again.

The ICC was right to go after Putin for war crimes there is a reason america has not endorsed the ICC. Because we would have to hand over Bush and Cheney for invasion of Iraq.

All boils down to fossil fuel and guns, money

In the name of their god.

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Dearest Michael, I watched this today. I saw it when you released it and have watched all your films over the years. Thank you, for making sure We The People get the Truth. Everything you have touched over the years is about telling the Truth with facts, and with compassion and with depth. I still love seeing Charlatan [sic] Heston squirm under your gentle and persistent questioning. What a soulless cypher he was....Please, never stop, Michael! We need you more than ever.

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Thank you Michael for your wise words. I feel your pain all the way over here in New Zealand.

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Words from the second amendment: "well regulated militia" What is a "well regulated militia"? So, the second amendment only applies to a militia?

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