I LOVE and deeply appreciate that you are supporting the arts and civics in the classroom. What if different forms of Conflict Resolution were also taught in every grade, K-12?

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Honestly Michael I turned off this episode after 21:00 minutes when you and Robert Reich went into the Joe Biden Infomercial phase, seriously? Recall what Cornell West said on your show, I’ll vote for Biden but I won’t lie for him! Sure Biden has done some great things already but these times demand much more from him: as you know, he’s sitting in signing the ERA amendment? He’s sitting on cancelling student debt? He’s doing the Defense contractor’s/Pentagon’s PR job provoking China over Taiwan? He’s not going to get Voting Rights nor BBB at this rate? Kamala Harris , the first South Asian woman of color to be Veep, is gone down the rabbit hole, isn’t even seen at all? Need I go on? Sure, let’s blame the media for his lagging approval, pass the Hopium, we’re gonna need plenty of it! Sorry Michael, not this time!

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When the bar is "Not Trump" we should all jump for joy that he got anything done.

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Comment deleted
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One of my many issues is I didn’t even want Biden, I wanted Bernie. I want the democratic parties middle to be Bernie, not Liz Chaney.

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The problem with that, is both parties are giving me hemorrhoids, and Biden is a long ways from curing cancer. Or even admitting cancer exists

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After Biden powerful speech on January 6th. Senator Schumer should take advantage on the tide and put the Voting Rights Bill on the floor. I want to see Senator Manchin ''negotiating" on that

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Michael and Sec. Reich, There are times when I am certain that I might have been separated at birth from Reich As far as my ancestry tree reveals there is no genetic or familial tie, but it sure feels like our world views and insights are in lockstep, though Sec. Reich is far, far better at all forms of insight and ability to communicate.

Well, for that matter, you to are far better, but that’s why the work you do is so critical to the survival of the great experiment in Democracy.

Season’s Best!

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Robert Reich’s advice to Biden scratched at an itch I didn’t realize was bugging me so bad! And it could have been so satisfying if it hadn’t been with the hypothetical mittens on.

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Not to have a tangent discussion or anything, but is this credible?

While this was the commonly accepted maximum size, reports of 7.5 to 10 metre (25 to 33.3 ft) great whites were common and often deemed credible.

Every time I see any information on Great whites I think of the movie jaws, and poo-poo any great whites that are less than 20 feet in length and only hope that they are at least 25.

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lol, you can divide the foot length by three if you happen to be in the water next to one without chainmail on.

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Hi Michael. I really enjoyed your conversation with former secretary of labor, Robert Reich. I hope there were more effective people like him.

As It Happens…

Post # 11

Part 1: Online terrorism

In post # 2, I expressed my dismay when I saw the reflection of my daily activities on You Tube. That was the beginning of the online attack which was only got worse as they expanded their campaign of terror using other media outlets such as Microsoft edge, Apple TV, Netflix, games on iPhone, and even advertising before playing music on You Tube!

When they target me, the attacks are not direct, so they do not leave any evidence behind. That is, they do not mention my name, but I can see from the title and the graphic (often Photoshopped) that it is meant for me especially when I did not search any topic related to the clip and news headline I see.

Even in cases when I search a topic, they can embed a title, or a graphic that I can clearly see that it was meant to deliver a threatening message because these clips come at specific times. For example, they posted those clips when I watched a CNN news exposing Trump, or when I watched a clip showing special prosecutor, Muller, testifying before the Congress while investigating Trump. Basically, they post the clips when I watch anything that displeases them.

The clips that they have used frequently for intimidation were those of Kawasaki, a personality who delivers speech on money making. The body language in the pictures, titles and captions of the clips are quite threating. (Please see attached photos.) This man may not even be aware that his videos were being used for this malicious purpose. some of the titles on the clips are:

“Keep them poor”

“Programmed to be poor”

“Tell your family to prepare”

“Please save yourself”

In some cases, I searched and watched clips related to astronomy some time in the past, but at the moment when I saw the following clip on Black Hole, I was not watching or searching any topic relate to what posted on you tube. In fact, I was watching a movie trailer “American Made”. Soon after that, this clip about Black Hole with the following caption posted.

“Nobody can see you disappear, and nobody can hear your scream! “

In some cases, they use actual clips to intimidate me. For example, I was watching Canadian comedy “Gag” and “Just for laugh”. Here is the list of clips that they compiled for me.

“FBI agent showing a badge”

“A clip which shows people carrying a coffin!”

“A dead man’s scalp in grave.”

Another example of this online terror is when I was watching “The Fifth Estate”, an investigative journalist program on CBC. The episode was about a group intimidating the Fifth Estate crew because this TV program was exposing them. As soon as I finished watching it, “a car explosion” clip posted on You Tube. They were basically threating me so I would not contact journalists.

