My Dear Michael Moore,

How great to know that we have you to keep the light on, showing US what is possible when we open our minds and hearts.

Thank you for honoring Ms Reichert. I watched American Factory and was amazed. The level of inhumanity towards the workers by the Chinese owner was so beautifully contrasted by the friendship of a US worker and one of the Chinese workers. It was heartbreaking to see how desperately both workers needed a job and were ready to do anything for the survival of their families—we can all understand their plight.

Thank you also for your meaningful and hilarious take on the only real World Cup. I didn’t know about the Iranian’s team brave stance and I’m proud and worried about them now too.

I appreciate you and all you do to keep democracy alive.

¡Adelante! María 💔💙

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Films are weapons of mass construction.🎬 R.I.P. Julia Reichert 🌹🕊

Growing Up Female, 1971 - YouTube


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Dear Michael,

Again, Thank you, Thank you for enlightening me...

You are the LIGHT of Truth...Keep up the Good Fight Michael.

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Thank you Michael Moore for expanding our minds and giving us hope. You have been a shining light in so many lives with this Podcast.

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Thanks for the touching tribute to a great film maker and a national colleague in the fray for truth.

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Growing Up Female is also available at my library on e-video. Check yours.

Now I have to figure out how to

see it! Thanks Mike!

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My curiosity over your mention and reading of Chris Hedges, made me look him up today and here is his latest article, Reading Proust in wartime: A portrait of racism, nationalism and profound loss-https://www.salon.com/2022/12/04/reading-proust-in-wartime-a-portrait-of-racism-nationalism-and-profound-loss/. As a fan of reading Proust in the French, I had to read and maybe in honor of him (Proust), I ought to make this sentence as long as possible by explaining Remembrance of Things Past, À la recherche du temps perdu, which, of course, I prefer, as this is title as I learned it in my French high school classes and his description of how smelling certain oders bring back our memories to us that perhaps have evaded us for years, but come back to us in an instant by this sensory stimulation which can be a smell, a touch, a sound, or a viewing of a long lost scent, surface, resonance, or place we have not smelled, felt, heard or seen for a long time which is in his title --past time, not lost time -- because the memory is never really lost, but hides in the synapses of our brains only to be reawakened at the provocation of our five senses serendipitously as we wander through our days.

OK, so Criterion Film to see, as a female, Growing up Female since I fit the time frame, too! International -- inter-nation-al[l]--high Dutch Hollandish Netherlands-congrats! National Continental Aussie Island--complex thinking! Global fairness--how does the USA get there? Yeah, new primary map! Go Warnock!! We have to win! Lots going on! Have a good Christmas all and you, too, Mike!

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Wow. Wasn't expecting my overcast weekend hanging out on my couch drinking hot tea to be a time of reflection unpacking women's experience at the beginning of civil rights era and sexual revolution and then take a look at where women are now. But turns out this is exactly what happened. Thank you Michael for always shining a light on marginalized groups of people, in this case American women which also includes women of all western societies. And I think about how fortunate American women are and our freedoms compared to women around the world who still have no choice or voice. But at least women like Julia Reichert have broken through the glass ceiling in their respective fields and that makes me hopeful for our future. Thank you to all the women who have made amazing contributions and strides in becoming equals to their male peers. With that said, I definitely went down a rabbit hole this weekend with regards to the social pressures and expectations of women both in their careers and in their personal lives, specifically the bedroom. Lots to unpack here so here I go. Before seeing Michael's Substack email titled "Growing up Female," I had already spent time this weekend listening to very well spoken UK author, Louise Perry talk about her book "False Promise of Sexual Revolution" and Bridget Phetasy on YouTube reading her recent Substack essay, "I Regret Being a Slut." For me, it's quite a bookend weekend of women and what their society barriers were 50 years ago and then to fast forward to these two brave young authors discuss the result of sexual freedom and how that has impacted the current generation of women with the new technology of social media, dating apps and constant stream of pornography. Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z are left to navigate this unchartered territory where big industry has much to gain to monetize the sexualization of women. For the women who have broke through the glass ceiling, I admire and appreciate. And for the new younger generations that are making professional strides in their own right, but have to deal with sexualized mixed messaging to be "50 Shades of Gray" in the bedroom is somewhat disconcerting.

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Thank you, Julia for Michael Moore.

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The film is also available on the streaming service called

Kanopy, free for anyone with a public library card. You can watch five films per month.


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oh, dear! It's Reverend Raphael Warnock - I'm guessing Autocorrect messed with you here:

"and give one final plea to Rumble listeners to Get Out the Vote for Senator Ralph Warnock before the final midterm runoff election in Georgia this Tuesday."

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Right on Michael! I enjoyed this rumble immensely, keep up the good work.

Thank you, Char

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RIP Julia Reinchert. I am so thankful Michael that you shared with us her first documentary film which I was not aware of. I was able to see a portion on YouTube. My husband and I had seen her award winning documentary, "American Factory" so it was so amazing to then go and see her first documentary film. What an amazing filmmaker she was and to have inspired you to go and make documentary films that shed a light on current issues and the pain that so many people endure from victims of gun violence to lack of healthcare insurance. Putting my arms around you during this time of mourning for your loss of an amazing mentor/friend as well as her family and friends.

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Holland is simply one of the 7 vintage provinces (Admirlal De Ruyters flag ship during the britisch-netherlands war was named The Seven Provinces / De Zeven Provinciën) 1666 4-days battle between coast of Flanders and Bay of Thames)

Remarkable: He made lot of experiences as mate on atlantic bound fishery ships and also merchant ships)

-> it is an fraud to call other inhabitants of other provinces simply Hollander

Netherlands or Pays-Bas is the own name, be sure I made some experiences with naming the Netherlanders

Dutch is simply the english translation (or whatever) does not count to the Netherlanders

I am living simply 35miles from the dutch-german border...

Hope this helps.... if I am false with that, apologies

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I watched this and it sadly took me back to my youth. I was on a science and math track, planning to major in Biology at Michigan State, and my high school advisor told me to take typing-“so [I] would have something to fall back on. I explained that I had taken typing in 8th grade and could type my research papers up just fine thankyouverymuch. I honestly did Not understand what she was talking about and ignored her. I was lucky enough to have two parents who guided me through school with advice and helped plan my future. There was No talk of marriage or babies, only college. You WILL go to college. Senior year I was bitten by the programming bug when my physics teacher taught BASIC on the side. My degree is in programming, a male dominated field. I could tell you stories about the sexism that would drop your jaw. But I still love to code. I would hate to see my granddaughters succumb to the message that is STILL prevalent today-men are better at math and science. Every time I hear a contemporary refer to data as “this guy right here” I cringe. Data is not a guy. Programs aren’t guys. You never hear a female IT professional refer to anything as a “guy”.

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My heartfelt condolences for family and friends! Saw the YouTube video on her documentary! Brings back sad memories for some women! I was a teen in the 60’s! You are educating me on how the feminist movement started!!

It was a great time! Yay!!!

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