As a junior high student in north Boulder in 1978, I was at the breakfast table eating my Cheerios listening to our houseguest named Dan -- a fellow activist with my parents and sister engaging in nonviolent direct action at the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant 16 miles upwind of Denver -- talk about first strike nuclear strategy and how he once had a security clearance higher than the president's on nuclear matters.

I soon learned who this visitor was -- he was THE Daniel Ellsberg. The following years brought many chapters of our friendship and activism, with quite a few of the 75 nonviolent direct action arrests in our family of four having been done with Dan. He inspired, informed and empowered us and many, many others!

Fast forward to 2008, and our son Brian Doub had done a school project that was a poster about a famous American: Daniel Ellsberg. (He first thought of Lincoln, and I suggested Dan.) Brian and Dan sat down to review and refine the poster. One of the places to fill in on the poster asked, "What did you learn from this person?" Our 9 YO son had written: "Don't trust the government."

Ahead of our meeting up with Dan in 2018, he emailed me:

"I presume that the last ten years have confirmed what Brian knew at 9--in spades (i.e., trumps).

"It will be interesting to see how this handsome lad looks at 19!

"Love, Dan"

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He was a very brave young man at the time he exposed the world to the truth.

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Michael Moore! You never fail to inspire me!

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Historic interview, thanks for repeating the posting. He was a true American Patriot.

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Thank you Michael, for sharing this transcript. It brought back a lot of memories, many unpleasant. I will listen to Hearts and Minds when I find it. I watched every Watergate Hearing from beginning to end on TV. I had been one of the people knocking on doors for McGovern, so, during the Watergate Hearings I proudly war my "Don't blame me I voted for McGovern" pin, I did not then, nor do I understand now, why so many people become blind, deaf, and dumb, during presidential elections. I opposed the war on Vietnam beginning in 1964. Until the Pentagon Papers, I only blamed Johnson and Nixon. We need a new law that prevents the Executive Branch from outright lying to us, This law would require strict and enforceable penalties for lying. Restricting the absolute truth may be necessary at times, but outright lies - never.

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Thank you for arranging for Daniel Ellsberg's summary. It was so complicated by liars at the time that I never understood it. And isn't he a clear-minded and clear- spoken 95 year old! I was 22 and had left the USA to work on a farm in Ontario, where the only news to be had from the USA was from one of five tv stations. God bless the world of journalism and keep it healthy.

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Such an enormous loss. He was a real patriot. Thank you for replaying the podcast. I've been listening from the very beginning. So worth another listen. ☮️

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Thank you for sharing this memorable conversation with a brave man. If I can ever become half the activist that Daniel Ellsberg was, I will be able to hold my head up, know my purpose and feel empowered to tell others that we just need to keep trying. #nevergiveup #tellthestories #thetruthisoutthere

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Listening to that interview again, I was again struck by Daniel Ellsberg's brilliance. The world owes him a debt of gratitude for his courage and tenacity. Knowing what is right and acting on it are two very different things. What a life well lived. Thank you Mr. Ellsberg and Mr. Moore for being decent people who do good in this world.

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Will definitely watch “Hearts and Minds” if this is the best documentary you’ve ever seen! This is an amazing compliment coming from you whom I think is the best documentary filmmaker ever!!!

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I was so saddened to hear about Daniel Ellsberg. He was amazingly courageous. He will be missed. Great to listen to this podcast again. Thanks, Michael!

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Thank you for this. It tugged at my heart all over again.

And I got to wondering about Edward Snowden. Any updates on him?

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Here Here! Thank you Mike..., and yes, I accept “Each of us, in our own ways, must be Daniel Ellsberg, taking the nonviolent risks and actions needed to save our Democracy.”

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Thank you, Michael! I was moved many times in this podcast by Daniel Ellsberg’s observations; and yours.

It is gratifying to know he admired my three political beacons: Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and AOC. His acknowledgment of the urgency of listening to Greta Thunberg is a strong reminder, too.

I am re-energized to pursue Justice, thanks to this timely podcast, as we address the Climate Crisis, Reparations, and the “dangerous” Republican Party (as Mr. Ellsberg put it).

Time for each of us to get back to work on all these worthy projects. Thank you!

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OMG! I’ll also go to Moink and order meat and fish!! My grad parents were old fashion ranchers and farmers and I like supporting small farms!!

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There are rubber Trump squeeze toys that could be used to create a home-made Wack-A-Douche game. I bought two... huh huh, huh huh huh huh...


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