As the waves of terror had intensified, I was contemplating on contacting Canadian government about the unbearable environment that Trump supporters created for me. I have been given warnings of different kinds. I came across clips with the following title and graphic:

“The most wanted man”

“A zipped mouth”

“A blindfolded man”

“Scene of interrogation”

English is not the only language in which they use to deliver their intimidating messages. They also terrorize me by using other languages such as Kurdish, Farsi, and Arabic. For example, I was searching for short English stories for my online class.

Here is a threatening clip with Arabic subtitle on a short story in English:

“I do not want to die”.

Also, a Kurdish song posted by this tittle:

“Don’t kill me.”

A self deafens clip in Farsi in which someone Puts a knife on another’s throat!

In addition to You tube, Apple TV and Netflix are also used for this purpose through the title of their recommended movies and games. Of course, everyone else also receives those advertisements, but again, it is all about the timing of receiving those messages and their personalized titles. For example, the day after I mailed my letter to Canada Minister of Public Safety and Security, Apple TV sent this message to me:

What to watch this week? “Your obsession with Spy-Tehran”

Also, the day after I met a lawyer in Ottawa to discuss this issue, again, Apple TV sent another message: “Spy Thriller”

unfortunately, I was not able to post the pictures in the comment section. However, I posted them on my Face Book page if you and readers of your post want to see them.

To be continued…

By sharing this post, you stand up for human rights.

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Thanks for having me on, Mike. It's always great to catch up with you and, as to our pending TikTok collaboration? I'm holding you to it. In the meantime, have a restful end of this year.

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Actually, I'm commenting on your piece on facebook (I'm not a member of facebook) where you try to shame people into getting the jab. Too many points in that piece that are ridiculous and distorted to comment on. So I'll just leave you with this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qA0wZD0iPw

I hope you have the courage to watch the whole interview. It might get you to change your mind at least about medical exceptions. But that depends on how deep you are in the cultish following of Faucism.

I don't know what has happened to many of the voices on what I used to think were on the honest Left.

But many of them seem to have joined a committed cult when it comes to the criminal handling of the covid event.

You seem to be one of them. Instead of trying to get others to join the covid cult I suggest that you take a good look in the mirror and see if there's a cup of cool aid in your hand. If there is, put it down. Don't drink it. You've already drank too much of it.

I understand. You're scared.

But there's still time to turn this thing around.

Unless you like what's happening in Australia.

Oh, and one more thing. Do better homework.

Seeking confirmation bias isn't doing homework.

Mike Gajda

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I really want to know where Progressives are supposed to turn assuming they have somewhere/someone to turn for/to in 2024. it ain't biden, it ain't Harris, it ain't Pete. Please for the love of God let it not be Trump. I don't want to have to get my progressive policies via random spite....Even if its better than not getting them at all. Having Trump to get progressive policies is like pointing a shotgun at your foot and hoping the toe you want survives.

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But at least you get something.

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Any chance you would do another interview with Jon Stewart or Krystal Ball?

I'd love to have an hour or so of that, or maybe even the same with Nina turner.

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I don't care how popular Tik-Tok is, it's still a totalitarian communist tool created to subjugate its citizens by providing insane amounts of personal data so that the secret police can more easily round them up. Millions of flossing-dance videos aside. ;-)

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Morning Howard,

It is now Tuesday morning, Dec. 21, 2021.

I can see that you are a writer.

Of the 19 posts here so far, 10 of them belong to you.

I'd like to say to you personally that there is much in the world which is uplifting, as reported in The Guardian and elsewhere.

Which was my main point in my note of Dec. 20.

As for TikTik, you may be right.

What I heard in the exchange between Sec. Reich and Mike was a willingness to try something together which might raise conscious awareness, plus a willingness to learn something new together and to have some fun doing it.

Good for them for giving it a go.

Separately, I want to say that we have all been through A LOT on MANY levels.

Being mad as hell is one response.

We always have choice. A beautiful word to consider. Choice.

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I am a writer in the sense that I'm old now and have reached the age at which writing angry letters is the hobby of choice. that said, my vocabulary is abysmal, my grammar atrocious, and my typing skills are equivalent to a gang of chimpanzees on an intercity rampage. I am just grateful for Michael providing me an outlet to reach out and voice my opinions,concerns, and frustrations and also receive the views other others, especially to reduce my ignorance when it comes to things I care about. That said, I'm Canadian when I travel, british when I feel like it, and Welsh when I'm in Australia. My sense of humor comes from Monty Python, George Carlin, Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, (A slew of older comedians), and dare I say it Bill Cosby. I find it difficult living with the PC thugs version of what my white privilege means. I believe in equality for all, but realize Its a big club, and I'm not in it. Anyway, thanks, please feel free to educate me if I say something wrong, and I hope my sense of humor makes you laugh. and Thank Michael, and if I talk to much, remind me that coffee breaks are only supposed to be 15 minutes ;-)

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Thanks Howard.

