Intercourse can now result in an unwanted pregnancy that could either produce a death sentence or a felony conviction for any woman capable of and in child bearing age. So, ladies tell him to strap on that condom or he can go _______himself!

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True words, Michael. I haven't been this devastated since "he who shall not be named" won the election in 2016. But surprised, no. This country is losing its grip and we are a laughing stock to the rest of the world.

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I'm as furious and frustrated as when drumpf was elected. I'm 79 my daughter 53 it won't affect us. It's a sign of worse to come and we're marching straight to fascism. Nazis everywhere Canada too. Believe it or not call me crazy extremist it's happening - they are winning and will continue to if we don't unify - all Progressives must stop infighting and start cooperating with each other.

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Never forget: If the Democrats had not rigged the 2016 Primary while promoting Trump as their favored "Pied Piper" GOP opponent, there wouldn't be three Trump-appointed reactionaries on the Supreme Court (for the foreseeable future).

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Profound mandate!! We have really entered a new time in our lives where nothing humane can be taken for granted!! Systemic mysogeny, Jane Crow, now is welded to systemic racism as the class and caste totalitarian dictatorship is playing its last card for keeps! We need each other more than every in our lifetimes as no US institution serves us as it is!

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May 4, 2022·edited May 5, 2022




If the "FREEDOM TO VOTE ACT " is not already in place early enough before the MIDTERM ELECTIONS this November, then Republicans will win TOTAL CONTROL OF CONGRESS.

IF THAT HAPPENS, Republicans will REVERSE everything that President Biden has accomplished including the "BUILD BACK BETTER ACT" (Should it become law before then)

And Republicans will STOP the investigation into the Jan 6, insurrection claiming that the attack on the capital was completely legal.

Then Trump or someone just like him will be back in the white house in 2024.

Because our voting rights are being stolen by Republicans who are viciously passing anti voting laws---many more Americans are going to lose the right to vote. Without our right to vote we will lose many of our precious rights and freedoms.

Trump-Republicans are attacking our Democratic norms. They want to control who gets to vote, who counts the votes, and who declares the winners.

All Americans with websites and media platforms who believe in DEMOCRACY and the RULE OF LAW must immediately urge Americans to PEACEFULLY take to the streets in protest to protect our voting rights and to REVERSE Republican anti voting laws before it is too late to do anything about it.

As an American who loves the precious freedoms of the United States, I cannot sit back and watch our FREEDOM TO VOTE disappear without doing everything I can to help stop this from happening.

Because of the URGENCY of this situation, and with all due respect, I must demand that you ADD to your website's agenda to: PLEASE URGE YOUR READERS TO PEACEFULLY TAKE TO THE STREETS TO PROTECT OUR VOTING RIGHTS IMMEDIATELY.

Because Republicans have passed Anti Voting laws into their favor, including the right to DECERTIFY AND OVERTURN AN ELECTION, they will illegally win in all future elections.

SO FAR Republicans have passed over 400 new anti-voting laws in 49 states using false allegations of voter fraud. Making it much harder for people to vote..


CONGRESSIONAL REPUBLICANS have said that they will OVERTURN any election that does not go their way.


Without the FREEDOM TO VOTE ACT, all parties (except The Republican party) will no longer be able to win elections.

The "Freedom To Vote act" will REVERSE all Republicans ANTI VOTING laws and PROTECT our right to vote.

And if the filibuster still stands in the way, then it must be abolished.

Please push for peaceful mass protests to protect and restore our voting rights before Trumps Republicans succeed in an authoritarianism takeover of the United States.

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Vote? And bring 5 voters with me?

I am done with voting. I voted for Sleepy Joe & he does nothing! No M4A, no $15, no free college, etc. All Dems do is blame the voters. Sleepy Joe says vote for more pro-choice Dems. Right. Where’s the codification of Roe Congress has had 50 years to do? Voting doesn’t matter! All of then, Dems & Repugs, only do what their Giant Donors want.

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No church or religion has the right to deny women control over their reproductive process! The Catholic Church and Christianity has caused so much human suffering in the name of what is supposed to be a LOVING GOD!

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My generation fought to win the pro-choice law, and now, this horrible decision, from the leaked draft of the Supreme Court, and its implications that Roe V Wade will be overturned, is the most awful news women can imagine. I fear for my daughters and granddaughter's future.! Governments in other countries bow to the will of the people, and Americans, it turns out, are afraid of their government, with good reason. People, please listen to the NPR program which aired today called IA, as the speakers list all areas of the basic health of females which will have drastic implications from the ban of Roe V Wade, it's not just about abortion, it's about control of females' total body! Michael, you are the best voice that we have, we cannot thank you enough for outlining and distributing to your group what we all are dreading!!! Bless you!!

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Thank you once again for lighting a fire under my derrière- I just ordered a banner for my balcony here in Mount Dora Florida.

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I thank you for your well written essay. Our religious freedom is rapidly being questioned and lost. I am a 59 year old black woman who has lost faith in just about all politicians. I have always voted but now I’m just discouraged.

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Just when I stert thinking things won't get worse, they do. My life was saved by an abortion. If the same thing were to happen today, I would die in more states than I would be able to get life saving care. After the release of the opinion, a person with an incomplete miscarriage or a severe problem there would be few states where a life saving procedure would be allowed.

And I do agree that same sex couples as well as mixed ethnicities will be next.

We cannot allow some people to be LESS equal than others. We cannot allow states to determine who lives or dies, who gets care or no care.

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Jesus weeps and then....GET'S REALLY PISSED. I know so many who use his name in their self-righteous superiority complex cries. Sick of it. We need to outLOVE abortion not outlaw it. If we had comprehensive sexual health education (such as the Our Whole Lives program) and got religion out of that too, there would be support for our young people who choose to be sexually active (because, duh...that's how we were created!) and the love and compassion given to those that have to make hard decisions would change the world. But no. Let's JUDGE, JUDGE, JUDGE, and stamp our feet until everyone falls in line with our puritanical ideals for humanity.

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Amen, Michael. For the first time in my 62 years, I'm actually ashamed to call myself an American.

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You can't wait until November - there are elections going on at many other points in time. Michigan had an election yesterday - May 3rd. The impact of the draft decision language is more fundamental than this one right. The rule of law is non-existent if precedence is not respected and if decisions can decrease rights. The lifetime appointments of justices put these supreme rulers in place without any requirement to uphold the constitution, fundamental rights at a National level, or any aspect of Democracy. What are we without the rule of law?

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In my lifetime I prersonally know of two women who died because of a basement abortion. One, my sister in law who had a two year old child and my brother was in the service in WWII. She lived with her parents while my brother was fighting for our country. She got pregnant when my brother got a quick visit before he was shipped out. He mother was afraid he would be killed, leaving her a widow with two young children. She died a horrible death.

The second person was a friends mother , who was a registered nurse. She had twins and another child. When she became pregnant she was overwhelmed, so she “gave herself” an abortion. She died leaving all three children without a mother. Need I say more? This will happen again. Shameful of our judicial system. No more Catholics for the Supreme Court. Brett Kavansugh lied TWICE! One to Susan Collins and second to the woman he helped his friend molest. Can we ever trust him again to make a decision that goes against HIS so called religion? 😡

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