Glad you know who you are and the choices you wish for yourself.

I understand your need for an outlet.

My concern for you was for your health, as I cannot see how a steady diet of anger can result in a healthy experience of life.

I am not one to advocate toxic positivity-- life stinks sometimes and injustice is present-- still, balance has value.

And, if nothing else, The Guardian has some great collections of pictures.

A good respite --and once again, the Arts showing up to soothe.

Cheers to you, Howard.

I have no wish to correct you on anything.

I released my husband's ashes into the river this afternoon, alone, and I am aware of how little time we really do get to spend here on this planet, in the company of those we truly love, and who truly loved us.

Peace to you, Howard.

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It's not that I am angry all the time, I just get frustrated at the hypocrisies of our times, and this outlet helps me to deal with it and hopefully lower my blood pressure, rather than keeping it all bottled up inside.

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lol, or running for office ;-)

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Hi Connie, A sense of humor helps tremendously...If I didn't have that and a sense of proportion, I'd be in real trouble.....Stopping to smell the roses, and recognizing and enjoying the good things that you encounter in life is key...I should try to do more to create those moments......I am very sorry for your loss. Remembering him fondly with help you with your grief...It has helped me with the passing of my dad, and I hope it will also help me when my mum passes as well.

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Posting is addictive....I think I need a 12 step program.....what's on cable.... :)

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PS: Note to self...I must read the guardian....I must read...

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Morning all,

Monday Dec. 20, 2021

Former Sec. Reich mentioned The Guardian as a source of info.

Uplifting story in today's US Edition of former student leader Gabriel Boric's (age 35) victory in the Presidential election in Chile.

We are living in a big world with many POSITIVE energies at play.

And many fine shifts happening as we awaken.

Peace to all.

ps I've been watching Sting's video "They Dance Alone" as the Chilean election neared -- thinking now of Sec. Reich and Mike dancing together on Tik-Tok as they agreed.

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I believe that Democrats should do nothing and remember us ( more frequently ) that the GQP mantra is perfect to counter our "whining" friends in the Right : LET THE FREE MARKET DO THEIR WORK. The Government shouldn't intervene with private business.

Ps. I just to stop by to ASK : Should Senator Schumer protect our dear DINO senator Manchin or no? After ELEVEN MONTHS of talks with Manchin. Schumer should put BBB for vote. Let Manchin going into record and vote no. Manchin vote will suffice to protect other Democrats running for re-election.

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Is anyone else disgusted that Nancy Pelosi uses "The Free Market" as an excuse to flaunt the Stock Act law. Sometimes she makes me want to shout, Its illegal you wealthy bitch, cuff her and remove her from congress.....Not that I want Republicans to have a majority.

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They should have voted no, and returned to the 19 trillion, 10 trillion, 6 trillion, or 3.5 trillion with no cuts.

But hey, as far as the corporate moderate democrats are concerned a bad bill passed is a victory for them and gosh darn it will guarantee that they get re-elected during the midterms........NOT.

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Interestingly Joe Manchin was fully on board at 4.5 trillion when it was linked to the infrastructure package.....hmmm.......

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We didn't hear any opposition when President bone spurs passed THREE TRILLION IN TAX CUTS FOR A HANDFUL OF GQP donors. Ironic ?

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I opposed it, but I am just a single voice in the sea of despair.

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Further to my comment below, out of loyalty I refinished the Reich podcast and note there were some criticisms of Biden but now that the Dem Senate just adjourned with nothing done and Biden continues to not use the powers he has I restate my prior criticism. Btw, Michael on Twitter David Sirota writes essentially the same thoughts and I reiterate it’s time to call bullshit on both Bu$en and the Corporate Dems…alternative to that is the insanity of endless political masturbation!

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Your suggestions on what we should do about gun ownership are the best things I have seen. I am so sick of "T & P" after every gun terror that I no longer can even read the details. I inherited my father's guns who hunted and fished for sport his entire life. He taught me to have nothing but contempt for hand guns which to him were only made for killing people. When I retired and moved back to where I was raised, I sold the gun case he had custom made in Rochester NY including his hunting rifles and my own shotgun because I could no longer justify killing anything for "sport." I sometimes regret doing so because hunting was my greatest bond with my father and his oldest friends but given what guns have now become in our country, I can no longer own them.

Thanks for all you have done for this country.

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